5 signs you have copper toxicity

5 signs you have copper toxicity

hi good evening everyone Jodie here from
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healingjourneyservices.com. Today’s topic is none other than one of my
favorite topics right now which is copper toxicity so it’s not something
that’s talked about a lot in both the functional medicine world as well as the
conventional medicine world or with your naturopathic doctor but mineral
balancing is super important in the mineral that I want to zero in on
tonight is copper so copper is supposed to be in balance with the sink and in
today’s society we’re actually becoming copper toxic so back in the 70s there
was about 40 to 50 percent of hair and mineral analysis showing copper toxic
pattern so there’s actually a mineral pattern that you see with people that
are copper toxic that can be quite disruptive now we’re seeing about 70 to
80 percent of hair and mineral analysis or HTML coming back with the copper
toxic pattern so pretty much a lot of people are copper toxic without even
knowing it so there are a ton of symptoms which have gone over before you
can head over to copper toxic calm to look at the full list of symptoms but I
wanted to zero in on five tonight to go a little bit more in-depth on what they
are and why they cause copper toxicity so the first sign that I wanted to talk
about was that you are emotionally numb and so this can feel like burnout it can
feel like you’re just not interested and things you were interested in before it
can feel like you are depressed it can feel like you’re kind of in a bit of an
emotionally non tunnel so things that you might have loved to do before could
be just too much energy maybe you’re not feeling that connection with people that
you felt before I know for me I didn’t actually realize or couldn’t label what
was going on until I realized that I was copper toxic and
started to understand but I felt like I was in a bit of a tunnel and the things
that I used to love like I no longer loved so we didn’t necessarily identify
with depression although I’m sure I probably fit the criteria but I just
wasn’t really interested in anything anymore so my I used to love arts and
crafts and I just I didn’t want to do it like it was just so much energy even
baking which is something that I really loved just seemed exhausting and
everything seemed like a chore so the joy that I got out of doing this I
didn’t get anymore another thing that happened for me is that I just wasn’t
connecting to people in the same way so I actually stopped wanting to socialize
socializing became a chore I wasn’t really getting any joy out of it and I
really didn’t want to do it and that was something that was very very new for me
because I’m a very social person and I actually get historically speaking a lot
of energy from socializing with others so this was a very strange thing I
didn’t really recognize myself and when I did an HTM a on myself I actually
found that my calcium was 5 times higher than what it was supposed to be and why
calcium is important is that it basically forms the shell around your
cells and basically you can’t get any nutrients in or out of your cells so
it’s kind of interesting that you get that emotional kind of shell around you
as well and that you really can’t connect with people and nothing is kind
of sparking your interest and so what the calcium is doing is blocking those
nutrients from getting in or out of your cells it’s also causing soft tissue
issues so you could feel achy in your joints as well if you have a calcium
shell or aching in your muscles more specifically and that’s because calcium
can be kind of sharp and it can cause these muscle aches for you the other
thing with calcium is it’s it’s very it can cause calcifications of your organs
so it can start to cause a lot of issues as your calcium is really high how is
this related to copper toxicity well essentially what happens when your
copper toxic is it starting to pull the calcium from your bones
so instead lead goes into your bones and replaces that calcium and it draws it
into soft tissue where we don’t want to see it and that’s where that buildup is
happening so because you have these high levels of copper that’s causing that
calcium to come out to help your body to deal with a stress relating to copper
toxicity so you can see how you know it’s just not high copper that we’re
dealing with it’s a lot of other things okay number two is you’re anxious or you
have a racing mind so this is where a lot of times when I think of people who
are anxious you know I think are you copper toxic because this could be
driving your copper toxicity or sorry driving your interest mind so this is
one of the hallmarks of copper toxicity and this is because copper actually
stimulates your adrenal glands and so initially this can feel really great
you’ve got this increased energy you’re feeling amazing and this is a result of
high cortisol and so eventually what happens is you know the adrenal glands
kind of burn out but before they burn out actually you’re the high cortisol
can cause this kind of racing thoughts and can cause jitteriness in your body
because it’s activating that fight or flight system that sympathetic system
and knots causing a lot of other issues the other thing that happens when the
adrenal glands become active as they produce aldosterone and so aldosterone
is a stress hormone that’s linked to having an excitatory effect on the brain
it’s increasing blood pressure it’s also activating that sympathetic fight or
flight system and so this is where you get that kind of jittery kind of feeling
copper also stimulates the old brain which is also responsible for fight or
flight and as copper increases zinc decreases and we look when we look at
zinc’s impact on the brain zinc actually stimulates the new brain
and this associated with higher emotions
compassion and love which is why when your copper toxic you’re seeing that
emotional numbness and that inability to just to connect with others
number three is you’re exhausted so this goes back to copper stimulating the
adrenal glands you become exhausted because eventually the adrenals are
going to burn out or they’re gonna go on strike as I like to say they’re not
going to produce the same levels of cortisol or aldosterone and so you’re
going to start to become exhausted and so this is going to become a problem the
other thing is when adrenal activity decreases the production of something
called Cerullo plasm also is impacted and decreased so ceruloplasmin is made
in the liver and it’s responsible for transportation of up to 95% of copper in
the blood to different parts of the body so you can see that when you’re not
getting enough ceruloplasmin then you’re not getting this copper transported to
different areas of the body and what actually happens is a lot of symptoms of
copper toxicity are actually the exact same as symptoms of a copper deficit and
that’s because there’s so much copper in the body but there’s not necessarily
enough ceruloplasmin to actually have the copper bio-available
and so our body can’t use it the copper instead when we have copper toxicity is
stored on the body in the tissues in a form that actually you can’t use it and
so i liken this to being in the middle of an ocean and dying of thirst but the
water is such that you can’t drink it and this is essentially what happens
when your copper toxic so you so much copper but it’s not in a form that your
body can use and so you start to show the signs of copper sufficient copper
deficiency the other thing because I love talking about the gut is actually
there’s a link between got issues and copper toxicity the reason being is so
zinc is responsible it’s a key factor in maintaining the integrity of the lining
of the gut wall and so as you see zinc or sorry copper increase you’re gonna
see zinc decrease and when zinc is decrease it’s
playing its role in creating this amazing strong gut wall and so you’re
gonna have lots of issues associated with leaky gut the other thing is is
that zinc is a key factor in the creation of hydrochloric acid so
hydrochloric acid is what’s produced in your stomach
it has a couple key responsibilities so one we want it to break down the food
when it initially hits the stomach so that we can actually use the food and so
this is like the first not the first but one of the first steps in digestion so
if we’re not breaking down food properly we’re gonna have a gross kind of
partially broken out of food going into our small intestine and creating a lot
of other issues like small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or like agitation
around the lining of the gut wall and lots of other issues associated with
that so we need to make sure we’re producing enough hydrochloric acid but
if we have low zinc because we have high copper then this isn’t going to happen
the other thing that is hydrochloric acid does is when we have a acidic
stomach environment created by this hydrochloric acid we’re gonna start to
actually kill bacteria that’s coming in so if you’re eating a piece of meat that
maybe isn’t super well cooked or you have a bit of exposure to something from
you know fish or you know your vegetables weren’t cleaned properly and
it’s gonna hit that acidic stomach well boom that bacteria is going to be wiped
out right away but you can imagine if your stomach’s alkaline if you’re not
producing this hydrochloric acid you’re gonna all of a sudden have this amazing
environment to grow tons of pathogens and so you’re gonna get chronic gut
issues and this is actually what happened to me so I kept treating got
issues with amazing protocols and it was clearing it and then it was coming back
and part of the reason it was coming back is that I just wasn’t able to
produce hydrochloric acid from an infection but also just because my zinc
levels were too low and I wasn’t able to reduce it properly the other thing is
that copper serves as an antifungal and so what that means is that it’s going to
help prevent the overgrowth of Candida so if you don’t have if you have copper
access means again that it’s not bioavailable
and so you’re not going to have its serving its role of being an anti
Candida and so you’re gonna see Canada overgrowth with people who are copper
toxic Candida or yeast is the other thing you are estrogen dominant so this
actually contributes to the storage of copper in your cells so just to go over
some signs your estrogen dominant I always recommend people test but some
signs are if pms you have heavy periods bloating breast tenderness headaches
mood swings depression irritability and a metrio says gallbladder issues those
are all symptoms of estrogen dominance and when you have high levels of
estrogen it’s going to promote the storage of copper in your cells and so
this is becoming problematic and I think why we’re seeing such an increase in
rates of HTML showing copper toxicity is because lots of women are on the pill
lots of women are on IEDs and so this is contributing to estrogen dominance not
to mention a copper IUD obviously you’re gonna have copper toxicity if you’re on
a copper IUD but what happens when you’re on the pill
is you know you’re given estrogen as part of the hormones on the pill and
you’re given something like progesterone but the body doesn’t necessarily see it
as progesterone and so it creates this estrogen dominance effect and so as a
result the body starts storing this copper as your estrogen levels go up so
if you know you have estrogen dominance then chances are you also have copper
toxicity so let’s talk a little bit about testing for copper toxicity and so
often times you know people are like well everything shows up fine on my
bloodwork it shouldn’t be a problem and that’s great it means that you haven’t
progressed to the disease state but the blood wants to stay homeostatic so if
it’s things are showing up in your bloodwork this situation has kind of
reached a level where you should be super concerned but if it’s not showing
up that does not mean that you’re not copper toxic because it’s not showing
you the levels of copper that are stored in your cells so how does hair show us
this well hair actually if your body has an over
blow of it it’s gonna either go in yourselves or go in your hair so hair is
a good indication of what’s going on with your copper levels so you have to
really know how to read in each TMA because usually when people do their
first few HT mas their copper levels actually show low
and that’s because it’s actually stored in the cells but you can tell by other
mineral patterns if you’re presenting with a copper toxic pattern and then
usually when that person starts to slowly you know balance their minerals
their body starts to release the copper and on further HT mas you’re gonna see
that copper level come up and so that’s a really good measure of copper toxicity
treating copper toxicity and there’s lots of ways to treat it I like to use a
comprehensive program so not just zeroing in on the copper and you have to
be really slow with it so if you take certain antagonists that are gonna
promote the dumping of copper your symptoms are going to be crazy you’re
gonna have copper dumping which means you’re gonna multiply the severity of
your copper toxic symptoms not fun I have experienced some copper dumping and
anxiety definitely through the route for me
mood swings all over the place and so it’s not a place you want to be in but
careful use of vitamin C zinc manganese and selenium will promote copper dumping
so you want to be very careful when you use these and when you use them in your
protocol you also want to support rebalancing your other minerals to
prepare your body to release the copper you want to eliminate sources of copper
this is copper IUDs copper cooking gear copper in your water so a lot of water
pipes now have copper in them so get a water filter and also eat organic
because certain pesticides actually promote copper toxicity and you also
want to use binder so I personally use a binder by micro formulas if you’re in
Canada I can get these binders for you duty-free so send me a message the other
awesome binder is practice LC you want to reduce stress support adrenal health
just because of that link that we talked about earlier between adrenal health and
copper toxicity and of course you want to support the liver and detox organs
and one of the main reasons is because copper is actually stored in the brain
so if your brain phone that’s another actually symptom that you
may have copper toxicity and it’s also stored in the liver so you you really
need to support the liver and help deliver to clear that out I do offer HT
mas for people there is going to be a sale coming up so if you’re looking to
do an HTM a test watch on my Facebook or join my email list to get a hold of that
sale if you’d like to do it or have any more questions please feel free to
message me personally thanks so much for joining me have a lovely evening


  1. I've been taking 50mg of zinc picolinate 4 2 years my levels r not going up is it probably due 2 copper shall I take copper with zinc 4 better results and how much copper 2 take with 50mg of zinc picolinate? Thanks

  2. Hello, if I've never drank from copper pipes, never used an IUD, never taken a copper or zinc supplement, and haven't eaten foods high in copper like oyster, organ meats, meats in general, etc…what are chances I'm copper toxic?

  3. What about muscle twitching? Can copper toxicity cause that? I have a copper IUD and recently in December 2018 I started twitching. First in my right eye then all over. I've had an MRI, EMG, and NCS that all came back normal. So, I'm at loss what is causing this! It's frustrating. 🙁

  4. Please what can i do if I have copper toxicity as I'm experiencing the symptoms you mentioned like burning aching muscles etc how can I detox

  5. I got a copper IUD over three years ago, my digestion went to hell (I recently discovered I have leaky gut) and I stopped feeling able to laugh. Then I developed severe RSI in my foot then in my wrists. Fascial release really helped but hasn’t resolved it completely. I’m getting the IUD removed in half an hour though, and I’m on a leaky gut diet now so my symptoms are improving. Women’s bodies, when will they really belong to us and not synthetic hormones and poisons.

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