1943 Copper Penny: Did I Find The Holy Grail Of Coins Metal Detecting?

1943 Copper Penny: Did I Find The Holy Grail Of Coins Metal Detecting?

Hi everybody this is Merrill from Metal
detecting NYC and Youdraw Art Tutorials I found something metal detecting that
is potentially a big deal! Im not sure if it’s the real thing so maybe in the
comments you could help me out. I’m gonna go see an expert today. But without
further ado, let’s take a look. So, last week it was pretty cold and I decided to
go for a short trip. I’m not even sure where I dug this up I might it might
have been in back of my house. I did that and I went to a few local parks. As you
could see that says 1943. There’s news all over the place about the “holy
grail of pennies” being sold. This might be another iteration of the “holy grail
of pennies”. That’s what I’m hoping; that it is. Now, let’s compare. So I have a lot
of these 1943 zinc and steel cents and watch what happens.
So look, these are 1943. Also you put a magnet to them;
watch what happens; they are magnetic because of the steel. So let’s do the
same thing with this coin and this is what is making me believe that it
actually is the real thing. So I’m gonna put this right over it. Let’s do better
than that. This slopes. Let’s put the coin right on top of it….. Falls right off! So I
I’m at a loss for words! I’m really excited! I also
see green in the patina. It’s definitely not in mint condition, but you know I
literally saw earlier in the day the article about the one that is going for
sale…..and to find this on the same day is absurd. It goes to show what a great
hobby that metal detecting is. You know you really can find stuff that is
historic…. that’s rare ….that’s potentially life-changing. So I’m really excited
about this! I don’t know for sure if this is the real thing. I’m gonna get it
appraised today. I’m gonna post a follow up to this video.
I’ll show you the back really quick. It seems to be by all accounts
in pretty good condition I stopped cleaning it as soon as I saw
the 1943. Yeah so that’s pretty big news. Stay tuned! If you haven’t subscribed to
either one of my channels please do so. I’m definitely gonna post a follow-up video
to this one and I thank you for watching.


  1. Kind of looks like 1943, but the 3 is wrong. The top of the 3 should be curved, but your coin's 3 looks straight at the top. Look at a photo of the one that just sold and you'll see what I'm talking about. HH.

  2. Wow, I hope it's real. It may be a re-tooled 1945 done a long time ago but I have my fingers crossed for you!! The 3 should hang as low as the bottom of the 9.

  3. Wow..sold for 200grand! Crazy..what the he'll is the big deal about a copper penny that would make someone spend that kind of money!

  4. Well I would double take to man but boy it's a looker! I think its a five but I really hope I am rong!!!!!

  5. I don't know if I'm correct, but the three doesn't look like the proper three. I'm assuming it was messed with or something.

  6. As much as I hate to say this they are zinc plated with steel so if it’s that worn it might just be the steel worn away as much as a hope I am wrong

  7. wish i could go to every amusement park and look through all that change sitting at the bottom of those man made rivers, ponds and wells.

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