1994 Scar Narrates the 2019 Lion King (Jeremy Irons)

1994 Scar Narrates the 2019 Lion King (Jeremy Irons)

me: are you ready for this? no I don’t think you are nvm why am I doing this? lol oh hey listen it’s Scar: Fifty years ago 450,000 lions lived here and today there may be as few as 20,000 And yet in these remote places some of the most dramatic stories on earth are played out They are harsh sometimes violent never malicious and always real me: “never malicious”? says you, Scar smh ok he’s back sorry: This is a story of some of the last wild lions on earth here in a small pocket of this darkness our story begins *oooh* The distant calls they’ve been hearing for some time are getting closer It puts them on edge invaders and they suddenly materialize They’re ready to risk everything to win new territory her male has no choice but to fight *cue battle music* It’s a battle that could change the bloodlines here forever Lyrics: rawr (x50) The invaders with a clear determination to win and to stay

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