5 Golden Rules To Obey If You Want Your Ex Back

5 Golden Rules To Obey If You Want Your Ex Back

Hi YouTube, you’re watching my latest breakup
advice video… I am, of course, Brad Browning… I’m the #1 expert on YouTube when it comes
to getting back together with your ex. And, as you can see behind me, I’m currently
in the middle of nowhere… the heat out here is sweltering, so I have to keep this video
brief…. but I am actually out here in the middle of nowhere for a reason.… I want to show you what happens to people
who break one of the 5 crucial rules of getting your ex back. Now, I’m not sure if I’m blocking your
view here…. But, somewhere among the desolate dunes behind
me, you should be able to spot a poor gentleman who recently broke one of the 5 rules I’m
about to tell you about. Look at him… what an awful existence. If he had just followed my advice, he’d
probably be happily back together with his ex instead of chasing mirages under the blistering
desert sun. So, folks, please remember: if you want your
ex back, then you need to listen carefully and adhere to the 5 golden rules I’ll be
explaining momentarily. If you decide not to heed my warning and break
any one of them, and you end up alone and lost in the middle of the Sahara, don’t
say I didn’t warn you. Rule #1 – Don’t let your ex see your emotions. Ok, I get it, you’re heartbroken. Breakups are one of the toughest things in
life, and I know exactly how gut-wrenching you’re probably feeling right now. But the last thing you want to do is show
that heartache and sadness to your ex… those really aren’t attractive traits. In fact, if your ex knows your life is in
shambles because of the breakup, they’ll subconsciously start to think of you as a
“low value” individual, and that will reaffirm their decision to break up. Would you want to date someone who looks and
acts like this?? Didn’t think so. Worse yet, if your ex knows you didn’t want
to end the relationship, they’ll have their guard up any time you try to reach out to
them… and the last thing you need is for your ex to know you’re trying to win them
back. So, let’s recap — rule #1 is that you should
never let your ex see how upset you are. Put on your happy face and do the opposite
of what your ex will expect you to do — embrace life, be happy, and pretend you’re fully
on board with the idea of breaking up. Rule #2 – Don’t be obvious with your attempts
to get him or her back. Look, my Ex Factor program is full of techniques
you can use to help get your ex to take you back…. And they work really well, when done properly. But sometimes, I’ll have clients who are
way too obvious about things, and their ex can easily tell what’s going on. So when you’re using tactics like my Covert
Jealousy technique, or when you’re putting on your pretend happy face like I mentioned
in Golden Rule #1, you have to be subtle. Don’t suddenly start doing things you swore
to your ex you’d never be caught doing…. Don’t post stuff on social media that is
obviously specifically written for your ex to see…. Just be subtle, operate under-the-radar, and
generally be cool. Got it? Rule #3 – Get out, be social, and stay busy. Nothing can make the pain of a bad breakup
suddenly disappear… well, nothing legal, anyway. Only time can numb the heartache you’re
feeling… but there is, thankfully, a band-aid fix that you can use until time has healed
your wounds, or until you get back together with your ex. And that temporary solution is basically just
to stay busy and keep yourself occupied as much as humanly possible… if there’s a
10 minute block in your day tomorrow where you’ve got nothing planned, get your phone
out and line up a coffee date with a friend to fill those spare minutes. Make sure you push yourself out of your social
comfort zone by meeting new people, going on casual dates, picking up new hobbies, and
spending as much time as you can with friends and family. I know that some of you watching out there
are groaning right now and thinking “laaaame, Brad… that’s just dumb advice that even
my mom already knew about”. And that’s cool, you can call me a brainless
dummy all you want…. Just know what this tactic is one of the single
most important things you can do to get through your breakup and get a fresh start with your
ex. Staying busy and being social, active, and
putting yourself out there…. It works, ladies and gentlemen. Do it. This is one of my 5 Golden Rules, and let’s
not forget what happens when you break any of my golden rules…. Rule #4 – Get help from an expert. OK, so this golden rule is a bit self-promotional…
but it’s still equally important as the other ones I’ve already covered. The simple fact of the matter is that getting
back together with your ex, and starting a new, healthier relationship with him or her,
often requires you to do the opposite to what seems logical. In other words, you might think to yourself,
“well if I want him back, I should tell him how much I love him”…. Because that makes sense at first, right? Seems like a reasonable thing to do, doesn’t
it? Right, exactly. When it comes to getting your ex back, what
seems like the logical strategy is often a one-way ticket to single and lonely. I’ve been doing this for over 11 years now,
and I know exactly what works and what doesn’t… so instead of trying to wing it yourself,
get help from a breakup coach like me. For more about my comprehensive guide to getting
back together with your ex, and my full-length free how-to video, visit www.BreakupBrad.com
… that’s BreakupBrad.com. I’m not going to force you to buy anything,
but if you’re serious about making sure that your ex doesn’t walk out of your life
forever, then please do yourself a favour and consider registering for my program or
my 1-on-1 coaching service. Again, the details are at BreakupBrad.com. Oh, and if you’re skeptical about me or
my program, that’s fine… it’s smart to do your research before you take advice
from some random dude on the internet…. But, I am really a breakup specialist, and
to date I’ve helped over 100,000 people start over with their ex, and my Ex Factor
guide comes with a 60-day no risk money back guarantee. Right, now that I’ve pumped my own tires
a bit here, let’s get back on track and talk about sloths. When it comes to getting your ex back, sloths
— as in, the 3-toed, slow moving animals found in tropical jungles — can teach us
an important lesson. Rule #5 – Slow and steady wins the race. Sloths are slow. Ridiculously, painfully slow at doing anything. Which is how you need to approach your mission
to win back your ex — one step at a time, nice and slow. If you decide to start spamming your ex with
texts and calls after you finish this video, and try to do too much too quickly, you’re
breaking Golden Rule #5… and you know what that means…. Yeah. He looks like he’s having a bad time. To avoid shooting yourself in the foot by
trying to speed up the process of getting your ex back into your arms, just act sloth-like
with your overall gameplan. Be slow, deliberate, and never get ahead of
yourself.. If you try to push too hard and move more
quickly than your ex is comfortable with, you’ll blow it and have to start from all
over again beginning with another period of No Contact… at which point your odds are
slim at best. I’ve come up with a couple of tactics you
can use to speed the process up a bit, which you can learn about in the full video on my
website, BreakupBrad.com… but otherwise, be sloth-like and have patience. Reeling your ex back into your arms isn’t
going to happen overnight. Now, that’s all 5 Golden Rules, but I’m
sure you guys have some questions or maybe you even want to tell me how handsome I am…. You can leave all of your questions, suggestions,
feedback, and hatemail in the comments below and, if you’re a subscriber to my channel,
I’ll get back to you personally within a few days. Thanks for the support, thanks for watching,
and I hope you enjoyed this video… see you soon!


  1. i made it brad. Last month i had issues with my 2 years gf. I am the guy that i told you about giving her the presents that I bought. You told me its fair to give her the presents if she knows so I did give them to her after a cold 20 day no contact period. She erotically attacked me in that meeting and we are back together ever since. I fucking love you man. I appreciate your help. Keep it up

  2. Hey Brad it 4 months now we broke up and I don't do anything except begging nd all please tell me what to do I really love him I want him back

  3. I got dumped twice and the 2nd break up happened just recently..i can assure u this tips worked well on the first break up..but when it happened for the 2nd time,i have no hope..i just need to accept that fact that we not belong together..now my heart is totally broke 😔

  4. I tried the no contact rule and lasted for two weeks. Yesterday I found out he has a new girlfriend now lol. He even intentionally/unintentionally sent me sweet messages for his new girl. How was that? 🤣

  5. Is slowing down means doing nothing? I just texted my ex yesterday after a year and a half of no communication at all, we saw each other but we didn’t get the chance to speak or atleast say hi to each other. We sent a few messages, catching up and after that he didn’t respond to my last text, what should I do now?😬😔

  6. My story is little bit different….. I loveed him with all my hearts…… Nd gave everything what ever hr wants…. He always says that he loves me nd he will marry me in future….. One day my mother caught us together….. When my ask why are r her… He said to brkup with me….. He said he came to brkup with me…. Bt we ever nt in relationship…. We were lovers….. I thought that he will come to me back nd call me…. By when I called him he said he will never talk to again…..nd blocked me from everywhere……. He is for other cast than my….. Bt I still love him…. I want him back….. I even don't knw he still loves me or nt…… Plss tell me what should I do now??

  7. Ok I’m gonna try my 30 day no contact rule I broke up with him 3 days ago and of course let my emotions get the best of me I told him I want him to leave and not come back of course I said a lot of mean things I didn’t mean when I got upset with him… today Is day 1 no contact … I’m hopeful that your advice will work

  8. I feel like my ex is stringing me along. She tells me she still loves me But she never makes time for me. Always ignoring my messages. She says goodnight at 7pm yet on another call at 1 am???? Please make a video around this

  9. I think I'm the most idiot woman on the earth 😂 I have done all of those things in just one shot 😂

  10. 1 year ago, i broke up with my 3years boyfriend when i watched this. I follow those 5 rules, and guess? He came back to me 😊 . It works guys!

  11. Hoping this will work as 3 years ago I have ruined this rule with my ex. Now, I’m in this situation again with a new person. I still love her but she wants to break up. We live together and she said I could leave the house on weekend. It broke me into pieces. I hope this will work 🙁

  12. Well that's good I ent broken any of the rules lol my ex messaged me the other day very interested in my life saying I looked happy and I told her I was I brought up good past stuff she evan said it was nice to talk again but then she blocked me today makes no sense I dint do anything lol but I have another account that she's knows I have she's Evan looked at my posts so hopefully she don't block me on the account im just brain fucked why she blocked me lol

  13. What happens if I already broke all the rules? It’s only been a few days but we’ve both texted out of the restrictions we put into place and we’ve both said to each other that we miss and love each other and yet she tells me she still wants time to be by herself? I’m very confused in my spot and I hope you’ll see this

  14. Is this rule applies to what if my ex is with someone else now. Is there still a chance of winning him back?

  15. hi Brade sorry to say ..i love ur vdos but its sometime i found very difficulty to understand of ur pronunciation.

  16. Hi Brad good evening
    I m bisexual my bf is elder 4 year then me. He's not talking to me properly. What can I do??
    He putt status on WhatsApp for me and when I saw after that he removed it plz guide me…
    What it's mean?? He want me back or not?

  17. I feel frustrated because I have been doing the same mistakes over and over again for almost a year since my ex and I broke up: I have been extremely emotional and texting him a lot and calling him a lot and it’s a miracle he still want to talk to me.. we spent a lot of time together and many times we kissed but he always says that he doesn’t want to stay with me because I am too emotional 😭… last week I have been very jealous and I got mad at him and I sent a very bad text to him and cried… he told me he doesn’t want to stay with me again… today I saw a couple of your videos and I’m realizing all the mistakes I have been doing it for almost a year… do you think I still have hope to have him back in my life if I start to follow your advices from now on? I hope you are gonna answer to me…

  18. Oof I UGLY cried and begged when my ex broke up with me. In my defense, he cried too lol but yeah, 2 weeks in and I’m slowly starting to lose hope that he’ll reach out.

  19. My gf is. 37 year old iam 27. I helped her and cared her all situation ,. It's a two year relation. I said. I love you. Beginning of this relation she interested , now she is not interested , i want one word from her. I love you , what should I do?

  20. This no contact rule?!!.. Am kinda confused here because.. We are supposed to wait for their call after they realised or something..My ex-boyfriend cheat on me and we break up. He actually is the one who insist on breaking up saying I am no good for u.. Blah blah..
    But then he still call just the day after he broke up with me..text me..
    But i haven't pick up his call or replied to his msgs…
    I still love him and I really wanna get him back.

    So what do I do in this type of situation?
    Because the idiot is already calling and texting me…

  21. Hi Brad, i hope you Will respond to my comment. My ex fiance broke up with me 4 weeks a go. Our wedding was already planned for september the 7th. So im still heartbroken and confused because i wasnt expecting this. I know i made mistakes during out relationship because of my past. I was very means and disrespectfull somethimes. I didnt know i had broken his heart So many times. When his dad passed away i was there for him but not enough or at least thats what he Said. I had a friend who had a very bad influence on me So she let me say and act a kind of way that im not proud of. I really love him to death but i was afraid to show him because i was scared he would take advantage of my love and leave. And now he left me a couple of weeks before our wedding. He loved me and chased me for 11 years. Suddenly its over. He is Someone who cant handle or talk about his emotions So he let eveRything in heart until it was too much to handle. Even tho he broke up with me i saw him two days ago and he was al crying and devasted and he told me that he still loves me but he doesnt believe that i can make him happy. What Can I do? I begged him, cried Said eveRything that was jn my heart but it wasnt enough. Even tho the situation excalated big time and family got involved i still love him and want to be the women what i always wanted to be for him. He doesnt want me in his life at this moment because he needs to get his life back on track and focus on himself and he Said that he cant look in the future and if we are meant to be it eventually Will happen if not it wasnt meant to be. I told him that being apart and out of eachother life Will only make it more difficult. Im soo scared Brad that its the end even tho we love eachother. I hurt him and i dont know How i can make up for eveRything when he is not around. And im afraid that without me in his life he Will only focus on the negative sides of me. Can you Please Please give me Some advice of How to act

  22. Hey Brad! Lots of Love from India.
    I had a breakup a week back and we study in the same batch too ,same section indeed. All she wanted after the breakup was to be friends to which I denied because it was difficult to be friends with soemone we love soo much. She has blocked me too.Are you sure these rules would help me get back her??…..Eagerly awaiting a comment.🙂

  23. I’ve already broke every single rule in the first month. and we are selling our house we purchased together. Seems like it’s over forever. Now what?!

  24. Hey, my x cheated on me 4 times, and I knw it's my fault that I showed him my emotions.. I was totally tired and wanted to move on, and when I did,he is making me feel like I m the guilt one.. I love him but forcefully had to move on , because he takes me for granted everytime..

  25. just started no contact, she (my wife who left 2 weeks ago) is coming back to the house to "pick up her stuff" in 13 days, do I just let her?

  26. Thank you..i will follow all your advice sir…i really love the mother of my children.and want him back in my life and if ever i will make all things correct.i will become and will do all things to make my family happy…Godbless me..

  27. Doing this no contact rule now, he been cold on me and ask to be in an open relationship but i said i dont like to be in an open relationship instead i broke up with him (true text) for him to feel that im that strong to let him go (its hard cos i miss him still but i need to do it) today he message me (4days after i sent the message) that he respect my decision and he ask to atleast sent him picture sometimes of my niece who called him papa 😒. Not sure what to reply but i will take my time before hitting the sent button in my inbox.

  28. So I’m starting no contact today, we broke up Wednesday but yesterday I told her I was heartbroken etc. Does this means it’s over? Or can I show her after the no contact period that I’m over it and I’m fine, after saying to her how I felt made me feel better now.

  29. I was in 5 year relation! He was very possissive! After our brokeup , he get in a new relationship with anothergirl who loves him verymuch! But whenever we meet , he pretend like he still care & also be jealous when i share something about other guys!! I lovee him madly! Its 9 month waiting for him.. but he still didnt return back😭 please sir help me! I am dying everyday emotionally💔

  30. he blocked me without arguing or fighting..he was happy our last conversation..its really hurt becoz i love him sooo much..now i quit my job becoz i got depression..i still love him my feelings still belong to him..i dont know what is the reason why he blocked me..he was very sweet and caring .i remember who really he is he his kind person i remember he feed street children ..he always give food for homeless,i was really proud of him as my boyfriend even until now becoz i saw that he has a good heart for people..but i dont really understand why he left me without even a little single reason what i had done wrong to him.? why??we have had no argue and fighting sweetie since when we had relationship..why?? why you kill me slowly through this pain that i had now in my heart..? sweetie ( baltazar nava) God knows i didnt do wrong to you..i hope oneday God touch your heart and you will realize that i am a human being like you,why you threw me like a garbage ..God bless you always🙏🙏🙏❤💔

  31. Great tips, Brad! A brilliant side effect to going out and getting a life is that the guy (or gal) will feel better about him (/her) self and that's automatically more attractive. 🙂

  32. My ex manipulated me I did everything for him he told me he didn't miss me when he wasn't around he don't love an he don't wanna b around an he was talking to another woman n my face on Facebook messager an she lives n Wyoming he lives n North Carolina an1 min we r getting married the next min he dumps me if he didn't get his way. We FINALLY broke up 5 days ago I haven't spoke to him since but I seen him at church I didn't look at him I stayed for a while then I left. I really need help brad

  33. Awesome videos. No contact- my wife and I have a 4 year old and I have 2 stepchildren. Contact is unavoidable. She kicked me out over a week ago. How do I adjust the no contact and should I ask to see my step children of 6 years when I’m making plans to see our daughter. She won’t even look at me when we exchange our child.

  34. I wish u reply on me , it has been 5 months since breakup , he was showing his emotions for me on social media but now he stopped , however he never tried to contact me ، nither do i ، not once .. i start losing hope and feels terrible i want getover him not get him back coz am so pissed of and angry that he never try to contact me

  35. Hey Brad after breakup I contact my ex two time first one week after breakup and one week after my contact she don’t talk with me will you suggest I should wait for 30 days or No ?

  36. I'm trying to employ the no contact rule now and stay busy. It's been 3 days. I really loved her! Thing is she is back in her country and getting married soon to a guy she was with years ago. But I was out and got 6 numbers!

  37. I think I broke all the rules before I saw your videos. She had blocked my contact details and I tried multiple times to contact her with different fb accounts then she finally unblocked me on WhatsApp and then we chatted on the phone but I think the situation is pretty hopeless.

  38. Fuck yea im super psyched about all these success stories. I'm on day 1. Problem is we shared an apartment so my fucking couch is in there.

  39. I brake up 2 months and did try to get back him… call and messenge until he blacklisted… still possible to get back together ? But now I heard that he have new girlfriend already…

  40. It’s been about 5-6months since my gf broke up with me so will the no contact rule will help now bcuz we both do see each other everyday

  41. Brad, my ex said that he cares for me but can’t love me like he did before. I am a changed person since the break up. I started the 30-45 no day contact since he told me that he didn’t want to get my hopes up about getting back together bc he doesn’t love me anymore and that he doesn’t want a relationship anymore. What is something else that I can do to get him back?

  42. Hi Brad, I had a LDR with a guy for 11 months tho I knw him for 15yrs and lost touch. .hes in late 30s and I’m in early 40s. I visited 3times to his country and got intimate. many times he had proposed marriage and agn retract back saying age issue , and this and tht. He nvr had physical gf before and was involved in online ex gf frm another city for 2 yrs who rejected his marriage proposal and I came into his life after tht. He can’t seemed to forget her and his family is not happy abt it bcoz he’s nvr met her before and she refuse to show up when he went to visit her in tht city ! He has nvr met her ever! Fast forward she has occupied his heart and mind though he sd feelings for me and kept proposing to me. His family loves me and wants me to marry him. In Aug, I agreed to his proposal and suddenly he backed out saying he can’t forget her and though she rejected him he can’t let go of it and feel he will marry half heartedly and won’t make me happy if he go ahead. I love him so much and willing to move to his country and marry him but now he’s saying find someone who truly loves you as I’ll only marry for the sake of marriage. I heard frm his cousin last Friday, he regretted doing this to me and cried saying he made mistake by coming into my life when he can’t be 100 percent into it. He also said she blocked me and is angry and in few months she’ll forget me and get a new person.. ! I want him badly and can’t forget him .. I’m devastated and now in 22 NC and he did reach out and email me 14 days NC ( as I blocked his Whtsapp and not in any other SM ) he saying how r u and hope you r doing well and out of anger. Pls send regards to ur mum and take care. Pls do send ur bank acct details. ( he wanted to settle a small owing he had when I visited him ) I replied his email saying I’m doing great and thanks for the wishes and wish ur parents are doing fine. Gave him the account no. And still didn’t unblock his WhatsApp. Should I unblock him now ? When he withdraw his proposal in Aug, I felt terrible and said nasty things. Didn’t know abt this videos then.. should I apologise for those ugly words said to him or leave it like tht or reach out as normal after NC period is over ?

  43. Hi brad , me and 2 years gf broke up for over 2 years . She actually blocked me on almost types of social network like Facebook , Skype, Viber and of course my phone number. She never contacted me since we broke up but I did many times contacting her by calling her with a new phone number so that she picked up. She has moved on with her new relationship when we first broke up till now . Last days ago I called her and talked to her . Sometimes she texted me first in the morning at my place . She is now in another country. She said she thought about me sometimes but she didn’t want to break her relationship so she didn’t contact me, and also she told me this : Hey I don’t wanna give you hope or anything like that , me: I’m not expecting anything from you too .
    I don’t know what I need to do now . It looks like I have no choice but to move on with my own life right ? Or any advice for me Brad . Btw thanks for reading my comment. Hope you gonna reply me ASAP.

  44. Brad I need ur help! My ex of 7 years, who broke it off with me .we where high school sweethearts. Just reconnected with me on snap chat because that’s the only social app I have. She’s the one that ended with me. We have already talked about the small stuff. Now what can I say to her I do still love her. Just not sure she feels the same and just wanted to reconnect to be friends

  45. I am in the 4th day and I am realizing I dont need him. He texted me last week that he will visit me the following week perhaps to talk things over. I dont know. He has this issues bout me which he said he cant talk over chats but in person meeting. He doesnt communicate after that text and me either. Im on the 4th day.

  46. Should I write him a letter saying how we started of as one and then got separated ? We mainly met in Christmas and now I'm thinking to give him a Christmas present with the letter. Please reply and tell me if it's the right thing to do or wrong.

  47. What am i going to do if i broke some of the rules. But our official break up was Yesterday actually. I broke those rules when we decide to wait for the right time if we are meant to be then we are. But suddenly I contacted him first and beg to comeback and then after we spoke in the phone i decided to let him go officially but i still love him though. Is it gonna still work the no contact rule after the official breakup ?

  48. its been a week since he left me 😞 i want him back but its possible beacause he said his tired he had enough and just choose to find another partner..what should i do now? 😞 its really broke my heart..

  49. After the breakup I talked almost every day with my ex, now the talking had faded a little. Does the No Contact Rule still works after all that?

  50. My ex who is my baby's mom ended our relationship because I texted my ex and another girl who mean nothing to me at all. I want my baby's mom back and would do anything. How can I do it?

  51. After breaking up he did act like friend then he told me that he see me as a friend now then he started to date someone else and left

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