five billion five Vivian had five Vivian head how are you guys are welcome back to another baby entron today we have the giant box and it is the gotham steel copper pan tired of food sticking to the fan we try to scrape it and then you scratch it you may as well trash it not anymore hi chef Daniel green here we’ve got them steel I actually bought the entire set because I’m such a big fan of the copper pans the newest technology in nonstick cookware maybe ceramic and super strong titanium but I still believe that the best copper pan available today is the red copper pan which is my absolute favorite I have it right here in front of me you guys know I love this thing for those of you guys who have recently left me comments about an update video I don’t know that I should make an entire video on an update when I have nothing to update other than it’s still brand spankin new I use it two to three times a week and I’ve had for over six months and it’s still beautiful we’re going to see if this guy will beat out my red copper pan and I’m kind of hoping it will so I have a whole set that I love I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these fans if I don’t love them I’m still going to use them I guess this is a 10 T set they all say the same thing no oil no butter no nothing what’s up to find out I get all kinds of goodies and as well see let’s see what we get same hello at least from the pictures on the same handle as my red hot as all of them have the rich you can handle that’s why I think they’re all the same thing okay ah they are not telling me this is the same sack pan this is the same exact pan you guys know I love my right copper pan I know it is there all my god is the same for camp and it’s the same pan guys look this one is six months old this one I just took out of the box but look same handle red copper Gotham steel same much this one obviously I use it a lot they’re identical if you just saw these like this next to each other you could not tell the difference it’s when I flip them over that I can see that one’s red obviously and one dark gray color I told myself I’m gonna be able to go away all my old pot boom there’s the lid a just a small one did you guys notice my shirt it is five vivian heads if you want one they’re available on amazon i will put a link to the shirt down in the description of this video okay I’m going to go clean this guy and we’ll go ahead and use this one just because it’s the same I don’t want to keep it all consistent it will start with our egg test it is hot and ready for me here we go here it is come on egg no butter no nothing so far so good you guys I just love how it like seals right there so far it’s performing just like the red copper one did which I have right here next to me okay that’s very hot don’t do that let’s give it alone look we got it Oh burning it oh shit see it yank sleep guys like yo Mistah so impressive this stuff I want my yoke to bust up there oh so far so good let me flip it oh no gonna flip tell the flop right flip it flip it flip it okay ha ha ha God I’m God God Oh busted up that yo but it is definitely not sticking no oil no butter no nothing so far so good it’s literally like cooking or their everything slides right off let’s get this house up here then then you just get a paper towel and you just wipe it ah say like boom that’s all you have to do you don’t have to scrub these guys you don’t have to put a metal utensil on um nothing looks clean ready for the next thing and the next thing is going to be chased look but chief is a fine panties all stuff no with my time shredded Parmesan right on the heat remember a cheese test yeah we’re doing it again even though some of you guys said that cheese coming up a lot of oil with that bouquet we’re still going to try it this time I have mozzarella instead of choji’s is happening feel better leave it move I don’t think it’s not moving at all hmm nice the bottom door oh no oh my god is going there’s definitely not sticking it to anything and I know you guys are going to say it’s full of oil I get it it is not sticking gooey gooey mozzarella leave that filled it to the side okay once again we’re just going to wipe this down with a paper towel no but stuck on Mac because that’s all I needed for today now we’re going to do famous marshmallows in my last red copper video everybody was asking who would cook marshmallows like this and I raised my hand and said me because I want to see if they stick duh guess what we’re doing we’re testing the marshmallows again just part of the review guys just part of the review so far this has absolutely matched up to my red copper pan I’m very impressed now let’s do some marshmallows let’s see what’s happenin here let’s see what happened it apart you know this takes a minute oh my they’re already cooking look oh yeah oh yeah yum yum alright we’re about to turn this over to see what’s happening underneath here so far so freakin good now we’re going to flip I don’t know if it’s going to come off but to find out the sticky mess gonna fall out or what nope they’re not actually guys look how beautiful that is you see that it’s not even like burnt I mean it’s barn but it’s not they’re definitely coming off look at a beautiful budget that’s a beautiful beautiful thing smells like heaven how young it is coming right off even though that is so sticky it’s coming right off of there alright you guys so I think this is definitely a winner if it went up against my favorite red copper pan I think it is an absolute winner winner winner chicken dinner that’s right I’m gonna give the Gotham steel copper pan 5 Vivian head hello you guys are welcome back to another video tries today I have a special gadget is a special us because Josh Lauer one of my amazing bitches has fitted to my P o box for me to review so we’re going to find out together how many Vivian heads we’re going to give this raggedy egg cooker just based on what I’ve seen on the outside of this box it will cook up to six eggs you just did not tell me in how much time is it plugged in or is it microwave that’s another thing I did not you didn’t check it I don’t know we’re about to find out together and I also have pot holders that another one of my amazing bitches Jodi Jarvis sent to my peel box as well so thank you so much Joey and thank you so much Josh flower for sending these things to my P o box I so appreciate you guys you want to send me something you can look in the description of this video Accio box will be there for three let’s see what this thing wanna do okay so you have to plug it in I thought it was a microwave product but I’m wrong okay I’m so excited the goal is to this thing to rapidly cook six eggs right the egg cooker is equipped with a temperature sensor and automatically shuts off when the water has fully evaporated oh you need water that’s good to know okay so it speeds down oh good wow I wasn’t expecting all this stuff how exciting look this little finger and has sauce thank you so much for this thank you and your wife and Jodi thank you and your husband both of you guys mentioned your Oh depending on how you want to cook your egg how much water you put in I haven’t even read the instructions yet but I’m assuming that’s what that means wait there is another little pin remember we did that egg scrambler on my live stream and it had a little needle thing I don’t that’s four so I might have to read the instructions for that this level here is for a soft egg a medium at and then a hard egg there and then in the back is a poached omelet or an omelet poached egg okay so really prissy let me see do I need to put a hole in it okay soon here the instructions really quick it’s a piers at the bottom of each egg with the measuring cup why do these gadgets take so long fill the water to the desired line place the egg in the tray cover and press the power to begin cooking do not lock the lid while in you why wouldn’t you want to win it I don’t know okay so four to six eggs we’re not going to cook success today we’re only going to cook three but it can cook up to six one two three eggs that will cook in seven minutes three eggs seven minutes already I don’t like because I can boil 18 eggs on the stove in no time but let’s give it a try it’s really cute it may very well it’s not like cheap or anything very nice as the power button there I guess we’ll just try and see we’ll be back in seven freakin minutes plug it all in and it has these two additional little trays for poached and outlet how cute so you can make it omelet please make poached eggs in here okay this kind of makes up for the time it’s going to take to cook this thing now let’s zoom in I have my three eggs here I have filled up this little water thing to the line it’s a soft so based on the instructions this should be ready soft eggs one two three of them in seven minutes I have my phone here we will find this guy’s okay let’s place the water why is it making my place see oh wait I don’t put a hole in these eggs don’t I make you so nervous guys I’m gonna do this side okay there’s a little hole there there’s one I cracked it look – is that right honey I don’t understand what we have to put this little hole in there okay there’s another hole right there okay three holes waters in close the lid all right and there’s a blue light it is cooking hey Suri setup seven minute timer okay seven minutes and Counting all right let’s see what happens done are you guys ready for the big reveal let’s see that arm okay you should be blue soft-cooked this will look like gonna be my best bet here and I’m kind of I’m going to do this so I want to show it to you guys while we’re standing here I’m actually here and we hopped jump down there with this crack it around wrap it around motherfucker is still boiling hot oh my gosh how am I gonna do this oh my god it’s perfectly cooked guys perfectly soft oh my god this is so perfect look at it guys it is okay I keep burning my fingers it’s just I can’t hold it with these potholders okay I’ll put it back in here dum-dum just put it back in there I didn’t have a little cup for my egg to hold it so we just leave it in here okay just want to get it partially open for you guys oh my god it is perfection okay I think that’s good enough outlets see how this yolk is going to look maybe you should get a knife a lot better see if this yolk is in there perfectly just like veal so far I am so impressed ready big reveal look at the perfection I am totally impressed look perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg this is definitely a winner Josh I love it if you were thinking about buying one I think you should look at that it’s perfect perfectly soft perfectly soft perfectly saw I’ve never had an egg turned out that perfect before now I have to write gadget are you guys Josh I think you have a winner here I’m gonna give this guy 5 Vivian head hello you guys and welcome back to another video trouble someone left me a comment said I should do that Vivian tries into like a montage I think of a vase it like put a video together with just me saying that might do that I think that’s funny today I have another I’ve seen on television product what is it no it’s a tornado bottle I saw it at Walmart the other day and I thought we can give it a try my bitches will want to see I’m not sure why you would need this because it needs batteries who the hell is going to carry this Ralph with some batteries but has all kinds of cool things that will blend in the back so I thought you know what it let’s give it a try let me give you some examples it says smooth taste no more clumping so it will do coffee and tea protein shakes cocktails juices baby formula baby formula chocolate milk sauces and salad dressing and it also says scrambled eggs and pancake batter so I was going to do a protein powder but I’m out of protein but I do have some chai tea from Trader Joe’s that we are going to mix in this thing and and to make sure it really works I have my little what is this thing called it’s just just a sister a sister that assists I don’t know I think it’s called a sister so we have this thing so that we can pour it out and see if there’s any clumps and then we’ll really know if this thing is a hit or not let’s give it to and here the two batteries I’ve come prepared today show in guys look at that I think this was new on the bottom is awfully we should definitely watch this right why am i selling it I don’t know why I’m smelling it let me go wash it weird honey put the batteries in only has a little power button is a broken already okay battery anyone got to be done here right sink ha ha ha I did it temple smart okay so the batteries go down there I should wash it first huh before I open this I should wash it so that it doesn’t get wet okay so I’ve sealed it back up just like this and I’m gonna go wash it I’m so good party nice I’m gonna go wash it and I’ll be right back okay wash for my chai latte mix and 6 ounces of water which I have here I wonder we should do ice I don’t think that’s going to blend is that little piece in there is like plastic oh maybe I should maybe I should put the battery then how about that still kind of wet battery number one snap that guy in there that are number two that guy in there easy peasy I guess the batteries are not too bad I thought it was gonna be like heavy you know what I’m saying like okay so far so good I think I did six ounces of water yep perfect oh it has a little thing right here mm little measuring thing there six ounces of water or 200 is that milliliters of water then we have chai and how many scoops of chai tea do we need so hold on so mix one scoop or three tablespoons with six ounces of water okay one scoop of chai tea whoa I almost knocked it over so six ounces so yeah okay ready go all right guys here it is look at it can you see it really well all right the moment of truth guys ready one two three have to hold it the whole time shit I thought it was like it just you know click on and just go to town why do I have to hold it what if I’m in a hurry I’m gonna hold this thing maybe not that I’m right-handed so a little here it doesn’t seem very powerful I mean it will blend it like a stone was blended but it doesn’t seem like it’s lifting it up or anything special I’m going to blend this for very long we’re about to find out the truth the truth we’re gonna put it through this guy you should have timed how long I’m blending in here you guys see that I mean she can pretty sure you can so far the Uni is not bad I just don’t think that it’s going to be accomplice did I say clump list no more clogs I don’t they’re going to be smooth I think there will be clumps in there it says scrambled eggs I want to scramble eggs I’m going to scramble some eggs in this thing scramble eggs or things it will be too heavy for it I think this will do like basic stuff like juice you know the little like energy drink seats becomes little packs like that kind of stuff but nothing big I don’t think okay that’s enough here’s the true test I’m going to open it so Jim okay I’m on your own so this was not planned very well Wow how am I going to do this I want you guys to see it hold on hold on okay this may be older like that I’m holding I didn’t plan this roll guys you guys know that this is real life I don’t okay I should have done this on the counter ready there we go so far so good there’s no clumps it totally blended that smell so much cinnamon totally blended that clean look very grade look no clumps I’m impressed it just made me alive guess what we’re gonna test matter because I said it will scramble some eggs to a okay well you guys to see it I need to go find it I can put it this high you guys can see you guys can see let me go get my handy little laptop desk hold on already okay can you guys see it tell me if you can’t see it shout let’s crack some eggs you guys remember the last time I did this okay gran egg egg number two why would anybody blend two eggs in here get your blender or just you know the fork so I wouldn’t buy this because you can blend eggs in it but I might buy it for protein shape it’s like it don’t work okay you would sprinkle in some like palm pepper okay let’s see ready I see that well I don’t know I feel like the eggs are a little too heavy oh that’s not very powerful I mean it’s blending them but it’s not very powerful so like they’re not going to be sure like they’re not going to be I was too joined hey magic guy look look it’s still winning and I’m not touching it how did I do that I never want to do that okay so you can just put it down some specifics I could just put it down and walk away silly me I wonder if it would help your budget like that make a world fluffy put some air in there right gonna get creative folks so it’s getting air now you owe me some fluffy eggs so let’s turn it off won’t blend itself okay let’s try it again with my crazy setup here shit my phone here we go here we go I don’t know why I’m smelling it like it’s AG super ready soccer oh I spilt it I’m gonna fill it wait thanks or not as easy as it’s not the most flattering okay oh no oh did you get on me oh no my shirt can you guys see no it’s not on my shirt okay it did spill though let me just put it down like this I think it’s the same thing isn’t it they’re not perfect but then it’s just a little bit nut blended but guys pretty impressed it is like a little plastic thing in there I don’t know I do anything I was going to do the chai tea so this is what’s left of the eggs and you can see that it made a liar out of me because first of all I did not have to continue holding the button after you push the button it just stays on and it keeps blending and it did successfully blend the chai tea and it did successfully scramble the eggs made well it’s not heavy I think it’s a winner so I’m going to give this guy 5 minion head number you guys are welcome back to another Bibby and tries today I have 4 Q of copper tray a copper tray do we not review that a few weeks ago we sure did at this time I found the copper crisper from copper crisper from copper chef the amazing Kristin fryer that works in your oven the copper chef so the last copper tray that I reviewed was the Gotham steel brand and now I have the copper chef copper tray crisper trays whatever it is so I’m about to open this and I’m $55 they’re the exact same tray but I have a little twist for you guys today while I was shopping for this I actually purchased this at Walmart I’m not Amazon this time but while I was at Walmart right underneath the Shelf where this one was stacked guess what I found this cheap crisper tray this cost me $5.99 so we’re going to put them up against each other we’re going to put up the copper crisper buy copper chef’s 1999 up against this Wilton bass bit better oven crisper trays not copper it’s black but I bet they do the same thing by me nice for $19.99 I’ve had my oven preheating it is not it 425 degrees today we’re going to do french fries again just like we did with the Gotham steel crisper tray just so that we can also compare it back to that guy remember that did not work too well all right you guys ready you guys ready for the same exact product voila same thing I’m not even shocked anymore like I’m onto you guys we’re on to you guys right my goodness same exact tray same itty bitty I mean seriously who are they fooling who are they fooling not me come on to them okay is it ray now we do know that this spray works very well the air circulates all around that’s why you never have to choose your food you take this off this time but you can see this one’s considerably better than this one look you see $5.99 $19.99 you’re paying $19.99 for copper spray paint because not real copper you know that already what do you guys think do you guys think that they’re both going to do the same thing I bet they do look pure fries baked on a cookie sheet look at them here in the copper crisper now the crisper tray claims to turn your oven into a air fryer which is bull somebody said that such a crock of shit to cut an air fryer has air moving in the actual machine my oven does not have air moving the heat around there is no way possible that this thing is turning my oven in turn your price so that right there we’re taking Vivien heads off for that this one didn’t claim that this one just said it’ll crisp up your food I have a bag of fries right here let me go rinse these off and what we started okay dun dun dun dun and I’m putting them up here only because I don’t want to have to move my camera to them and so hopefully you guys can see them right here I think you can right really perfect he’s going to work out beautifully okay so I’m going to try to put the same amount of french fries in both trays and I actually think this one might work better other open mash crispy trade drop crumbs and trickery the copper crisper comes with this handy nonstick copper chef’s cooking sheet tiny that is compared to this one so which one has more space for more fries ding-ding-ding-ding-ding yeah so I bet this one works better because monkey can’t get in there this one like a baby a little baby family can use that okay so here is some fries okay one handful for that guy handful for that guy one hand for that guy I got overfill we’re gonna have to face the amount of what we’re going to put in both of them based on this little baby little tray I want to put the same amount in both but this one has limited space and then they’re going to go in the oven 30 minutes that’s what I did last time 30 I think it was pretty sure 30 minutes in the oven I’m saying they’re about even now I want to put too many in this guy because don’t think it’s going to work anyway so here’s what we have guys I know this one look like it does not have as much but it does it’s just a bigger tray they do have the same amount where them out evenly okay we’re going to put it in the oven and we will be back in 30 minutes voila 32 minutes later this is what we have they don’t look horrible I think they both need a little bit more time in the oven but of course my big tray here looks like I have more fries that are cooked than this guy does the trays are still steaming hot I don’t know why I just took my gloves off let’s put the glove back on and then try to cut one of these suckers in half to see if they’re raw or undercooked okay here’s a good one from the black tray nice and cooked right perfect it could be a little bit crispier if you like them like that I like them nice and meaty but these are definitely cooked now let’s grab one from the copper tray okay really mmm these are crispy err can’t hear it but they’re definitely crispy hey not bad not bad let’s take another one in the copper tray they are cooked okay not bad let me get another one from here that’s sweet they’re cooked they’re not as crispy okay so there you go the ones that I have grabbed from the copper tray are just as cooked as the ones from the black Wilton tray but the ones in the copper tray are definitely crispy er I don’t know if it’s the concentration for Miko it’s helping to surprise it crispier the secret is the elevated nonstick mesh tray allows needed air to pass through and circulate around all 360 degrees of your food this one obviously doesn’t have a tray underneath I’m going to have to say that the copper pan definitely made crispy fries I love you guys – welcome back to another baby in tribes today I have for you another another copper product this time though it’s not something to cook with it’s something to drink with Don Pettit on there it is red copper mug I don’t know how I feel about this the red copper was a nonstick pan now they’ve morphed it into a it’s not a nonstick cup I was going to say the nonstick cup it’s not a nonstick tough there’s going to keep pulping products out and just slapping on this copper spray paint and then just saying it’s copper whatever the hell is it ceramic lined cup and I thought how am I going to test this because it claims that it can hold hot drinks for eight hours and cold drinks for twelve we know that there are 50,000 of those tumblers going around that is a hot thing now and this red copper company decided that they’re just going to jump on that bandwagon as well so I thought how am I going to test this Cup besides put it in the fridge or leave a hot drink in it for eight hours I thought let’s put it up against the company that started this whole craze and that is the Yeti Cup so today I’m gonna in copper mug against the yen tumbler against tumbler meaning this guy is $35 I think I paid for him this guy was 1999 what do you guys think to be honest I’m not even sure about this guy how am I going to test both of these guys add this little thermometer where I can stick it in the liquid and we get it keeps track of the temperature in both of the cup I’m going to fill both of the cups with boiling hot water I’m going to check the temperature before we begin I’m going to put them in the refrigerator to kind of speed up the cooling process and then I’m going to check back in about 30 minutes so that we can see which one cool down faster and did you know that farm work does not fail Yeti they’re not allowed I do not know that yes to do for Walmart all right let’s open this guy’s see wooden sides like the one on why is the bottom like that it’s like a suction when i zoom in it will test that part says it will not tumble over here the claims from the red copper mud leak resistant lid will test that insulated double wall construction we’re going to test that top of proof mug we ran a test fact top rack dishwasher safe we’re not going to test that nobody got time for that right now now the Yeti cup we’re just testing it for temperature because this $30 Yeti cup does not give me all that it just says it’s going to keep your product hotter cold that’s it is it worth it after I fill it with this hot boiling water I’m going to put it in the freezer for 30 minutes then we’ll check back to see which one s cool down faster so now let’s zoom in so you guys can see me filling these cups with the boiling water and checking the temperature okay let me put my favorite rods on because there is hot water in front of me in a pan so there is your Yeti cup and here is the red copper because what they look like one is way taller than the other which I don’t get because this one is a 20-ounce and this is a 16-ounce but you can see at the bottom the Yeti doesn’t have like this little touching which is really cool so it like locks into place where you can’t tumble it over I think that’s pretty cool if you look and present what see it won’t tumble over look this way yeah Yeti no that is cruel okay I’m already sold on this guy look impressive and do all the dogs okay nevermind don’t do it that hard and remember the Yeti is not leak-proof this one is leak-proof that’s what they claim but obviously beginning Notley proved because there’s holes in it ready yeah we go here’s the first one because our guinea which end up coffee fricking one mmm okay mom Oh mop water is going everywhere okay so now first one temperature reads at think you gotta give it a couple seconds on she okay holding steady at 194 make it one 194 perfect holding steady there coop seal them up both have been sealed then boom okay right sealed sealed okay I can’t feel the heat at all good good okay now we’re going to put them in the freezer for 30 minutes then we’ll check back and check the temperatures again all right so I left them for a little bit longer I left them for one hour in the freezer instead of the 30 minutes I said all right here we go okay there we go whew did you see the steam come out of that one let’s check the temperature we have what do we have it’s there’s a freezer for one hour and we’re still at 162 old and steady beautiful okay let’s check the Yeti what do you guys think Oh let’s give this yeah is really worth the money all right Yeti hold this steady at 162 I’m impressed with the red copper mug I’m very impressed it held up to the $35 Yeti cup that is hiked up so much and it’s so expensive and they don’t even sell it at one month what the hell all right you guys so I am so impressed with the red copper product not just this red copper Cup but also the red copper pan that you guys know I absolutely love is weak group and not only that the temperatures kept up with this hyped up Yeti Cup temperature and both cups was absolutely the same this one is totally worth some money all right guys that is it for another video trying I hope that you have enjoyed this video and a half give it a thumbs up in the comments down below let me know if you know of a cool kitchen or food product that you think I should try it might be on an upcoming episode if you’re new to the channel subscribe I’m putting out one to two videos every week for your entertainment don’t forget to share it with your family and your friends and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye


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  23. How do u keep the red copper pans non stick mines not bad but just not as non stick as it was new seems like after frying chicken in it it ruined the non stick idk if Iโ€™m suppose to grease it like a cast iron skillet or clean it a certain way????

  24. I have the copper one and I love it and use it all the time. The secret is to toss the food in just a little bit of oil (or spray).

  25. Vivian you need to try the โ€œoven gloveโ€ it is as seen on tv. You wonโ€™t need those mitts anymore.

  26. I bought a set of those copper pans (copper chef) and all of them are ruined. Black on the bottom. One ruined from pancakes that never came off. One burnt all inside from some overcooked onions. One ruined after I put it in the dishwasher. And I could never cook without oil.

  27. LMAO at the cheese test because I donโ€™t blame you at all; I TOTALLY wouldโ€™ve eaten that cheese, too!

  28. At 16:01 the word you're looking for is "strainer". But of course, you can use a strainer as a sifter as well.

  29. I had a yeti and the shitty plastic top shattered with some hot coffee. I got a replacement and same thing..and itโ€™s not like I boil my damn coffee. Yeti blows ๐Ÿ˜‚

  30. The Bubba cup Company actually started it, Yeti came years later and more expensive. My one Yeti cup is tearing up & my Bubba cos look new. Love my Bubba gear.

  31. Hello, Vivian. In the Tornado cup, that thing you wanna pour your drink through is called a sieve (pronounced like give only with a s in front).

  32. If you could the items on enough heat for long enough it will caramelize on the bottom and not dirty the pans like the marshmallows did. N the egg did a little. A little more please to the eye as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Just watched the video on the egg cooker dont be afraid to pierce the egg.. that cooker is awesome you can get them where you can cook more eggs and the nice thing us you dont have to worry about the stove being on and it uses way less water

  34. Just discovered you! I LOVE it!! Youโ€™re going to save me lots of money!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿปโค๏ธ๐Ÿ•‰

  35. Gotham copper…I have a large saucepan from them, have used it 7 months and LOVE it. I make all kinds of sauces, boil potatoes, make spaghetti (both the sauce and boiling the pasta) and then (gasp) throw it in the dishwasher. I recommend this brand!

  36. I like your Puerto Rico Born shirt. My Dad was born in Ponce. I just got back from visiting my Grandma on the island.

  37. My guy bought me a knock off Yeti on amazon for 7 bucks. It keeps my coffee hot for hours! Works great. I cringe at some of the prices I have been seeing. ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  38. I bought a few copper pans from rite aid, and it was terrible, it was trashed looking with 3 uses. Maybe it was a different brand? Does the surface have anything bad for you when it heats? Only things I trust are stainless steel and cast iron skillet…

  39. Vivian, maybe you don,t have anything in your pores. I am 83 and have never been to TJ Maxx. Now I must check it out. Hope I can resist buying the scale.

  40. There was a commercial for Artic Air just before I watched this video. It is $80. Supposed to cool a room in 5 minutes. Would love ti see you try it.

  41. Wtf powdered tea ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคข๐Ÿคฎjust make real tea and I love your channel funny as

  42. I think i need that egg cooker..i can never cook soft boiled and i been wanting them forever. My aunt used to cook them and slice my toast as a kid .i loved them. But i suck at making them and poached eggs mmmm lol

  43. Love my Dash egg cooker. Have the 12 egg size. Use almost daily. Makes nice fluffy omelettes too. Took a few times to get hang of poaching

  44. I've been watching your videos for like 3 days now I love them I wish I found you sooner I love the way you talk and that cute little laugh you let out every so often keep the vids coming!

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