2015-2019 F150 Putco Silver-Lux LED Low Beam H11 Bulbs Review & Install

2015-2019 F150 Putco Silver-Lux LED Low Beam H11 Bulbs Review & Install

Hey, guys. Joe from American Trucks, and today, I’m going
to be reviewing and installing the Putco Silver-Lux LED Low Beam Bulbs with the H11, fitting all
’15 and up F-150s with the halogen headlights. This set is going to be perfect for the F-150
owner who is looking to convert their halogen headlights to LED, throw more light out of
the front of the truck with one of the best sets in the business. They’re manufactured with a custom aluminum
tower and also have a patented 100% copper cloth heatsink. They feature a Philips Lumileds LED up front,
which is going to create your light, and they also have an adjustable collar around the
base that’s going to allow you to be able to that dial that light in exactly where you
need it to be. Color temperature for these is going to be
around 6500K. Now, that’s gonna be pretty standard for an
LED light like this one. It’s going to be a bright white, slightly
leaning toward the blue side. And the Philips Lumileds LEDs are a huge upgrade
over stock. They throw around 4000 lumens, which is a
lot more than the factory setup. These also come with anti-flicker boxes. Now, that’s a huge deal. If you don’t know what anti-flicker is, these
LEDs use such a little amount of power that sometimes, the truck’s computer will think
that the lights are actually burned out just because the power draw on these, again, is
so low. An anti-flicker box is just a resistor that’s
made to trick your computer into thinking the lights are not burned out which actually
aren’t. Without those, the computer can sometimes
do weird things and cause the lights to flicker or hyper flash. These are going to be perfect in preventing
that. Pricing for these is going to come in at around
the $225 mark. Now while that may sound like a lot for bulbs,
it’s one of the best-engineered kits and they’re also manufactured right here in the U.S.A.,
so not only are they made well, but LEDs in general are going to last a lot longer than
halogen bulbs, and Putco even backs that up with a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty. Install for these is going to be extremely
easy. The kit comes with everything you need to
convert these over to LED. And it’s basically no harder than replacing
a set of the standard bulbs. I’m gonna give it a one out of three wrenches
on our difficulty meter, should only take you about a half an hour to get these up and
running. So, without any further ado, let me show you
how it’s done. For this install, you will need an impact,
1/4-inch drive ratchet, extension, trim panel removal tool, 10-millimeter socket, 8-millimeter
socket, and a 7/32-inch socket. So there is two ways to do this, one of which
is going to require us taking out the headlight. That’s going to allow us easy access to the
back of it to get everything situated. But the way I’d personally do it is I peel
back the fender liner. That allows you easy access to the back of
this headlight with it still in the truck. So we’re gonna show you how to do both, starting
with the headlight removal. So, first step is we’re gonna get this blue
body colored piece out of the way, and we’re gonna start by removing this push pin right
here. Next, we’re gonna loosen these two 7/32 bolts
on the opposite side of that trim piece. Now that’s gonna be held on with only some
clips, so give that a good pull and it should pop right off. Next, we have to remove this plastic piece
here, and there’s a bunch of 10-millimeter bolts holding that on, all of which need to
be loosened up. This last one here is going to be 8-millimeter. Now we’re going to swap back to the 10 with
an extension to hit this bolt in the back here. Be extra careful not to drop them. And now we can pull that plastic piece out. Before we pull that out, there’s one more
push pin at the end in our fender well once you get that removed. And moving right along, there is two more
10-millimeter bolts on top of the headlight. Now you can pull your headlight out gently
and unclip the harnesses from the back. Now we have access to the back of our headlight. We need to get our old bulb out of there,
so we’re gonna start by removing this dust cover and then twisting the old bulb out. Now, at this point, we’re looking at our headlight
bulb. Before we pull it out, we’re just gonna throw
some rubber gloves on. We don’t want to touch the bulb with our bare
skin. The oils from our fingers will cause it to
burn out. So I’m just gonna take the same precaution
with the stock bulb as well. So at this point, we can start working with
the new headlight. We have to attach our LED bulb to our anti-flicker
box, and that’s going to be pretty simple. There’s an alignment pin on the plug. Push them together. And then there’s a little lock ring that screws
on there and secures them as one piece. Now we can plug in our harness to our headlight. Now we can drop in our new bulb, and the third
tab is a little bit bigger than the other two, so make sure that’s aligned properly. You can drop it in and then give it a clockwise
turn to lock it. So now you can feed the anti-flicker box and
plug into the headlight housing. Now, that’s not gonna show up obviously, because
we’re still behind the reflector. Kind of fish it in the bottom and get it seated
properly and then you are good. Now, at this point, you wanna make sure that
these heat sinks are fanned all the way out to give them more surface area to cool down,
so we’re actually going to ditch our dust cover and fan these out instead. So with our heat sink all fanned out, the
install of our headlight is just gonna be the reverse of the uninstall, so we’re going
to put this guy back in. Now at this point, turn the lights on and
make sure they work. And lastly, the two 10-millimeter bolts up
top and that last 10-millimeter all the way in the back that we got with the extension. And like I said earlier, we’re gonna do it
a little bit different on the other side. We’re going to approach from the back through
the fender liner. So, in our fender liner, we have three 7/32-inch
bolts, and we also have a trim panel clip as well. We’re gonna remove all those and then peel
our fender liner back. Now we can give our fender liner a push and
peel him all the way back. So, install is going to be the same process. We’re gonna remove this dust boot here and
pull out our factory light. Now we can build up our new headlight bulb,
making sure to plug in the ballast and the anti flicker box, same thing we did with the
other side. Now we can plug in our new harness, just like
on the other side. Make sure it’s nice and snug, good connection. Then we could tuck in our ballast and anti-flicker
box, then plug the new bulb in and give it a twist. So, now once you have all the wires tucked
in, you can fan out your heatsinks. Now we can reinstall the fender liner, and
we are good to go. And that is going to do it for my review and
install of the Putco Silver-Lux LED Low Beam Bulbs with the H11, fitting all ’15 and up
F-150s with the halogen headlights. Thank you for watching. I’m Joe, and for all things F-150, keep it
right here at americantrucks.com.


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  2. The only concern is water and or condensation. I would recommend a better way; maybe like fishing the cooling fins through the dust cover.

  3. If you order 2 that show in stock, they get backordered , arrive late, at two separate times, and your coupon code didn't work. No dust cover. I'm out.

  4. What would you want do that destroyed your truck, it doesn’t look good , it look like a solid white light on old Toyota Tacoma truck. Ford made the LED head light for 2019, that one is look good, I think on 2015, 16, and 17 head light F150 is best the way it is, you can adjust the brightness to a max as you wish

  5. 2 year warranty? I bought Led headlights for more then half the price of those and they are a lifetime warranty and already lasted over 2 years.

  6. Just ordered a set of SEALIGHT H11 led off Amazon for $70. They install the same way and you can keep the dust cover installed.

  7. The trucks come with a dust cover for one. And for two if you need an extended dust cover for whatever new bulb style you buy, you can buy them off ebay for less than 10 bucks. Stop complaining. Get smart and get woke!

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