1st Halloween Claw Machine Wins of the Year ( GamerGreen Arcade Game Room Prize Crane)

1st Halloween Claw Machine Wins of the Year ( GamerGreen Arcade Game Room Prize Crane)

1st Halloween claw machine wins of the year from the GamerGreen arcade game room!!!! oh yeah Halloween stuff is out a little
bit someone’s already plated we are at our first stop would be Golden Corral
let’s go check out what they got going on it’s like every stock right played
that one but right yeah Halloween stuff is out a little bit someone’s already
played or they say we can try and see them so let’s try it out and see Aaron’s
gonna give it a try yeah see it didn’t even go down all the way so try one more
time we got one more turn to try one more time to see I would just see if you
can rake that bad over because the internet doesn’t even if it doesn’t
close go out the other side to the other side of it now go back pull it around to
the side yeah see you’re not gonna be able to gain things it’s not gonna work
if it’s not gonna close all the way okay you got one second it’s just gonna go
down see it only goes down like that far all right let’s try this one out okay sure didn’t came in to try okay let her
try okay like there’s some pumpkin stuff in here too
okay well that’s disappointing okay looks like someone’s been here
playing someone that you really really hobby maybe going for pumpkin lights
glasses or something oh yeah try that no I don’t know think I’ll get those
because there’s not really something to grab on no went in that little hole but
it’s gonna fall off no you got it I didn’t think it’s Nick it’d be able to
get in there it’s gonna come off okay he got it he shared him said they say food
snacks whatever that was a headband off side well maybe kind of get stuck on it
a little bit oh you do have another thing too you got what is the other
thing that’s in there headband borrowing here Bo candy corn bo the spiderwebs and
a witch headband it’s not there’s a lot of achievements I mean come on
I don’t think it’s going to oh maybe I do have this shirt now what yeah girl I
think you can get that one a little black bracelet right there it’s like
bones what’s kind of like a diadem worked oh I wouldn’t think you might up
it’s pretty thick so yep I think I’ll hang on there cool got the bracelet
let’s see I thought it was rubbery but it’s actually kind of plastic it’s cool
left Golden Corral and now we’re at stake in shake going the corrals plush
machine was broken don’t see if they got here yep probably there’s usually is so
they do have some Halloween stuff but it doesn’t look like anything really good
about how maybe that gradual probably can get that fries yeah someone definitely played it
Sheridan is gonna play this part just to see if she can learn this sour wine
packed back because we have the rain but he’s gonna big for this class I’m back
farther you’re gonna hit that back forward forward
right there let it stop shaking okay go ahead see it hit the other stuff that
was right in there right here um maybe we might be I get that I don’t think you can get the pumpkin
that’s gonna fall I don’t think we get that one which is too little baby
Dracula got it under his arm in his head right this is an old one I think now
this is a new one who said that Beamer green though stinky got in the way see I think I grabbed this wine bag no
that’s impossible yeah I see it just won’t grab it that’s
the best you can get around though and I just don’t know if it’s gonna know it’s
good that that cramping you got it hold it oh he’s ripped in the back okay you
go there’s a big tear in his back there let the grab and so it I try to get the
fried tipped it sideways got around cabin dog too much oh no way
how’s it holding on to that thing shirt crazy yes he’s got again one claws gotta
fall right in that Hall right there that’s pretty much yes he finally got it
okay we got Govi by somehow it held onto this by the sleeve
it’s crazy we’ve got a bunch of these though let’s see Sheridan we finally got
this Star Wars blind bag chair they really wanted Samantha wants to get this
CatDog CatDog from the new Knick oh you can get it right Yoda in the blind bag okay series to 90s
NYX flush like okay the closest yeah hold on it might have forgotten by his
nemesis holding it on cat’s nose held them on for a little bit okay maybe it’s under
his arm a little bit remember in November they’ll put leaps on all these
Halloween stuff so they get rid of it that green fog
maybe it fell off pretty good it’s gonna fall I think it did a good plan but it
just didn’t grab it or in spot I think you can get another day subside Elmer around okay clamp like you did I send it
didn’t clamp like did it last thing unbelievable this guy over yonder sake
got under his back arm but it’s gonna fall off don’t stab that other guy’s head what’s
in the perfect spot okay let’s say got it
hold onto it we got the other guy from Rugrats gots
to pee the guy from Rugrats another Goldy Steak and Shake fries CatDog we’ve
got the new Halloween Dracula you

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