4 Tips on How to Win Claw Machine Prizes (Plush Wins from the Crane Game)

4 Tips on How to Win Claw Machine Prizes (Plush Wins from the Crane Game)

4 tips on how to win from the arcade claw machine. all right we are going into Golden
Corral we’re gonna do something a little bit different today we’re gonna try to
show you guys some tips and tricks on how to win it the claw machine the best
tips try to figure out when the restock day is and we know today is our restock
day so we’re gonna go check it out he’s one of our favorite locations well they
have Mario stuff well the first thing we do is we just check out what’s in the
comics you see there’s new mario stuff in here and you kind of just look at
what you think you can win it’s probably that Donald Duck may be the Batman stuff
that’s sitting on top maybe that pig right there yeah so this is the toy shop
you see manse is gonna give it a few tries okay so look at it what do you
think you can get what do you think is something that’s winnable just well you
have Mario on the thing and Ouija there’s a shy shy guy and the Goomba
those are underneath stuff oh yeah and a boy bill so so a lot of times I put the
new stuff there’s no she and Linda both bills it’s a girl i fap esta two on the
bottom it’s on the other side again on this side they’ve got some of the new
stuff again on the body and see this mask is a big chin is
something that I usually grab how you got in the loop of the shy guy I fell
off you might be any you might be get a bow buddy might be the dead zone now
but that max has a big chin so that’s one of things you try to look forward to
see if there’s something you can grab on it this might have fallen in the dead
zone yeah I don’t know if you’d get that right now yeah the Donald is just tip
them over and then grab him around he’s offended by his neck oh man I fell a
little bit too much I think now I don’t know if we can get him better
so we tipped him over first got him in a better position and then she was able to
grab on to him oh the closet open so when this happens you got to bang it up
against something try to get it open and do all my time so now it’s open it’s
retracted luigi again Steve Calendar his leg if that might pull him nope didn’t
even get him out of the way rounded butter but it’s still not enough
to grab it stuck in his thing he got stuck in his overalls you got stuck in
his overalls I think something’s stuck in fuck know what it was stuck there I
think it was the peg I think the tag held mama sometimes you
get lucky you need that one that’s kind of a lucky guy that was a lucky that we were trying to
win it but you might be I’ll get the pinkie pie because a pinkie pie you have
the head and then you have the hair kind it that you can get in between items and
then trying to think you pie this time the guy that is here you got in the hair
though let’s see maybe yep so you got it oh no we lost it the last second might
be I’ll still get at the I’m these Pinkie Pie’s you can get stuck in the
hair and you did but it didn’t sometimes you got to move stuff all the way so
we’re gonna try to move this pig all the way to get to that Buffy’s neck it’s
still not gonna do he’s hanging halfway in the chute it’s mentally gonna go for the body
instead of the head that looks better all right so you got the pig I think all
right now the fluffy is in a better spot so if we get around the neck of that I
think it’ll pull it because I think the body is too fat I’m gonna try to get it
around the neck and it might not even fit all the way up but it may drop it in
the chute let’s see there we go all right
grabbed it by its head all right not really dog it’s Mensa gonna go for if they grab
the chin it might get it we’ll see see that’s stuff sitting right on top is
easiest stuff to get on the restock days all right so we got that all right so
dope from the premiere that Donald Duck this generic dog a Ouija that somehow I don’t you’re not
really sure how that got stuck on there but it got stuck on the call and got
this Oh generic piggy doll sir is that it thank you okay so we got five things
out of there then we’re gonna tell the jewelry the treasure shop Julie Thomas
tonight alright now we’re trying the treasure shop
treasure shop jewelry fall yeah that likes to see stuff that’s that shape is
really about the right size for this craw if you get that box but it might
grab it with the two Falls let’s see not under it very good held on okay it’s
gonna be something different there really light it’s like some kind of a
game or something super light see about this mystery box is gonna have
something stupid in it I don’t see what it will see what’s in it got mystery box all right no this one that’s something different
might be one of those dinosaur things I don’t think we’ll open up later and see
if I see the Ninja Turtle thing and a mystery box I had a little dinosaur you

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