4 Cheap and Easy Earrings. Handmade Jewelry Ideas

Hi craftоholics, thank you for visiting my channel again I’m Alice and today I have this simple tutorial for you available for both adults and children I’m going to show you four very easy ways how to make your own pearl earrings If you will like this video write your comments below and I will make more easy tutorials for beginners Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the bell below to not miss the new videos! I want to ask you to visit my online store You can order hair vines, hair combs and other accessories from all my video tutorials You will see the link on the screen and in the description We will send your order to any country via Express or regular mail service if you will order accessories in my online store You will support my channel and help me to make new videos. Don’t miss our regular discounts and purchase handmade jewelry today!:) Let`s start! For the 1st earring you will need: Four 6 mm pearls, 4 mm crystal bead, earring hook, 40 cm wire Bend the wire (one end should be longer) Twist the bead 18 times Twist another branch Bend the branches to make a bow Fix the pearls on the both sides Fix the 4 mm bead in the center Form a loop Fasten the earring hook Done! For the 2nd earring you will need: Three 3 mm pearls, two 6 mm pearls, 8 mm pearl, pearl drop, earring hook, 40 cm wire Twist 2 branches Form a heart Twist the pearls Divide the wires Fix the beads as shown in the video Done! For the 3rd earring you will need: 40 cm wire, Four 6 mm pearls, earring hook Twist the pearl 15 times Twist 2 more branches from both sides Bend the wires as shown in the video or create your own design) Fasten the pearl on the branch Form a loop in the center Fix the earring hook Done! For the 4th earring you will need: Two 6 mm pearls, 4 mm bead, 45 cm wire Make 25 twists Twist another branch below Twist the wires 18 times Make a loop Bend the wire as you like more:) Done! I like so much to make something simple and beautiful at the same time You need only small amount of materials, inspiration and as well as your desire to create such jewelry What do you think if I will record a few more similar videos? Necessarily write to me below also I would like to say thanks to all my followers who write to comments and praise my tutorials I’m very very happy to see all of your comments))! Well, that’s all! Look forward to see you next time! Bye!

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