1987 Tomos Golden Bullett TTLX: Regular Car Reviews

1987 Tomos Golden Bullett TTLX: Regular Car Reviews


  1. One two stroke by itself sounds terrible, but multiple two strokes going at the same time sounds awsome!

  2. Yep, as usual I was browsing craigslist while listening to the video and sure as shootin', there's a Tomos. For 1100 dollars. Thanks.

  3. I started riding because of mopeds. I started building my own with old engines and ended up with a harbor freight engine on a mountain bike. I hit 55 and realized I needed a motorcycle.

  4. ah tomos.. I had a couple targa lx's (basically the model shown.. might have had a newer engine) back in highschool. In NJ, one could get a moped license at 15.. A full two years earlier than a drivers license. They were all over my town, the model i mentioned in particular. My daily driver was pretty modded out.. 70cc, pipe, played with different sprockets, jetting, ect. also removed the oil tank as it was well known the pump wasn't to be trusted.. especially when kitted. It was going almost 60mph at one point but the welds started popping pretty quickly. It was terrifying. The others I had were purchased dirt cheap as parts bikes. I swear I had to fix that thing on a weekly basis.. by the end, I had no rear brake, it was a patchwork of different colors with no more plastic anywhere, different headlight on homemade brackets, and the tank wobbled around freely. I think the only original parts left were the frame and transmission. My homemade "free flowing intake filter" (an open piece of pvc that pulled air from under the tank.. theres clean air under there, right?) had left the cylinder horribly scored and it I was lucky to hit 40. hills were another huge obstacle by then. Luckily I got my real license soon after.. Still have a real good scar on my knee from sliding out on a gravel road late at night.

    Ive usually owned a 50cc as a backup vehicle since then.. including a ruckus that was a total lemon. Right now its a 63cc taotao thats actually been more reliable than anything else on my list and second in speed after that glorious tomos. I definitely still find myself looking for tomos on craigslist sometimes though.. I always liked the arrow, introduced in the early-ish 2000s. I always felt like the targa lx was trying too hard instead of just owning what it was. its like a childs training bike that looks like a motorcycle and don't even get me started on the revival.. lol. a stock standard lx or sprint would be cool to find too.

  5. I have a Tomos and here in the netherlands it only costs me about €15 per month to get the gas and oil 🙂 Very happy with it and much cheaper than a car.

  6. Had few of these as a kid… Too bad you didn't get APN models, they are much more fun to ride because manual transmission distributes the power way better 😀

  7. Tomas are easily the coolest looking Bro-Peds, sort of the trainer version of a RZ-350 Yamaha which also suffered many of the same issues in corners ("get a steering damper dood"!), pre-mix vs. carb mix, and the leaf blower stroke-stroke blue smokers

  8. I have an old-timer Tomos A3 made in Yugoslavia in 1984. No pedals, no turn signals, no speedometer, no break signal, stuck in 2nd speed. Me and my friend(s), with automatics or manuals like APN or AOS, ride them on a farming fields because none of us have the motorcycle license (we need those here), no insurance, not registered. And boy are they fun to ride

  9. hey man great video,, I just bought an 85 tomos golden bullet!!! I cant get it to run though and i have a few questions that matt the owner might be able to help me out with,, if you ever get the chance to read this PLEASE reach out to me, Id love to have some insight from people who know more about these than i do. Thanks!

  10. You have to do a Lexmoto review or 'Lex no go' as they are called in the UK.
    That Tomos looks like it has a Micron race pipe.

    Try going out in a group on large capacity single cylinder endure bikes & supermoto's. Lots of noise, lots of synchronised wheelies and endo's at every opportunity. 2006 KTM 660 SMC and Honda XR650 are the ultimate.

  11. Hahaha i remember rebuilding a motor on one of these (70cc kit) and it could climb a near vertical hill from a stop. Insane little bikes!

  12. Brings a tear to my eye but Tomos was forced to shut down it's production earlier this year, due to being unable to pay it's workers and repay the debt they were in. R.I.P. TOMOS, you will be missed…

  13. Lol I got a free Chinese scooter from a family friend I replaced the carb on and it runs fine now I repainted it and it looks super nice now still struggle to start and blows smoke when cold but shit it runs hahahah

  14. This will be sold out in my country! People will illegally drive these on bus-way only lane, then when there is cop ahead, they simply pull over lift this light weight moped over the concrete barrier, save themselves from 45$ ticket.😆

  15. 🤔 I get my pink Hawaiian hibiscus honda metro 2007 up to 38-39
    So I'm unsure about this "tomos is for moped riders who want to go fast"

  16. I simply love these old mopeds. I have a 1972 Hercules Prima 5s with a 2 speed manual gearbox and it's tons of fun to ride, though older 2stroke Scooters are fun too, like my 1995 Peugeot Squab 50 that produces around 6 hp out of its 49cc engine. That thing picks up speed nicely and even hills aren't a problem for it (I run it with a delimited CDI, derestricted exhaust, bigger carb and a Carbon Membrane, reachable Topspeed with this setup is about 45-50 MPH).

  17. I had the lml stella version of a vespa elestart px 125, indian made junk, but when new, i could get it to do 60 mph if i put my face flat down on the speedometer. Lol

  18. "I would need earplugs" I would never dare! Love the sound.

    P.S. In Georgia you dont need a tag or insurance for under 50cc.

  19. Young Yugoslavs discovered their first savage genes on this beasts. We all had them, my brother still daily rides one. Long live the king.

  20. Was thinking of getting a moped….but it's a shame they don't sell Tomos in USA anymore, but they still sell spare parts for em

  21. These things don't exsist anymore. There are two heavily modified examples on all of Craigslist, only parts on ebay, forget about just searching for it unless you're looking for a history lesson. You made these extinct.

  22. I am from Slovenia and out here having a Tomos is the dream of any boy aged 12-16. If it has pedals it's legal to drive them without any licence or registration.

  23. "I hope im not single-handedly driving up the prices of tomos'" The midwestern craigslist only has tomos' over $1000. BOIO

  24. Even less powerful mopeds than those tomos (25 miles max. Speed) are still very popular in Switzerland, because they are the only motorised vehicle that you are legally allowed to drive when 14 years old.

  25. This is an old video I know but just wanted to share that in Finland and scandinavia where you get your car license at 18 years old many teens get moped licenses at 15 because they are the first vehicle they can own and drive on their own. Nowadays the mopeds are like tiny super moto bikes but still lot of people ride old mopeds like Suzuki PVs from the early 80s that have aircooled 2-stroke engines and pretty much all mopeds are 2-strokes and about half of the scooters as well. And people tune them a lot. Imagine you have tiny moped from the 80s that weights 140 pounds and goes up to 60 mph with just 80cc cylinder.

  26. I laughed my ass off when you said "you could buy like 4 of these things and have your friends come over and ride them!"

    Awesome comparison

  27. When I was 5, I had a calendar with pictures of all the Tomos models of the time. I remember dreaming about owning the dirt-bike one. This video was sooo nostalgic!

  28. I am just saying puch maxi 70cc airsal cylinder sports exhaust and stronger Clutch and bigger Carb 60mph top Speed
    A puch maxi has Stronger brakes than a thompson and it has got weider tires

  29. we have a two stroke called the rx100 here in India ,kinda the little brother of the rd300, they are not being made anymore but they are fun ..two strokes babyyyyy

  30. Before the EU introduced new laws on motorcycles and enabled a you a 125cc bike with 16, those 50cc bikes were the only motorised things you could use between 15/16 to 17/18

  31. I’m not a motorbike fan. Like kawasaki and suzuki or something like that. No nog my thing. But here in the netherlands when you are 16 years you still can a drive a car until your 18 but you can drive a 50cc scooter or a 50cc moped with a legal topspeed of 45kmh but no body likes that so they tune! . I had a puch maxi ( moped) top speed 85kmh and a piaggio nrg extreme 50cc topspeed 100kmh. That was a fun time. !

  32. Sadly tomos got completely shut down even after being bought by some chinese company.. Even the chinese couldnt save them…
    Their biggest mistake? They made their mopeds so good that nobody needed to buy new ones. The ones from the 70s are still in circulation in the balkans all be it half dont have paperwork amymore.. I know of not a single person who bought a 'funsport' or 'flexer' of even the 'classic'

    And dont fuas about the corners this isnt a piaggio liberty 50 with its low speed and 123kg weight but it isn't a 2 stroke rhon with 35cm clown wheels with smooth tires and 80kg.
    The wheeles on these are made just the way they are for a reason, there is a limit but you won't cross it unless you're riding drunk.

  33. still ride an 80s eastgerman simson bike occasionally, and have also an old 78 honda cb 50 stored in shed……these things are not comparable with motorcycles it's another level of fun, like when you get of your motorcycle and take your moped through town and literally throw it through the corners

  34. I have a modified Tomos Youngst'R25 2007…the previous owner put some scooter wheels on it…better brakes modified the engine and I love it! Scooter+Tomos moped biker gang 😂

  35. Wait… you guys were paying three thousand bucks for those scrapmetal chinese fiddies? The importers really must have been taking advantage of market ignorance. They'd have had trouble shifting them at half the price in Europe… a lot of the most basic models were more like a third, and still often considered overpriced for what they were because you could pay as much for a secondhand major brand example (or even a 100 or 125cc) that would significantly outlast the zero-quality-control supposedly brand new no-namer… Heck, for the equivalent of three grand you could probably get a genuine Honda / Yamaha / Suzuki / Kawasaki moped, fresh from the factory, or pay just a little more for a Peugeot, Aprilia or Piaggio (ie, Vespa) model if you felt like being either flash or weird in your choice of a generic 30mph two-wheeler (…and a Korean Hyosung, with about the same build quality as any of those, for a little less )

  36. Honda and Piaggio are at least working together and sharing some models these days, though I don't know if they're actually the same company.

    Funnily enough I've picked up that "riding on the shoulder" thing even on my 125 from having to do it on steep mountain roads with vacation rental scooters. Though there's precious few regular roads in the UK that have much of a definable shoulder … the faster, wider 2-lane roads have a white line down the side and a bit of space for cyclists to use though, which is also useful for getting out of the way of heavier and more powerful traffic when you're stuck down at 40-50mph grinding over a steeper hill… (only needed to do it on multilane motorways – OK for 125s but not 50s – when unexpectedly ending up on reserve fuel and dropping down to 30 to stretch out the remaining quarter gallon or so until the next exit and the subsequent hunt for a fuel station)

  37. my brother owns a Peugeot 101. The french domestic ones could reach 35 km/h, but the german ones were restricted to 25 km/h(note i said KM/h, not mph), and you still need a kind-of-license-thats-not-a-real-license (Mofa-Prüfbescheinigung) for them

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