1. Just bought Live 18 for 15$ was hesitant at first but actually a really solid game for under 20$ this game just came out two months ago it’s a steal

  2. The deals are awesome! But quick question. In a couple months my gold subscription expires. If i buy a game if im a gold member which i am, will i get to keep the game after my subscription expires or no? Might sound stupid but i would like to know before i might buy a game

  3. i cant purchase anything it says 'something went wrong try again later' i cant even redeem codes, it says the same thing anyone know any helpful solutions?

  4. Picked up Agents of Mayhem Complete Edition for myself and Cars 3 for my kid (both $25). I’m considering the Disney Saturday Morning Collection since $8 for nostalgia (my bro and I played the heck out of Chip N Dale) is a pretty good price.

  5. Tengo un código de 14 días de prueba pero al momento de canjear en la página me arroja que algo salió mal y que lo intente más tarde. Ayúdame xbox.
    Es verdad que 1 mes a diez pesos la primera vez ?
    Pueden explica el precio real.

  6. I just found out about this last night it last until Nov 27.I'm getting Resident Evil 7 Biohazard,Need For Speed Payback,The Evil Within 2,The Crew Ultimate Edition for $120.99.There is over 400 games on sale.

  7. Compro Xbox live gold si dejara con el dinero que tengo y no con tarjeta de crédito enserio que perjudicado me dejan

  8. Did anyone else get a free $5 gift card from xbox? My friend got a message from xbox saying they're giving him a $5 gift card to spend and he doesn't know how he got it and I don't either. Did anyone else get this and if someone could explain how to get it that would be much appreciated

  9. Wait do you need Xbox live to get the deals because it saids in the Xbox under the price of the game get this discount with Xbox live gold

  10. Can you buy more than one of the 1 dollar one month thing at a time like does it email your codes or does it just add to your account

  11. Hey Xbox I’m asking for one thing this Black Friday and it’s to get unbanned. Like I’m supposed to get unbanned yesterday and I’d love it if you guys took all my suspensions off so I can talk to my best friend that doesn’t live near me anymore:( my account is – retiringfootrat – please help me Xbox:)

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