24K Pure Gold Foil Ball

24K Pure Gold Foil Ball

Alright everyone, welcome back to Cody’s lab. So last night, I spent several hours painstakingly smashing my $15,000 gold bar into this roll of gold foil here. What I’m going to do is I’m going to take advantage of the trend on YouTube with the Japanese foil balls and make the first one out of solid gold. What do you mean I can’t do this video now? When did they publish it? Today? I even bought a new anvil for this! How’s this keep happening? What am I gonna do for a video this weekend now? Turns out he didn’t use real gold. It was just brass. Okay, so we’re back in business. Let’s see how difficult it is to smash this into a ball. It’s really stiff. Yeah, I think the problem is this gold from that bar just has a little bit too much copper in it. Yeah, I see when I was precipitating the gold from the solution I used excess sodium metabisulfate. And that brings down a little bit of copper with it. You might be able to tell this is a bit of a darker, cooler tone. So it’s really stiff for gold, I think this ended up being 22, 23 karat and so I think I’ll refine this to 24 karat and another video basically re refine it. Until then, I’ve got a few of these bars of 24 karat gold. Let’s mash these out and make a ball out of them. So it is unfortunate that I have already rolled that other bar out, and I’m gonna have to do it all basically again. It will save me a lot of time when I’m refining it So, let’s roll these out. Probably should go a little bit faster because they’re already pretty thin. There we go. You can see that I finished smashing the gold out flat, and I’m currently just giving it a heat treatment, which both cleans and softens the metal. You can actually see that this pure gold likes to stick to itself. Actually, if push it too hard it can actually weld. But that’s probably a good thing for making the foil ball does that means it’ll turn into a solid chunk of metal piece of gold Kinda makes it sound like tin when it flops around it can kind of hold its own weight a little bit see there Now watch what happens after I heat it Okay Cools off pretty quick when it is thin. Now it doesn’t make any noise on it flop around and it will not hold its own weight It’s now lovely So here’s my pile of gold Let’s start beating it that takes some of these pieces that kinda came off Just kind of like I would aluminum foil So here we are with the finished ball Isn’t that pretty? I probably could polish it up, but here it is just with the hammer Seeing see it’s still got the hammer marks in there, and I kind of like that. It’s you know it kind of catches the light And you also notice, there’s no seams It is completely welded And it’s not perfectly round I think there’s a flat spot here that I wasn’t able to get out This is pretty close to spherical Yeah see it spins Actually kind of makes a weird noise when you roll it Hear that Oh! It rattles so I guess it’s not solid gold You hear that (Gold Rattling) lets see where’s the mic on this? (Gold Ball Rattling like something is loose on the inside) So you know I think what happened here is because I was beating on it throughout I essentially ended up with a smaller gold ball inside of a larger one Basically the inner ball separated from the outer ball, so it’s got like a shell. Oh, that is cool. It’s probably several balls in there actually Or shells (Laughs) Well that is interesting That’s fun, okay now I want a bigger one Already this is like $12,000 in gold I do have some more gold. I guess once I get that refined down I could probably add it to this ball And in case you guys are wondering what I’m doing with all this gold I do want to make a solid gold play button at some point I Was thinking probably what I hit two million subscribers? Or something like that Oh, that’s interesting Alright, I hope you enjoyed. I’ll see you next time I Actually think it helps to leave it a little bit loose so that I can stick to the next layer the Gold doesn’t seem to want to stick from a thin piece to a thick piece who wants to go in the thin Stick might even heat up a little bit right there See you basically welded right to it, that’s awesome Finish it up actually you know what there’s other hammer here. Let’s do this That way we’re beating that ass smooth to smooth


  1. Am I the only one who screamed "COME ON, BOLT THOSE PRESS AND ANVIL DOWN" while seeing them move for the whole video ?

  2. Hi Cody i have started buying scrap gold from people online, is there a entry level oven i can buy for melting it down that doesnt cost too much? I am inspired by your videos

  3. So after refining the gold AGAIN it still was only 98% pure.
    I used to think Cody was very smart but not being able to do a simple gold refining process i now take it all with a grain of salt because it should be a basic process.
    I guess talking the talk is not the same as walking the walk.

  4. As smart as you are why didnt you just raise the anvil higher instead of doing the balancing act with hammer?!?

  5. It would be interesting if you could measure the denisty of the ball. Because we know the density of 24K gold and we know how much gold is in the ball. So would it be possible to measure the density of the ball and compare it to the density it would be if it was solid gold all the way through? This would kinda give us an idea of how much air is trapped in the ball.

  6. Are you like the richest yt'r ?

    Oh btw

    I'm disappointed you didnt lick it, or put it in your mouth. That seems to be your shtick, I come here for that………..

  7. Here's my theory:
    Beating it repeatedly made it heat up.
    Then, the hammer could only conform the new sheets of gold to the shape and size of the already heated/expanded core, and when it all cooled down, the inner balls shrunk and began rattling

  8. I want to come over and play around with all of the gold you seem to have laying around. Looks like fun!

  9. cut the ball straight in half now and show us the layering you created! and maybe find that rattle balls in there!

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