2017 Ford F-150 Lariat in White Gold Metallic | Employee Pricing | Fernie, BC

2017 Ford F-150 Lariat in White Gold Metallic | Employee Pricing | Fernie, BC

Hello everybody, my name is Brendan as you already know. This one here is a 2017 F-150 Lariat edition. As you can see, this is Ford’s gold color or their take on gold. It’s called, officially, White Gold which has a pretty cool ring to it. Very nice. As you can see, it has Goodyear tires as well as chrome 18″ rims, which is beautiful. We’ll take a quick look on the inside. Another cool feature is the password lock key. So, say you’re going to the airport you’ve forgotten your keys in there click that in, and then you have your keys. Just a nice little feature you don’t worry about your keys on a trip. Or, if you’re on a beach, or going anywhere you don’t have to worry about the keys. So, it’s a nice little feature. It’s pretty irrelevant, but, still a cool thing. [As in any twin], on the inside there’s leather interior which is pretty standard on
our Lariat edition models. Still pretty cool. Anyways, on the cluster here when the vehicle’s on– Actually I’ll turn it on for some time. I can. So, we didn’t actually turn on the vehicle we just turned on the toy. Anyways, sorry about that. See, things happen, but anyways– Now we’re in the cluster as you can see right here. So go to off-road status, check the off-road status. Click that. And it tells you all these cool different features. So if you’re on an angle or something like that, if you’re on a rock or you’re doing flex Fridays the vehicle will be able to tell you what the angle is and what wheel base you’re at. As well as, it has the power distribution which is pretty cool. So, if you’re in the winter, and you’re stuck you can see what power is going to what wheel which is cool. But we’ll turn that off. We did enough jamming, I think, for one day. Now we’re off. Anyways, we’ll go in the back. You get, there’s tons of room that Ford has to offer for anyone. Dogs, kids, friends, family golf clubs, anything that you need Ford’s got it covered. As well as the gas cap. I’ve always got to mention the gas cap. It’s a summer feature, but it’s very nice because then, if you’re going on road trips or do anything cool don’t worry about the gas cap because you just put the gas in, walk away. And you’re good to go. As well as, the box. So, push the button goes down automatically. It’s usually not squeaky like that, I swear but things happen. We’ll get that looked after, apparently. As well as, the nice little features to go. Just pull that here, drop that. So, go up and now you’re on top of the world. Just like King Midas and your gold truck. Anyways that is a subtle view of our 2017 Lariat F-150 edition. If you have any questions, or concerns please give us a call. Actually, better than that leave a comment down below and tell us what you want to see in a video or what features you want us to cover because as you can see Ford has many features in their vehicles and we’ll love to cover them all but we just don’t have enough time. So leave a comment on what feature you want and we’ll do that in the next video. If that makes any sense. As you already know, my name is Brendan. Bye.

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