Hi everyone! My name is Masha Knots and in this video I’ll be speed knotting this beautiful bracelet! Hey so I’d first like
to apologize for this video being extremely late and also the fact that
you may or may not hear some background noise throughout this entire video. Both
of those things actually tie into the same reason: I had some things going on
in my personal life that required me to go to Moscow for a few days. Some of you may know I live in London but I am actually from Moscow as well as from
London. I have a family in Moscow and I needed to come back here for a couple of
days which is where I am now. That is not where I was filming the video. I was
filming that back in London as you can see the bright sun is something we never
get in Moscow, but actually we get quite often nowadays in London as it’s rolling
around into spring, we get quite a lot of sunny days. You can see the beautiful sun
on my bracelet. But anyway, I had to go back to Moscow and I’m recording this
voiceover from here now, which is why you may hear some cats in the background if they decide to make some noise. They both have little bells on their collars
and they sometimes decide to fight each other, so you might hear that. But let’s
get into the bracelet. As you can see I am making this, or currently I’m untying
this, giant 40 string wide bracelet. I made so many mistakes in this bracelet,
it was honestly so painful. Throughout the entire time-lapse you
will see me numerous times untying my mistakes because even though the pattern is relatively simple, like you can see in the middle that there’s this sort of.. I
guess.. flower shape? And then on the sides you have two zigzags with little
diamonds on the end of the zigzag. So it’s relatively simple, it’s not that
difficult of a pattern, but it’s just because there’s like so much of it, I
guess I just couldn’t memorize it and I kept making mistakes, so I kept on having
to untie it. But you might have been able to tell that I didn’t actually start
filming this bracelet from the beginning because I was originally making this
bracelet just for myself, just for fun. I wasn’t planning on filming this at all.
I started making this bracelet just to have something to do when I have nothing to do, you know, on transport sometimes I make bracelets, sometimes I make
bracelets when I’m in a lecture that I’m not particularly interested in. I don’t
recommend doing that by the way, but it’s just something that I sometimes do. So I
wasn’t planning on filming this bracelet to be honest, but then I posted a picture
on my Instagram of me beginning this bracelet and a lot of you guys seemed
really interested in seeing how it’s gonna turn out so I thought about it and
I was like “Okay, well I’ve already done quite a lot of it, but I might as well
film me finishing it because it is a giant bracelet and it’s gonna take me
ages regardless” So I managed to get quite a lot of footage of me making this
bracelet despite the fact that I already finished pretty much half of it. But yeah,
I haven’t, I don’t think I’ve ever made a normal pattern that is this thick before.
As I mentioned this is 40 strings, it’s a lot, it’s a lot and I was stupid
enough to make them extremely long, I did not need to make them as long as I made
them and they tangled so much, it was a pain, honestly. Just the
factor of them tangling constantly on each other was a massive pain, but still
like it’s a pretty big bracelet and I haven’t made one this thick before in
normal patterns. I’ve done alpha patterns that have been thicker, but not normal
patterns. So I thought it might be a pretty cool challenge that I could set
myself and, to be fair, I really enjoyed it. First of all, I think that the triangle ends look pretty cool on thicker
bracelets. Oh my god the cat’s gonna fall off the chair! Can you not? Can you not?
You’re such a stupid cat! Oh my, it fell off the chair! She’s a baby, she’s only
like one year old and she’s very hyper and anyway, let’s get back to the bracelet.
She’s fine by the way, don’t worry about that, she’s playing, it wasn’t a
very high chair, she’s okay. Anyway, back to the bracelet. Um, so yeah, I really, I
really enjoy how triangle ends look on thicker bracelets, so I think – and
especially with this colour combination and with this pattern. In the triangle ends, oh I’ll have a zoomm I’ll have a close-up shot later
and I always have pictures on my Instagram if you wanna check them out, but yeah, I
think the way this pattern was structured allowed for the triangle ends
to go from white to black then to colour, then to black, to white, then back to
black, then to colour. That sounds really weird but just trust me, the triangle ends
I think on this bracelet, at least in my opinion, look awesome. I think they look
it great and I think they fit the pattern really well and I just think they look great. Also I didn’t change the colours at all, I just took the
colours as they were in the pattern. The pattern is linked below by the way if you want to make it. I always link all of the patterns in my description just so you
can make them if you also want to. But yeah, I didn’t change the colours at all, I
just took them as they were in the pattern as the creator put them and I
think these patterns, sorry these colours look fantastic together! I managed to
pick out some amazing colours in my collection as well like, I – I don’t know,
sometimes because I have quite a lot of threads gathered from so many different
places: I have threads that I’ve – I mean, I’ve been making bracelets for so long
now, I have threads that I’ve bought myself, I have threads that I’ve been
given as gifts from friends, I have threads that have been given to me as
gifts from family members, I have actually won a few packs of threads in
contests on different friendship bracelet making websites, so I’ve just
got a lot of random threads that are from wherever, from various different
places and sometimes I forget which threads that I have and so it took me a
while to find these ones because they’re not the thread type that I usually use. A
lot of you may know that I usually use the craft cord by Loops & Threads, which
is a sort of thread that is twisted on itself, which is quite easy to make
bracelets with because it doesn’t fray as much. Whereas this one is just regular
sort of, I don’t know actually how to say it in English but in Russian we say мулине (embroidery floss), I’m assuming it’s something similar, but basically this is the type
of thread that you don’t, it doesn’t twist on itself, so it’s like separate
strands and so it does fray sometimes a little bit, especially closer to the end.
So it’s slightly more difficult to work with, but the colours that I have for this
was so great they’re so sort of rich and deep in their tones, even the yellow it’s
like a vibrant yellow, but also not I don’t know, not like a toxic vibrant
yellow, it’s just it’s beautifully deep in its colour, I don’t know. Anyway, um I
don’t know, you might actually tell. Oh yeah, you can see here. I didn’t
do this pattern row by row because it is a massive massive pattern. Had I done
this row by row, it would have taken me forever. I actually don’t know how long
this took me. Off the footage that I have, the footage is about two hours.
And I didn’t – first of all I lost two files they just got corrupted, which I’m really
annoyed about, so you might see some weird cuts here and there because I just
lost two massive files of how, I don’t know how long they were, but they’ve got
corrupted, so I couldn’t use them. They’re just screaming now, I don’t know if
you can hear the cats, but the cats are just screaming now. So that’s great! You
can see me I’m doing my bracelet here as well. But yeah, anyway. My files got
corrupted. But out of the files I have it’s two hours, plus I had quite a lot of files – well not quite a lot – two, but they were
quite large, get corrupted and I also made half, the other half of the bracelet
off-camera, so I don’t actually know how long this took me. I’m probably gonna
estimate about six-ish maybe seven hours because it is very large, especially at
the beginning, it takes longer to make it because you’re still figuring out the
pattern. It’s quicker at the end because you’ve really done quite a lot and you’re
just repeating. So yeah, it took me around that. If I had followed the patterns row
by row it would have taken me much longer than that because that is just an
unnecessary waste of time: just like switching the pairs of threads all the
time. So if you can segment knot, I would definitely recommend it. There’s no
specific technique, there’s no specific like right way of doing it, but it’s
basically you do as many knots as you can in one go. So see there is a sort of
v-shape? Like, for example, you can see I call them flowers, they’re not really
flowers, they’re obviously like rhombus shapes, or like little diamonds, but you
can see in the middle you have like these flowers and they’re surrounded by a sort
of layer of white and then a layer of black, not a layer but like an outline,
yeah. You can see that there’s an outline of white and then an outline of black. So
say the outline of white, you can do as just a regular v-shape, like a chevron
just for that row of the outline, which will save you a bunch of time because
you’re just doing a bunch of knots of the same string in one go. So that is
exactly what I’m doing, I’m doing it bit by bit, by bit, something like one of the
edges then the other edge maybe. So here you can see me going in with the white
thing for the outline and then I’m doing the right edge and then I do the middle.
So I go into each separate bit individually and it’s – oh my god the cats are just insane. Honestly I love these cats so much, I love them.
But they’re such nuisances. So cute though! It starts playing with my arm now. I was trying to pet you! And
then you’re trying to eat my arm! Anyway I really enjoyed this bracelet, I would
definitely recommend it for somebody who is looking for a challenge and as I said
I think the – okay now they’re fighting! I think the triangle ends look spectacular
on this bracelet I think they look amazing and I think the bracelet itself turned out really beautiful. I love the pattern,
I would definitely recommend it and yeah as I said – I’m in Moscow right now so
that’s why I managed to get these beautiful shots in the snow and if
you’re wondering where exactly I am – I am in a snowy village, so that’s where I am
right now. But yeah, thank you guys for watching. If there is anything that you
ever create based on any of my videos, even this one, whatever, if it’s a
tutorial if it’s a knot with me, whatever video. If you ever create anything based
on anything, I always love to see your guys’ creations on Instagram. If you send
them to me via DMs or you tag me on a post you make or a story that you post, I
always love looking at them, so definitely do that! You can find my links
in the description and on my end card and thank you so much for watching I
usually post every Tuesday and Saturday however these coming two weeks I’m going to be posting once a week, I don’t exactly know when, but I will still be
posting once a week and then once these two weeks are done – I’m gonna get back to my schedule and I’ll be posting twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays so thank you guys for watching and I will see you in my next video, bye!


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