3M Brake Job Cleaner Lubricant Abrasives Penetrant Silicone Paste Copper Anti Seize

3M Brake Job Cleaner Lubricant Abrasives Penetrant Silicone Paste Copper Anti Seize

For generations, auto mechanics have trusted
3M for high-performance products. 3M has the right products when you need to
replace the brakes on your vehicle. Brakes are exposed to severe conditions. They wear out over time and need to be replaced. A great first step is to clean the entire
brake assembly with 3M High-Power Brake Cleaner. Professionals trust its strong cleaning formula
and high-pressure spray to effectively remove brake dust, road grime, greases and oils,
and other contaminants. It dries fast so that you can quickly get
to the task of replacing your breaks. Frequently, you’ll find that your brakes are
severely rusted, corroded, and difficult to remove. Use 3M Penetrant Catalyst on all rusted fasteners
and other rusted parts to help ease their removal. Yes, these pins are designed to hold the caliper
in place, but they’re also designed to keep the caliper sliding or floating the way it
should. Often, this lubricant gets contaminated and
worn out and needs to be replaced. 3M Silicone Paste is the correct product to
use here. Most brakes have both metal-to-rubber and
metal-to-metal slide points. 3M offers two different products that are
each tailored for the specific needs and rigorous demands of your brake system. Look closely. You’ll be able to see where there’s been metal-to-metal
contact. But before you reapply any lubricant, we need
to thoroughly clean the surfaces. If we don’t, the lubricant won’t stick, and
your brakes might not function as they should. Now is when you should inspect all of the
rubber seals and O-rings. These should be replaced if needed. As you can see, 3M offers a number of abrasives
that can be used for these needs. If you’re going to reuse your rotor, make
sure you clean the mating surfaces and to have it resurfaced as necessary. We finish the cleaning step with a quick rinse
from 3M High-Power Brake Cleaner. This gets things ready for your new coat of
lubricant. Remember, for metal-to-rubber applications,
use 3M Silicone Paste. For metal-to-metal applications, use 3M Copper
Anti-Seize. If you’re installing new rotors, they need
to be washed with 3M High-Power Brake Cleaner to remove the grease that the factory puts
on them to keep them from rusting. Apply 3M Copper Anti-Seize on both the top
and bottom contact points of each brake line, and across the metal contact slides on the
caliper bracket. Notice the visible color. This copper-infused lubricant resists washout,
leaving you with a longer-lasting anti-seize lubricant. Don’t over-apply. A little goes a long way. Apply a new coat of 3M Silicone Paste, reinstall
the caliper pins and properly tighten them. Reinstall the tire, complete the rest of the
brake job, and you’re done. Another brake job is complete. Feel confident. Your hard work and 3M quality resulted in
another job well done.


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