5 DIY Friendship Leather Bracelets | Curly Made

5 DIY Friendship Leather Bracelets | Curly Made

Hi everyone, I’m Daniela and welcome back to my channel to all my new subscribers welcome I really appreciate you taking the time to watch my videos, so thank you so much Since most of you really seem to like my 5 easy friendship bracelet round up I decided to make a new one this time using leather cords all of these are super easy to make and I tried to keep the supplies to a minimum so besides easy these are also very inexpensive. I hope you like these, I will leave the supplies bellow and let’s get started The first bracelet is one of my favorites, it has ribbon and a button for the closure part to make it you will need to fold 1 meter of leather cord in half and use a clipboard or tape to hold it in place Grab two thin ribbons with 70cm each and tie it at the top Make sure to leave enough space to fit the button trough For anyone confused with the measurements I will leave the conversion of cm to inches in the description box Now just grab both ribbons and start weaving them in between the leather cords like so You might want to adjust the ribbon as you go along, just to make sure both colors are showing Once the bracelet is long enough, tie the ribbon around the leather Put the cords trough the button and make a knot Finally, cut the excess cord and ribbon and add a drop of glue to the ends of the ribbon to secure it and prevent from fraying and your bracelet is ready! To make this second pearl bracelet start by taking a 50cm piece of leather cord, cut it half and set it aside Cut a small piece of wire with about 4cm and put it trough the bead Bend the wire with a 90º angle and with the pliers wrap it in the opposite direction to create a loop do the same on the other side put the leather trough the loops Measure how much excess you have and cut it To close this one I’m gonna use these small crimp ends as well as a lobster clasp and jump rings To help secure it, put a drop of glue on the cords and place them inside the crimp end closing it with the help of a plier add a small piece of chain if you want to adjust the size later and attach it to one of the crimp ends and with another jump ring, add the clasp to the other I’m gonna call this third one the twisted bracelet I think it’s the easiest of them all all you are gonna do is grab a 90cm piece of cord and divide it in 4 equal parts atach the ends of one side to a crimp end with a bit of glue cut the cords with the right size for your wrist and make a twist by bringing two of the cords to the opposite side secure them with another crimp end and lastly, attach the closure, jump rings and chain for this one I’m gonna use cords in two different collors what I’m making here is fold the cords in half and putting the black cord inside the pink one, like this Then I’m gonna bring the ends of the pink cord trough the inside of the black one and pull them loosely cut the excess and again, attach the crimp ends, jump rings, chain and clasp the last one is a very popular style, you problably already know how to make it but I still wanted to include it you are gonna need to cut in half a 50cm piece of cord attach one side to a small crimp end cut about 90cm of thread tie it to the top of the leather and also tie in the same place a small piece of ball chain making the knots in between the first and second link now the only thing you need to do is wrap the thread around, making sure the chain sits in that crack between the cords once you reach the end tie the thread around cut the excess thread and leather atach the crimp ends and closure pieces and it’s done!


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