141) Silver Birch Betula pendula Easy Bonsai Trees for Beginners

141) Silver Birch Betula pendula Easy Bonsai Trees for Beginners

 [Music] The Silver Birch or Betula Pendula has recently been quite a popular bonsai species. The Betula Pendula has very serrated leaves. They are elliptical in form. They grow on long straggly branches
when they first emerge. With time, they tend to reduce how
long the stems become but in general, it’s difficult to actually
get the pendula’s form that you are used to one on full blown pendula or other silver birches. But nevertheless, the silver bark of the silver birch is its main feature. It gets quite craggly. The white shows up very strongly
against the background. The leaves are light to medium green. The young shoots have a little bit
of a reddish tinge in them when they’re first emerging, and get to a darker green as they settle and start photosynthesizing. The whiteness comes with age. As the tree gets older, the bark comes a lot more whiter, but I think you need a full sun position for them if you really, really want to get the bark
to fissure out properly. I use them in the full sun position in water trays and then they don’t tend to have so much die back. They do like growing in river ravines and deep valleys so they like their water. But as with all bonsais, don’t forget to water only when
the surface of the pot is dry. You need to wait for that otherwise you may have a waterlogged tree. In terms of pruning, you let it grow out till you see the
lateral shoots emerging. If they haven’t emerged, then it’s okay, just let them grow out fully, and then prune back only in autumn. They will within a few years start reducing the internode distances. In terms of repotting, repot again in March. I use a water retaining mix of Akadama, three parts to one part pumice, or you can use two parts Akadama
and one part pumice, and then one part bark or a well mulched compost, but I prefer the bark which is better to drain with. I hope you enjoyed the videos. If you did, please click the like box
underneath and do subscribe. I add a new video every Tuesday and if you have a species that you’d like me to add, please add it in the comment box at the bottom. Thank you for watching. See you again soon. [Music]


  1. Thanks for posting this video. I just picked up a wild river birch and training it into bonsai.
    Birches are so similar to aspens, but the river birch has that distinctive yellow/brown and "flaky " bark.
    I collected my river birch from the Wisconsin River bank, and so far is growing ok.

  2. Thank you for this summary. I'm just getting back "into" bonsai after a break of 30 years with three 3-meter silver birches, so your collection of video clips is very helpful.

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