5 Surprising Uses For Gold

5 Surprising Uses For Gold

Gold fever wasn’t just
a thing from DuckTales or the California Gold Rush. It’s real, and it’s
still happening. Howdy, gold diggers. Trace here. Thanks for watching DNews today. Discovery’s upcoming
new series Klondike tells the story of
the men and women who risked their lives to
strike gold in the Yukon. But gold isn’t just used to make
coins and build governments. Gold resists corrosion. It’s highly conductive,
and it’s highly malleable. If I took pure gold, a
hammer, and an anvil, I could probably make gold leaf. It would feel like cloth,
but it would be gold. You’ll also see
it, um, in space. Gold’s reflective properties
and ability to be super thin make it ideal to send
to space for protection from the sun and the harsh
environment out there. The Hubble Telescope
contains layers of gold to keep it from corroding. Photos of the astronauts
during spacewalks have gold visors designed
to reflect cosmic rays. On the ground,
they use gold leaf to cover the windows of
Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, because it reflects
light and heat so well that it lowers
their cooling bills. Plus, you know, bling. Gold is biocompatible, so
you can actually eat it. My first shot in college
had gold flakes in it. It was really gross. Gold is used in
nanotechnology, because it resits bacteria and
the body’s defenses. At an atomic level, gold
isn’t actually gold in color. It can be crimson or
light blue, and it has predictable reactions
with certain proteins. Gold is already used
to detect cancer cells, but a study in Proceedings
of the National Academy of Sciences found if you
mix gold nanoparticles with tea and then drink it,
the particles of each combine and latch onto and
attack prostate cancer. What the what? It’s not just nanomedicine. Pure gold attached to the
underside of the eyelid will ease problems with people
who have facial paralysis. The weight of the
gold is a big help. Plus, when injected into joints,
pure gold can ease arthritis. But we have no idea
why that works. The University of
Washington says injected gold can reduce
swelling, damage, stiffness, and pain. Gold also protects
the air we breathe. If you own a car
purchased after 1975, it probably has a
catalytic converter. They’re designed to convert
noxious gases into, well, less noxious gases. In 2011, a partnership
with NASA and a company called Nanostellar reduced
emissions by one fifth by using gold in the
catalytic converters. Most cars use even
more expensive metals in the converter, like
platinum, so this is a big step. This wonder material
detects and fights cancer. It protect astronauts
and satellites. It cleans the air. It eases arthritis. But it also brings you DNews. Gold is used to make
electronics better. Much like gold leaf, you
can stretch pure gold into strands 10 to
200 microns thick. Microns! Those strands are
used to bond materials inside computer chips. That’s small, you guys. It’s used on the macro level to
protect conductors like copper or silver from corrosion,
which is why those HDMI cables that you can get
are super expensive. And that’s stupid. Ugh, I buy the
cheap ones for $2. No difference– unless my
TV was in space, maybe. This precious material
is so damn useful. Maybe the Gold Rush
was all worth it. You can watch the drama unfold
and decide for yourself. Klondike premieres this Monday,
January 20, at 9:00 PM Eastern, 8:00 Central, on Discovery. Can you think of some
innovative new ways to use gold? Tell us some stuff
from your brains below in the comments, and
thanks a lot for watching, everybody. Stay classy, internet.


  1. When we begin to mine asteroids, we will probably come across large amounts of gold since asteroids are smaller than planets, and therefore we don't have to drill as far to get to the dense stuff in the middle. Hopefully, at that point, electronics will become cheaper, and we may even begin to have better power transmission! Rarer metals, like gold and silver, are much better conductors than our current copper wires, and we would lose far less electric power due to the distance the current has to travel if we could use these rarer metals. Fact is, every technology has the potential to do awesome things, as well as terrible things. We just need to focus our efforts on doing the awesome stuff!

  2. Now i got it…. once my frm told me to go to Indonesia to put the gold needle on the back so the pain go away…..? they say it's true…..

  3. i always wondered what becomes of the gold in my goldschlager. do i absorb any gold or does it all end up in the sewer? 

  4. you say at an atomic level gold is not gold. at an atomic level it is smaller than the wavelength of light and does not have a colour….

  5. If you are going to use colloidal gold for your health, just make sure you're not buying "ionic gold" because ionic gold is actually chloroauric acid and is harmful to the body.

  6. In real life, gold is like super useful…
    In MINECRAFT gold is like, the stupidest, most useless thing ever..
    Really Notch?

  7. i always wondered from a midieval weaponry standpoint of using weapons hollowed then filled with gold for weight balance or even filling the head of a hammer making a really really powerful swing would be an actual use

  8. i have a Razer Deathadder gaming mouse and it's USB connection is gold-plated.
    i think it actually doesn't make any difference in how fast the connection is but it clarely adds an enormous "swag" (or @ least that's what the manual says >:0 ) when talking about how it looks.

  9. If it can protect us in space why don't we se good dust into or ozone to fix the holes and stop the radiation from entering earth ?

  10. Gold particles 260 million light years away , may even give the electromagnetic illusion that light is traveling 5x faster , visible in gamma radiation from a black hole the size of the milky way . Faraday & faraway …

  11. As of last month Gold is now more expensive than Platinum. Something that hasn't happened for a long long time. Don't know why is this happening as Pt is indeed 100-1000 times more rare than Au.

  12. but gold is not the best conductor  silver is the best conductor , i am being teached to be a fucking electrion , so yeh , gold has 10% of faster being a conductor and silver has 15% , * these are the basics , the numbers of the values are be flipped to understand easly *

  13. A very few Rich heroin addicts smoke it on Gold foil instead of Aluminium so they avoid the toxins that Aluminium foil releases when burned.

  14. And this is what I stay up all night watching instead of sleeping. I'm gonna learn at night then sleep all day and miss school!! I still learn either way 🙂

  15. There is a reason why gold is expensive unlike diamonds, other than cutting, it's intrinsically useless and is highly marketed to sell for gullible engaged couples.

  16. He totally missed the most important thing that gold has been used for since the beginning of time.

    To make grills for rappers.

  17. As someone who have contacts in cable manufacturing, 2 dollar HDMI cable would actually have a problem… Since the reseller wants like 50% profit on the cable, that left them with $1 for making, shipping and other costs for making the cable. You will end up with an cable that is likely to be under-spec, way undersized conductor, and likely low quality plastic…

    BTW, I really don't care much for the gold plating on the connector shell either, the contact pin on the other hand, needs a good layer of gold, and they can also cheap out here and get you gold plating that is so thin as to be barely visible.

  18. All of the gold in the possession of humans (not including that still in the ground or in sea water) could, if melted down, form a single cube that was about 67 feet on an edge. This metal, like any other element, is basically worthless by itself. It only has value in terms of what you can trade it for. If there is nothing you can trade it for, then it is totally worthless. Fortunately, people are still willing to trade food, medicine, and various materials for it and have done so since ancient times.

    I think eventually, when world debt finally becomes unsustainable, it will come time to "reset" the world's economic system. All of the gold in possession of all governments will be counted up and each country will have to hand over its gold supplies to a central depository. A fixed amount of global gold dollars will then be issued against that huge supply of gold and used to buy up all of the outstanding debt around the world by the World Bank or some similar international agency. That huge debt, both public and private, will then just be made to disappear by "forgiving" it. Puff…gone! The amount of pure gold backing each global gold dollar will only be about a milligram. The amount of these dollars will only increase as new gold is mined, refined, and added to the central depository. The value of each global gold dollar will be fixed and currency trading will cease since all nations will be required to use the same currency. I think the plans are already in place for this, but the total amount of international debt is still not quite high enough to justify the reset and it's being kept quiet to prevent panic in the world's currency markets. But, give it time…

  19. In ayurveda we use gold and produce ash( swarna bhasma ) and use to treat a lot of disease. An ayurvedic doctor also succeeds in treating patients in coma who responds very well after the usage of gold ash(swarna bhasma)

  20. Gold is also used on windscreens or glass in front of pilots in the plane and a current is passes through it to prevent ice formation

  21. Eating gold is bad because as you said it resist corrosion and resist the Hydrocloric acid in your stomach and will only dissolve if you mix it with nitric acid

  22. I blazed a golden J with those shine wraps! Most people cherish gold and show it off, I twisted up a fatty and smoked that shit!

  23. Next video: drinking silver makes your skin blue (killing bacteria and killing friendly tissue, too (due to the eltro stuff happening – im not a scientist))

  24. I feel like there will be a gold condom
    super resistant, protective, stretchy when mixed with rubber, ideal for comfort. If you want to buy a long lasting condom, come here and you'll never need to worry about protection again.
    if you are allergic to any substances of this product, please contact your doctor immediately, side affects of usage of this product may include genital disorder, genital size decrease, and genital malfunction. Beware of inserting into genital when being used

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