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  1. R.I.P Dad one day i hope to get with Nascar to build a replica of your car,and try and have your car take the checkered flag here at Atlanta for you,and our family.My kids have seen all the videos of your wreck, and have showed all their friends their grandpa was a race car driver as i did when i was a kids.Your hole family is very proud of you for not giving up on your dream only fitting to see your car finish the race.Anyone who knows you or your story would be proud to see that happen as i will take a page from you,and never give up trying to make it happen.I love and miss you i,ll never forget this day. To anyone who knew my dad or anyone who reads this and could or would like to see his car take the checkered flag please e mail me at [email protected] i would like to do this for all the families that lost a loved one who gave their life living their dream in this awesome sport we should never forget these guys all of them weather their name is Fire Ball Roberts or Terry Schoonover they all loved it as much as the next.They say this is the best sport for family if so then i will get some e mails if you care about the little guys who tried to make it in this sport then spread the word or have them read this and lets do something if not what i want something to remember all those who have lost their life's. Thanks Bryan Schoonover   

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