2017 Ram Copper Sport Review: First Impressions

2017 Ram Copper Sport Review: First Impressions

lately ram strategy has been pretty clear let’s mind for special edition goal and this new package that they’re offering the copper sport is no exception what they’re doing body-color grille blacked-out traditional rams head right here in the center of the crosshairs body-colored front and rear bumpers the mopar sport hood with the special decals body-colored mirrors and body color door handle and for the very first time we’re going to offer 22-inch wheels on any special edition they offer now it’s only going to be available on the two-wheel drive four-wheel drives get 20 inch wheels but as you can see around the back here to the copper sport is not going to offer the big are am tailgate it’s going to be the traditional ram said completely blacked out and dual exhaust inside a lot of details that we like copper accents both on the door on the center console and on the dash also very cool stitching right here on the dash and in the seat and also an embedded color in the seats on the feedbacks themselves now the pricing for this starts at about forty seven thousand dollars and it goes on sale in the first quarter of 2017 for more information about this truck go to pick up trucks com thanks for watching click here for more videos and here to subscribe to our YouTube channel


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