5 Things You Didn’t Know About Silver’s Suspension

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Silver’s Suspension

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Industries, and today, we’re going to be talking to you about five things that
you may not have known about Silver’s Suspensions. So we’re just going to jump right into it. But before we get started,
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cool videos like this one. So just to jump right into it, the first thing that you may not know about Silver’s Suspension
is they’ve been around for quite a long time, but
they haven’t really hit the domestic market until
probably about a year ago. Silver’s Suspension was founded in 1999, and their specialty has,
and probably will always be, just one product, coilovers. Which goes into the second thing that you may not know
about Silver’s Suspension. Silver’s Suspension is one of
the last suspension companies to offer custom-built,
made-to-order suspension components, meaning that if you’re
building a race car, or you’re building really just
specific in what you need, Silver’s will actually
custom-make a coilover kit for your vehicle. And it’s a pretty neat thing, especially when you’re trying to dial something in perfectly. There’s not a lot of companies out there that custom-make products any more, just because the amount of
time and money it takes, while Silver’s still continues to do that. Now you might be thinking
because of the fact that everything’s custom-made, that it takes a long time
to get it to your door. And that’s not entirely the case at all, which brings us to our number three point, that Silver’s is extremely
quick at what they do. They actually compose everything in-house. Everything they do, they manufacture, they test, they develop,
they ship, they box, all of the things that
you could possibly imagine that would require you to make a coilover, they do right in-house, and then they will ship it to your door, which is pretty cool, considering how fast their lead times actually are for anything that’s custom-made. And that ties in to number four. Silver’s everything is in-house. So you don’t have to worry about springs coming from one place, and maybe the oil for your
coils coming from another place. Silver’s actually has everything in-house, and the moment that you order something, they begin producing it right away. And because it’s in-house, it only takes around three to five days for them to make your coilover kit. On top of that, they ship
out almost immediately. Silver’s is one of those companies that prides itself on being able to kit literally any kit within
their part catalog in under 10 days, regardless on if it’s
something that’s special, or if you’re just looking to get a set of coils for your WRX. And the fifth thing that you
may not know about Silver’s is they’re pretty cool guys. I know that sounds like
a weird thing to say, but if you’ve ever reached
out to Silver’s before, most if not every single person there absolutely loves what they do. And Silver’s Suspension
is one of those companies that really does feel a lot like just a home-grown team
of enthusiastic people. And on top of that, they make great coilover products
considering the price, which is awesome in this current market, where everything just tends to
get more and more expensive. So if you’re looking to get some coilovers that won’t break the bank, but aren’t necessarily entry-level, Silver’s Suspension is probably the one that you’re gonna
want to start looking at, which we now have on our site. So that’s five things that
you may not have known about Silver’s Suspension. If you haven’t hit the
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  1. I never heard of silvers until you guys brought them up a few week ago I believe? I just ordered some for my 2010 lancer Ralliart and pretty excited to pioneer this brand for those who drive lancer Ralliarts / Evos. Cant wait to get them!

  2. What about Ohlins Coilovers? I've heard in so many videos that they have one of the best coilovers in the market.

  3. I need a coilover suspension for Nissan S15 giving me up to 2 inch raised ride height for offroad/rally-X
    make it happen

  4. Your mention of how it feels like a homegrown company totally relates to you guys. In that aspect you guys are killing it. Every interaction I've had has been super positive and it feels like you guys really care. Keep it up

  5. You should do fortune auto coil overs next, i love this channel and it really gives some good insight into an industry that is really strapped for easy to compare information

  6. Silver's do Z.S.S. Racing coilovers too. As i found out when i bought zss coilovers.

    I believe their taiwanese too? 🤔

  7. Could you do a 10-20min video on custom air suspension options for non supported vehicles? There are almost 0 coilover and strut options for my late model vehicle, and absolutely no options for air suspension kits. I feel there's a lot of people out there that want air suspension, but don't know where to start due to there being no kits.

  8. they have a discount code free shipping and some percentage off. "trackmonster2019" if anyone is buying them might help idk

  9. Yeah but there’s fitment issues. Depending on cars silvers doesn’t take into accord little details like the indent on the e46 front suspension so the screw that retains the whole coil when it sits in the collar. There’s no indent so I gotta go to a shop and have em fab my shit.

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