18th Century Hair Styling with American Duchess | FashionSpeak Fridays at the National Arts Club NYC

18th Century Hair Styling with American Duchess | FashionSpeak Fridays at the National Arts Club NYC


  1. Hey Bernadette, I was wondering if perhaps sometime you could put together a little video on how you’ve gotten your apartment to look nice to you? I’ve been attempting to make my bedroom look more Victorian and more mature, and I’m not finding much help online (when I try to find resources on Victorian bedrooms, it gives me odd neo-Victorian vampire-style stuff). Thank you! I love your videos 🙂

  2. This was phenomenal, thank you for sharing! Do we know how often they styled their hair? I can't imagine undoing the style just to brush it out everyday, which they said is integral to "cleaning" the hair.

  3. Would you consider making a video about your historical shoe collection. I very much enjoyed this video. I love fashion history ♥️ it says so much about a society/culture.

  4. So very awesome that these two women were inclusive of women of color. How interesting to see what all women wore in the 18th century! Thanks for capturing the evening and uploading the footage!!

  5. Ok…. Is it ok that I love the rain bonnet? Cause I love it and I am thinking about making one for my wedding. Because I live in the PNW and I feel like I may need one.

  6. I love this! I don’t have access to events like this (that I know of) here in the Midwest, so getting a glimpse via your channel is very interesting.

  7. What was the book she mentioned at the end with the cold creams? I couldn't quite understand what she said. Thank you for this video because I now have a book to purchase!

  8. I was very interested, but thrilled when the black. Participant spoke. I ‘ve never seen them in the history and costuming I’ve enjoyed on YT

  9. I need to get their book and make the pomade, and blush, and everything else 🙂 I have wanted to style my hair like this for forever… drool

  10. My goodness! I saw this event advertised and wasn't able to attend. Thanks for recording it! It's also amazing how tight-knit the community of history/fashion/living history enthusiasts is! I recognize some people here 😉

  11. Love this! The Georgian/18th-century era is one that I have felt drawn to ever since I was a very small child. I became so utterly obsessed with it in my youth that I studied it almost exclusively at university and immersed myself in every tiny detail I could find. If only we'd had youtube back in the glorious 90's! 🙂

  12. They probably won't see this but China creates rhino horn comb and other"retro" combs. I don't know if it's legal or what since it is China..
    Lots of things weren't labeled.

  13. Hi Bernadette! I found this and thought, you might like it: https://youtu.be/mjai9PoRMo8 It's about a Tudor dress! Didn't know where else to inform you…

  14. 19:54 just need to use a infant carseat cover or a stroller sun cover 😂 idk their exact name but they look exactly like that. Yal know what im talking about haha

  15. Damn it what happened to the black lady , I was really interested in her talk and then she was gone . Anyone know of any other historical talks from the black perspective?

  16. Could you do a shoe tour of what you own? I’m always looking for new ideas and seeing them on someone in person and hearing how they fit is so useful.

  17. Hilarious hearing Bernadette say “anon, friend” as a sign off and realising she’s basically saying “later mate” in Bernadettese

  18. Have you watched any videos from Crows Eye Productions? I am curious of your opinion on their historical "getting dressed" videos

  19. 15:16 I’m so happy they included this! I’m a mixed female interested in 18th century and know nothing of free people of our culture’s appearance during that time. I wish there were more resources or a specific book that could go through the preparation of textured hair specific to WOC.

  20. With as much time as it took to style it must have been something you didn't take down for a very long time. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it must have been to sleep with this style.

  21. omg I actually just devoured that beauty book last week and have been dying to try out the pomade and powder at my next reenacting event. I'm new to learning about the women's side of things (was always a soldier) but now I've dived in and no looking back. This is fascinating. (Also coming across somebody wear one of those accordion bonnets in person is so jarring LOL)

  22. Thank you for sharing! I live down south in the US and couldn't possibly attend events like these! The American Duchess gals are such a riot!

  23. You are my most favorite of youtubers, you have inspired me to take up sewing again and create my own little masterpieces. Thank you, I appreciate your greatness

  24. Love to see some representation of women of color on this! Hopefully there will be a larger panel with more women of color cause it would be amazing to learn more

  25. Such a lovely video!!! A few years ago I downloaded a free book from project guttenberg. It's an old book of beauty recipes. What I found astonishing was even men despised getting gray hairs? The solution? Using ink as temporary hair dye!! You can YouTube how to make ink boiling walnut husks. You take that ink and run it through your hair with a tooth comb!!!
    So it's like their version of Just For Men!!!

  26. I've been researching for historical products to clean my hair without shampoo (and my hair doesn't agree with baking soda-vinegar no-poo routine). It's really hard to do, since most written history are about the achievement and greatness of leaders king's and whatnot. Sadly I can't use pomade since it's made of.. Pig.

  27. Small historical rectification: In fact, the post-revolutionary fashion, from the Convention thermidorienne time to, and especially, the Directoire time, was very influenced by the English fashion because of the French nobility. Indeed, she had fled the Revolution by going to England which was a safe place to escape from the scaffold. At the fall of Robespierre, the French nobility returned to France with all the influences of the country that had welcomed it. They dropped their old style to a new one and freed themselves from the nobility that had been slaughtered (such as their parents) or fallen and ruined. This point is well expressed by the movement, les Incroyables et les Merveilleuses.
    Otherwise, thanks for sharing this very interesting content ! 🙂
    (and sorry for my rough English ^^)

  28. You mentioned a shoe store you like, do you by any chance know if their shoes are made out of real or fake leather? My english isn't the best so I'm having a hard time trying to figure it out.

  29. Wonderfully interesting, enlightening & easy to listen to. Thank you so much (both to you & to the ladies who allowed us foreigners to visit with you). Thanks to your research & to your help in navigating Google Books, I am starting to regain the fondness I once had for the internet.

  30. Just genuinely curious tho, did they have hairpins back then? Because from what I saw in the video, they were using the modern-looking hairpins we have today to pin the hair in that giant donut. Did that exist then? If not, does anyone know what did they use to make those elaborate hairstyles? And how did they end their braids without elastics?

  31. I love how they made the conscious decision to make sure they were all inclusive even if the era they are discussing was not. When reading and seeing things about history that only include one view it makes it hard to image the era as a whole and can definitely make things more confusing.

  32. Can't believe I've been in living in the city for a year and had no idea these lectures existed!!! Any other awesome artsy events that you reccomend? Thanks for sharing!!

  33. Thank you for this interesting and very beautiful video. I have to have a pair of American Duchess shoes, the selection is stunning and the price in dollars is good. The craftsmanship looks straight out of the top drawer. 💖💖💖

  34. This is such an informative and interesting video on 19th century hairstyling, but my head hurts at the thought of her combing it out the next day.

  35. I love this book, thank you so much for this video! Out of curiosity have you ever thought of using one of these hairstyles in their book for future projects?

  36. This was insanely interesting. Especially the bit about the African experience. I love historical fashion and I've always wondered how it worked for people of color like me. Thank you for this! I will have to check out the book.

  37. I'm pretty sure that the majority of people bathed more often than what is being said here? The research I have done largely debunks what was said about the general situation. Rich people may have been different, but for the most part, those who worked (got hands literally dirty, worked up a sweat on the regular), bathed. People who didn't bathe were the exception. Townsends has more videos debunking this kind of idea as well.

  38. Hmm looks nice in that dress but I don’t think you would be able to go to the coffee shop without being stared at ,even by kids with funny haircuts or strange hair colours..but it looked lovely 😀

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