2016 Gold and Silver Price Forecast Update Alert

2016 Gold and Silver Price Forecast Update Alert

Welcome to illuminati silver, we tell you
the truth about silver. Today is Monday 12th September 2016 and we
are advising our listeners of our upcoming 2 videos as to where we see gold and silver
prices until the end of this year. Many of our listeners will be aware of our
2016 Gold and Silver price forecast which was published on 24th February. We predicted
that the trading range for gold during 2016 will be between $1100 – $1350 and for silver
between $13 – $17.50. Well up until the Brexit Vote on 23rd June
our calculations looked good – Gold had peaked at $1307 and silver had a momentary peak of
$17.85, but generally operated within our price band. However the Brexit vote which
most of the Establishment, Politicians, Investors and Business People believed would result
in a Remain outcome, were all wrong footed by the victory of the Out Campaign.
Whilst we fully acknowledged prior to the vote that it was going to be incredibly close
even we believed that Remain would win, albeit by a 2% – 3% margin.
Well Brexit changed everything – on 23rd June Silver stood at $17.34 and within a little
over a month peaked at $20.72 and gold stood at $1259 and also peaked within a month to
$1373. The pound devalued against the dollar and witnessed even larger percentage rises
in sterling terms. The overall situation has changed: Increased
uncertainty; a requirement for Europe and the UK to head off a recession by increased
QE and lower rates; and the serious possibility of a Trump Presidency has meant that the landscape
has altered. We were very confident and proud of our forecast, however when the unexpected
occurs one has to re-assess. So we shall be updating our gold and silver
forecasts for the remainder of 2016 and these 2 videos will be published during the next
7 days. Please watch out for them.
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its owners.


  1. i love ur vids !!! i have followed you for a while .do you think silver and/or gold really are being supressed or is that just a bunch of hogwash ??

  2. i did double down on my silver buys at 15.00 spot '"they" were giving it away,at spot deals and 39 cent over spot yada yada,i had no inside info just thought that metals were only going to push up. i have been cautious since 17.50 and back to my regular purchase habits till we see whats what.besides there is football games to go to and turky day commin and all that we have had an excellent year in metals and business its party time oct-jan 1st

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