3D Printed Jewelry: Golden Century Casting

3D Printed Jewelry: Golden Century Casting

Being part of a family business is the best
kind of business I could be in. Golden Century has been around since 1985. We offer everything from initial design, to
modeling, 3D printing, to casting, polishing, finishing, setting, to the complete product. Technology has forever changed this industry. 99% of the stuff we create now has been 3D
printed. Casting photopolymer resin is definitely a
monkey-wrench that was thrown into the manufacturing process when it was first introduced. I was really pleasantly surprised about Formlabs’ performance when it comes to casting. I thought it would be another one of those
resins that didn’t work, but everything burns out clean. The advantage of using 3D printers for jewelry
manufacturing is, you design something, you press print, you have it the next day. As a casting house, we really value giving
those few pieces the time and the care that it needs to be that high-end piece that you
could put a hundred thousand dollar stone in it and you’ll feel proud to present it
to your client.


  1. 3d jewellery looks very beautiful and attractive. I would like to know more regarding this whole process of creating a 3d jewellery.

  2. Imagine what would great goldsmiths say about this modern way of doing things, unfortunetely, nowadays, higher values arise

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