“22 Slices” -MBMBAM Animatic

“22 Slices” -MBMBAM Animatic

I got kicked out of a Cici’s Pizza for eating too much. Oh, I’m sorry, there’s a question mark- I got kicked out of a Cici’s Pizza for eating too much?? I’m currently a 17 year old male, and I’m 5’11 and 125 pounds Holy shit, and my doctor recommended that I literally quote-unquote “Go all out” and eat a bunch of food *Laughing* Because my BMI- *MORE LAUGHING* My BMI- … “Just go fucking HOG WILD” “Just fuckin’ let LOOSE” “Just dive into some la-lasagna and get deep in the pain.” “You’ve been too restrained! Listen-I’ve been telling you this for years J-dog. You’ve been holding back!” “Go to that Cici’s and fucking slam some ‘za!” “Fire up the pain train!” “Now take some of these xanies and get out there and go fuckin’ HOG WILD!” “Do a couple of fuckin whippets and go eat some ‘za!” Take these percocets and GO… CRAZY Go to the fucking Golden Corral and bring a fucking SLEEPING BAG. Don’t leave till they kick you out. I’m a 17-year male 511 high five pounds my doctor told me to go fucking HAWG wild and eat a bunch of food because my BMI is frighteningly low. I decided to go to the local Cici’s Pizza because they offer an all-you-can-eat buffet. I stayed for around 45 minutes around 4:15 to 5 o’clock p.m.. And ate 22 slices of pizza. Now we’re talkin bout Cici’s slices which are not… gigantic That’s also not- like that’s high don’t get me wrong. Wait hold on. What are you about to say? *Travis stammering* Let him go, let him go. Pretty much my point was going to be, if the premise of this is that cc’s would kick him out for eating too much. I do not believe that 22 slices is the most someone has ever eaten at Cici’s. What- that’s a fair point that Travis is making But what if he only got one slice at a time?- First off very annoying. And secondly, as he ate every one he went *nom nom nom* * + “Yum, yum yummy very much like THIS pizza very good yummy, yum yummy” + *- every slice Yeah Travis, I just want to congratulate you on being very cautious with your wording and not saying What your mind and your heart thought which is- “I don’t think that’s that much pizza? I?” I mean, but it’s just- okay- one. I’m not saying I could or would eat 22 slices of pizza. I’m an adult. But I’m saying that when you- when you propose- I’m about to say an astronomically high number That would get someone kicked out of Cici’s. I mean, granted, That’s like two slices- or it’s a slice every two minutes We’re gonna have 45- yeah. That’s- okay. Yes when you put it that way, Travis, for 22 No, no, no, that’s a lot of fucking pizza. That sounds like fucking No Face from Spirited Away Just like shoveling like a whole carton of ‘za into his fucking face, and like barfing up Gold to Lure the Cici’s Pizza employees nearby– Just demanding they- he’s not gonna stop until he brings Sen out to him. Yeah, fuck like that’s a lot of ‘za my Dude. That’s a shit ton of SWEET PIE. I’m -I guess I wasn’t thinking of the timeframe. Did they kick him out ’cause they were worried about him? Like listen this isn’t about the amount of pizza j-dog, You’ve gotta go- like I don’t know What doctor told you to do this? but- I think they kicked him out ’cause he ate- this person ate Dave while they were like busin’ a table AaaAah You slimered Dave. Aaaah As I was about to- I haven’t even finished the fucking question- I was about to finish some pineapple ham pizza that they just set out. Okay, again–*NOMNOMNOM* Hey careful. God, he got a finger That was just pineapple pizza. The manager ran up to me- and ran up to me *pant pant* You gotta get the fuck outta here, man. They’re looking for you! That I had exceeded the max amount that you can eat at the buffet. What the hell? It’s literally called an all-you-can-eat buffet, I’ve heard of no such thing in my life. Maybe, they shouldn’t charge such a low price if they’re gonna get pissed off. Has anyone experienced something similar Or should I make a complaint? Thanks. fucking let’s kick things off with this, Divisive answer from anonymous who said: ‘Yes, You can get kicked out because you took advantage. You should only be allowed to eat for 30 minutes. Plus, if it was a busy Day, they might feel you stayed too long and need the table.’ WHAT?! No- Hold on, no, No, Cici’s has ever been like: ‘Hey, man. We need that four top back. We have a four top back. Listen, we got a fak- we got a reservation for Cici’s Pizza The president might stop by, we need to keep that corner booth clear. That’s false advertising. It’s a pretty easy lawsuit. My client, *Laughing* What- what I intend to show by the end of the day is that he had not eaten all he could. Watch this motherfucker eat 23 slices of pizza, and then it’s all of a sudden that scene from Mathilda.


  1. Listen if I can dip my delicious browny in pizza sauce, then you should you BE ABLE TO EAT YOUR HOSH DARN PINEAPPLE PIZZA IN PIECE FU-

  2. If Cici's slices are half the size of a pizza, that's still 11 slices. I get uncomfortable at five, less than half. Fuckin hell.

  3. I literally ate 22 pizzas at cisi’s today during a band trip. I did time myself and ate the first 20 in around 13 minutes. I dearly regret it now as my stomach threatens me with vomit. I am 16 (my birthday being in about a week or two), 5,10, and weigh around 185. This video stuck me as odd because of how coincidental it seems for me to have found it on this day.

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