5 Modern Pennies You Need To Weigh Up – Copper or Zinc?

today we’re going to talk about pennies
you better way every time Hey everyone it’s Rob with Rob finds
treasure and I owe you an apology so why do I owe you an apology if you’ve been
watching my penny hunts lately you’ve realized that I’ve been talking
about weighing up my 1982 D small date pennies to see if they’re zink or copper
and that’s true that’s why I weigh them up but I haven’t been telling you about
all the pennies I weigh up if you’re Lincoln Memorial Penny has a date before 1982 it’s made of 95% copper and if the date is
1983 or later it’s made of 97.5% zinc and plated with a thin copper coating however somehow someway
some pennies that were supposed to be on Zinc planets have been found on copper
planets let’s delve into those here’s the five pennies you’ll always want to
weigh up because they have found pennies that were supposed to be zinc, plated
with a small plate of copper however some of the transitional years from 82
and 83 as well as 89 and 90 were found on copper planchets so an 82 D small date is only supposed to weigh 2.5 grams because it’s made out of zinc this is a
zinc 82 D small date 2.5 grams that is what it’s suppose to weigh you know it’s a
small date by the number 2 in 82 you can clearly see how the two is more
curved I figured I’d go ahead and let the graphics on the screen kind of help
you see the difference between them you can see on the left side on the 82 P and
D the small date the 2 has a curve to it vs. on a large date on both examples on
the right it’s more of a flat thicker 2, it doesn’t have quite the curve
down to the base of the two a regular 82 D this is a large date the 2 is a flat
at the bottom and is not curved and this is a copper one so it weighs 3.1 grams
this is the copper planchet this is a zinc planchet had we found an 82d small
date on a copper planchet which weighed 3.11 grams it would fetch you quite a bit at auction so you always want to be checking for them they weren’t supposed to be minted on copper planchets but they have found some also all 83 cents whether it’s an
83 philadelphia or an 83 d denver are supposed to be minted on zinc only as
well and that would be 2.5 grams and you can see with 5 grams between the 2, they’re both 2.5 but they have found some 83 P and D Lincoln cents on copper planchets so you want to weigh those up as well and then more recently an 89 d an 89 d
almost seven years after they stopped making copper pennies they found an 89 D
on a copper planchet unfortunately that’s a zinc planchet 2.5 grams as well
and then finally a 1990 surfaced up also on a copper planchet 1990 D and that
one’s also zinc so in summary guys it pays to weigh your Lincoln cents it
takes a little time have a little scale you could also tell by dropping them I
only recommend dropping coins that are circulated condition but if you drop it
you can hear kind of a thud you drop a copper one it has kind of a ding and
you can hear the difference there so you can tell by dropping them as well not
really the best method it’s not foolproof but at the end of the day make
sure you’re weighing your 82d small dates you’re 83 D and P you’re 89 Ds and your 1990 D pennies because if you can find one of those five
pennies on a copper planchet you’ll fetch yourself a pretty penny for it
no pun intended well maybe… alright everyone hope you enjoyed the video if
you did please give me a thumbs up and as always
happy hunting and thanks for watching

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