2013 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum 4×4 — Cars.com Video Review

2013 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum 4×4 — Cars.com Video Review

hi I’m Kelsey mays for cars.com other
automakers have been riding this 3-row crossover SUV bandwagon for quite some
time now and Nissan finally got on board with the redesign pathfinder which drops
its predecessors truck-based underpinnings for a more car-based
crossover platform now the pathfinder does lose some of its hardcore off road
and towing capabilities it trades them for more suburban soccer parent duties
will tell you how does all that the nose up here on the pathfinder is very
identifiably nissan it recalls other nissan SUV is like the xterra the the
large Armada SUV much more memorable than the tail which is kind of boldness
and forgettable he sounds familiar three and a half
liter v6 replaces last year’s 4-liter v6 or an even larger v8 the smaller v6 as
well as the platform changes help save a lot of weight between around 275 to
around 500 pounds depending on comparable v6 trims that helps gas
mileage in a big way epa numbers are up to 20 city 26 highway
now with front-wheel drive really good compared to the class in epa combined
ratings about 122 miles per gallon better than most of them unfortunately
you pay for that a little bit in the Pathfinders new continuously variable
automatic transmission it dumps you in the lower revs as soon
as possible not particularly responsive and the new low-rolling-resistance tires
again another fuel saver don’t have a ton of grip plenty of room up front to
stretch out with your knees driver’s seat has good range of adjustments and
there’s padded materials where they count up here along the doors where your
arms and your elbows fault now nissan has been known for making
gigantic glove compartment before and I think the pathfinder takes it to a new
level this is the size of it let’s show you
what you can fit inside a bottle of water a laptop more water even more water the owners manual and my shoe that’s a lot of room the second row reclines actually quite a
bit it also slides backward and forward
about five and a half inches pretty generous unfortunately it’s it’s a little bit low
to the floor so adults might find their legs uncomfortably elevated and anyone
who kind of puts their arms and elbows up here is going to wish that Nissan
didn’t cheap out on the rear door materials now nissan does have a feature
called latch and glide in the pathfinder similar to the latch and glide system in
the infiniti JX infinity is Nissan’s luxury division here’s how it works you basically have a
child seat installed right here and you still have third row access because the
child seat stays right here as you push the seat forward obviously you wouldn’t
want to do that with a kid in the seat it gives you a little bit of a narrow
passageway to the third row um not as big as if you’d actually
collapsed the second row forward which it does right here if you don’t have a
child in the second row seat gives you a bigger passageway that way obviously you’re really not going to
want to have a kid in the seat right now behind the third row is about 16 cubic
feet of space which is pretty competitive you fold the rear seats down third row seats down you’re looking at
about 80 cubic feet that’s kind of at the low end of this segment here for
maximum volume that’s about what the ford explorer has the honda pilot has
about 87 cubic feet the toyota highlander the outgoing Highlanders
about 95 cubic feet and that traverse that’s got more than a hundred and
fifteen cubic feet so in terms of overall utility the
pathfinder is something of a mixed bag but it has decent ride quality good gas
mileage and a number of upscale options things like heated and cooled front
seats power tilt telescoping steering column and a glass roof panel over the
second and third rows so far this year it’s selling nearly as well as the chevy
traverse so it’s definitely gained popularity for nissan and given its
strength we think this is a car that should be on
any family shopping list ok yeah

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