1. Today I have drawn this wonderful copper mug that is used to serve a famous cocktail 🤔 …but I use it as pencil holder 😊
    This drawing took me 6 hours. All my drawing tools are listed here: http://www.marcellobarenghi.com/p/materials-used-for-my-drawing-video-on.html Thanks for watching, liking, commenting and sharing 😊

  2. liking the video before watching because he is Marcello Barenghi ! The mug looks more original than the original one 0_0..XD

  3. I'm just amazed! it is so realistic that it can not be distinguished from a real pitcher !!! I'm your eternal fan!

  4. Wonderful u r a genius.u always exceed my expectations,the best artist I have seen keep up ur good work 👍😊

  5. bravo. i look at your art supplie, wow, you use so much stuff there, so complicated. and you know how to use it.

  6. Very good drawing. I have a question. I know you love shiny surfaces. That's why I'm interested: Would you do a drawing with this mug covered in Copper rust? 😉

  7. Beautifully executed! Your ability to render photo-realistic objects is unsurpassed!

    Have you ever considered placing these objects in a setting? Such as on a table, or within a scene?

    Best regards,

  8. This is one of your most "satisfying" videos yet. Just something about watching you fill in the reflections and texture of the copper. Sublime!

  9. I was wondering. Can u draw a wolf/anime wolf like I have watch your Chanel from the beginning a always get mind blown every time and was wondering if i could make a request on if u could draw a wolf/anime wolf picture in 3D if u could if it's not to much to ask 😃.

  10. Magnifique, je n'ai jamais vu de cuivre aussi beau, quel réalisme, quel talent Marcello ! Bravo et merci, Mimi ♥

  11. Awesome, I always enjoy watching the amount of detail that you get in all your drawings. Love it. I just started my channel art and gaming .

  12. Your paintains are very realistic and I loved it so much. No one can distinguish between real things and your paintings
    Greetings from INDIA

  13. Очень круто, ваше исполнение просто на грани фантастики, мне даже сложно представить сколько времени уходит на один рисунок, должно быть часов 7 ) Реалистичность просто зашкаливает, вы меня вдохновляете Marcello Barenghi.)))
    Спасибо за такие работы! Это чудо!

  14. Salam I am Moroccan and I am one of your fans and I want to ask you please what is the best kind of colored pencils and what is the best kind of books to draw

  15. Hello Marcello,
    Try one of the following in 3D view or like coming out from paper. first of all plane of adventures of tintin ft. Plane, I don't know name.
    1.airborne 1945
    2.P47 thunderbolt
    3.Nakajima ki-84
    4.Fairey Swordfish
    5.Polish PZL P11

  16. I had a question but you just answered it when you revealed the actual mug! LOL I was curious if you drew object from referencing an actual item or if it was all from your mind.

  17. Why do you draw bro. You just keep the real one and we will believe that it's a drawing. Amazing talent you got.. Everytime see your drawing I feel you cheating but after watching full video I understand that so much effort you put for this. Good job

  18. Can u plz draw me which is my youtube icon in your next video.i m your biggest fan . Plz plz plz its a very kind request

  19. I feel like crying when I see your artwork! It is so beautiful. If I had just 1% of your talent I would be so happy xxx God bless

  20. You are unbelievable and so inspirational….!!!Your art makes me emotional..it's like you bring it to life..it's so beautiful…

  21. 😲🧐that is badass awesome realistic unreal I couldn't even phanthom drawings like was Even possible 🤔 amazing hell of uh drawing 😯mind blowing 🤯 great job 🤩

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