2 claw wins and a domo?

like and subscribe like and subscribe pink love unicorn thing nice I wanted that domo ill be back for you were back I got the doodle jump off film I ended getting both the pink unicorn things. the claw is just to week for the domo dang vendor I was so mad by this time I spent way to much for him ggrrrr I should try and role him over but i tride for the betty in the back off cam to my be nock him in for a 2 in1 but no luck this claw has bin like this for a bit that’s y i dont go there vary often. I win domos all day long but to day nope plenty of air rite spots but no claw strength i don’t care its 3am im doing my claw thing after work ill be back in 2 weeks and see how this claw is but for now thatwas it. thanks and like and subscribe.. good by love shake

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