47. Launch Day For Silver Fox – Our New Canal Narrowboat!

47. Launch Day For Silver Fox – Our New Canal Narrowboat!

Morning! Morning! It’s just gone eight o’clock.
It’s Friday the 3rd of May and… It’s launch day!
(Excited laughing) He’s excited. Not really. He’s so excited.
No I’m not. You are! Yeah, I am. (Laughing) I’m just a bit like that (Shaking). We know today is just gonna fly by.
Silver Fox is here in the shed. She’s just about to be moved outside
ready for the lorry which is going to take her to St Mary’s Marina in
Rufford, as in the Rufford Branch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal -Yeah.
And that’s where she’s gonna be craned into the water. Here we go. Let’s go! Before we move the boat we’ve secured everything and anything that might move
during the journey, so all the belongings boxes, kitchenware,
everything is either stowed on the floor or taped down to stop any damage. So with everything secure we filled her up
with diesel and she’s ready to go! Tucked away in a lovely part of rural
Lancashire is St Mary’s Marina. It’s just by lock 7 on the Rufford branch of
the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and it’s absolutely gorgeous! It’s quiet and
peaceful and it’s just perfectly located for where we wanted to launch the boat.
And as soon as we arrived people started coming out to say hello and see Narrowboat Silver Fox. Everybody was so friendly, it’s amazing! Three days later and here we are. We have moored in Melling. It’s just outside Maghull We’re on our way into Liverpool and we’ve got the Salthouse Dock booked for later this week. Haven’t we?
We have. So, I say three days later, we haven’t really
filmed much in the last three days. It has been a bit of a blur.
(Laughing) A bit? It’s been a bit mad and I haven’t
coped with it that well, have I? No, not really.
But here we are and I’m smiling and I’ve got my Peaky Blinders hat on, which Shaun
likes more than I do. Yeah, I think it looks cool. Dillon’s out there. I don’t actually remember much about launch day. No, I don’t. It seemed to go pretty
quick, didn’t it? It was mental! Rushing about everywhere. It was absolutely mental!
Everything went to plan, everything was good. It’s a good job we did the footage really,
otherwise you’d probably wouldn’t have remembered it all.
No. probably not. But it was busy to get all that footage. It kept me busy all day which was… It kept
the stress away didn’t it? Yeah, I think I needed that, yeah. After that I had a little
bit of a downer, yeah. I did the London Marathon last Sunday,
and we moved out of the house on the Tuesday, then we launched the boat on Friday. So within
like five or six days all these kind of big life-changing events… and I’ve been
having a lot of problems with my feet with my feet and leg after the marathon
which is still going on now. So it was just like all these things together combined,
and then we had to try and tidy everything up on the boat, and it’s still
not there is it? It never will be! This time next year we’ll be finding things.
And I think it got on top of me a little bit. But things are settling down
aren’t they? Oh yeah. Little bits of snagging which you would expect on any new boat.
Nothing serious, all just insignificant things which are getting sorted
straightaway. The lads at Bickerstaffe are… (Laughing) It’s like…
“Kev. Just a quick question. Nothing to worry about…” The boys are on their way! Yeah.
And they’re like here within two minutes! It’s like “You could have waited a few days!”
It’s nothing important. So I mean thumbs up to the lads at Bickerstaffe. To Kev and to Rob and to Ryan, and also to Keith the electrician. The boat is brilliant!
So we’ve gone from Rufford, St Marys. We’ve made our way down the Rufford
branch on to the Leeds & Liverpool And we’re now at Melling, going down into
Liverpool. We’re staying here for… well until tomorrow or the day after. It’s gonna
rain tomorrow – It’s gonna chuck it down! It’s not looking too good now. It’s been sunny all
morning, so we’re gonna stay here while the rain goes and then we’re gonna go
straight through to Liverpool from here which is about four or five hours
cruising – Yeah – So the next time you see us it will be from Salthouse Dock in Liverpool.
It will! We hope you’ve enjoyed this vlog
Because we have! We have. We got through it, that’s the main thing.
We got through it. If you enjoyed it give it a thumbs up.
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to give us some feedback on the vlog. Thank you for watching! Yeah. Cheers, thank you.
We can’t believe the amount of subscribers that are joining us. It’s absolutely
fantastic. Thank you for that. And… Moorhen says thank you too!
(Laughing) And we’ll see you next time.
See you later. Bye bye!


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  3. I was amused by how experienced the trucker and crane crew were. They acted like they did it 2-3 times a day. And your 15 tons of steel didn't sink to the bottom straight away, which I hear is a good thing for a boat. 🙂 Have fun out there.

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