5 Ways to Look More Youthful with Grey Hair | Silver Hair

5 Ways to Look More Youthful with Grey Hair | Silver Hair

Hey ladies This is Erica Johnston and welcome back to my channel If this is your first time visiting my channel, I welcome you. In today’s video I’m going to be discussing five different ways that you can look a little bit more youthful with silver hair The first thing that I want to Really emphasize is the fact that I’m not using the word Look younger. I’m saying youthful. The youthfulness is inside of you and how you portray yourself to others whether you are, you know, an optimist or a pessimist or you know You smile at everyone you see or maybe you walk around with your head down You know that those are some of the main things that make you look youthful having a sense of humor, you know laughing at yourself being able to Enjoy the little things in life right those to me are more important than anything including hair color Obviously because if I wanted to look younger, I probably would still be dyeing my hair brown So one way to look a little bit more youthful is by blow-drying your hair with a round brush So I did a video a few weeks ago called my blow-dry party and I’ll put a link below in the description I find if I don’t blow-dry my hair it is just a scary frizzy mess and that Definitely is aging. So my husband, I think when he envisioned me Going silver, I think that you know that sort of frizzy crazy Hair was something that he imagined that I would have which I would never do anyway So when I colored my hair brown, it was the same thing, you know, those silvers were all there They were just covered with brown dye. So I still had to blow-dry my hair with a round brush Otherwise, it was a frizzy brown mess. So yeah, that’s one thing that I recommend whether you dye your hair or you Don’t – unless you’ve got extremely Smooth hair which some people do and you can air dry it I also know women who have curly hair and They let their hair air dry and they just use products to sort of scrunch it which looks nice as well So because I use a blow dryer I have to use round brush as well Anyways, that is definitely one way that you can look more youthful with your silver hair all right, so this is my unflattering makeup look as you can see I’m I don’t have a lot of makeup on I still put my foundation on and a little bit of powder, but the things that I did differently that sort of washed me out is I used a Greenish like sort of a pale greeny color on my eyelids Which doesn’t do anything to make my eyes pop. It sort of clashes with the silver hair. So I have a lot of space between My eyebrow and my eye and I find that I need to use kind of like a darker color here and then a lighter color on my eyelid and that sort of makes The space sort of recede a little bit and it looks a little bit more flattering So as you can see, I don’t have that happening right now And I’ve sort of used the same color over the entire eye. The other thing that really is Unflattering for myself now. I mean it was before when I was a brunette But I find even more so is when I don’t add blush or a little bit of a color to my lip Like I usually just wear a lip pencil daily But I notice like even my husband he really likes it when I add some color to my lips He’s like, oh that looks so nice if I don’t have the color on the cheeks and on the lips, then it just sort of washes me out and Doesn’t really doesn’t really do anything. Although this is a good look for the gym So now I’m going to compare this unflattering makeup look to something that is a little bit more forgiving when you have silver hair So this is my everyday makeup look and as you can see my eyes Definitely pop a lot more if I’m going out I’ll even put on, you know a little bit darker, of course I’ve got this bright light shining on me right now So it’s sort of washing me out a little bit But I do have some some color on my cheeks and this is the color that I wear every single day I’ll link all the products that I use in the description below But I want to show you right now while I’m filming what it looks like when I add a red lip So this is what sometimes I film with and it just really makes a difference It just makes everything pop There so see it just really makes a difference for me I’m not really a red lip kind of gal, but I’ll tell you when you’re going out It just really really makes the silver hair pop. So Yeah, so that’s my difference between my unflattering makeup look and my flattering one All right, so next up we’re going to talk about bun Hairstyles, I’ve got my hair in an unflattering bun style. At least I find it unflattering on me This might look amazing on somebody like JLo who Is beautiful all the time but anyways I parted my hair in the middle and then slicked it back and I’ve got it sort of At a low not low bun but mid Head… Is that what you’d say? Yeah mid head Yeah, so I don’t find this very flattering on me, and I’m I’m telling you right now I’ve had photos taken of me with my hair back and I Just I don’t know. I don’t I just don’t really like This I just don’t find it very flattering. So I’m gonna do a side-by-side comparison and show you the bun style That is definitely more flattering on me. And if you’ve got the length, it might be more flattering on you too. So check it out Alright, so I’ve just put my hair up in a high ponytail on my head and all I do is I give it a twist So I sort of wrap it around like this and keep twisting it around Okay, and then you want to have a few strands sort of sticking out like a messy a messy bun Okay and Then I just put an elastic over the whole thing. Or you can use bobby pins. Whatever works for you and Then I just sort of spread it apart like this and Then I might take out a few hairs here on the sides if I want But I just I mean right now I can already see this is way more flattering on me than the other one It’s still I mean with the gray hair. I know it still kind of has like that sort of granny look or whatever but I don’t know I sort of I feel almost Rebellious. I feel kind of like I Don’t know like Lady Gaga when she was performing with Bradley Cooper, I don’t know it’s kind of fun, right? And it lifts your face up too, which is always a bonus Anyways, if you’ve got short hair in the back, which I still have some short hair, then you can just use bobby pins So you just put a couple of bobby pins back there and I crisscross them. That’s just a great way to keep your hair up off the nape of your neck, so That’s my bun look. Alright, so my next hairstyle that is a little bit outdated is the flipped up ends and I’m at this hair length right now where it doesn’t matter Like they’re always flipping up right because they’re touching the shoulder and going up. As they start to get longer you know, they get heavier and hang but It’s very I don’t know. I just find it really Not flattering on me So I know that some of you are not big on Heating tools, but personally I really like using them So I do try to only use them sparingly because I don’t want to burn my hair. I do use this Frizz Ease by John Frieda, and I really really like it It’s a thermal protection and I’ve used this and used my straining iron and I haven’t had any yellowing or Turning brown or anything like that. So the only thing that did turn my hair yellow was the Sun so anyways, I’m gonna show you I’ve got my Protectant in my hair right now, and I’m just gonna show you really quickly how I just get rid of this Flip up, so I actually just go the opposite direction. That’s it. And it just works. It just gets rid of that little Final flip and then sometimes I don’t even have to do Like the whole head of hair right? You can see it just looks a little more stylish Anyway, so that’s just another way that you can look a bit more youthful Alright, so another way to look youthful with silver hair is to choose the right colors of clothing That will look nice on us. It’s funny because the light is really shining bright on this shirt of my husband’s that I’m wearing Right now so it actually looks better in The video than it does in real life. So this color is sort of the sage green and it really It doesn’t do anything. So maybe if I do a side-by-side comparison with like a red or purple you’ll see the difference Alright so this is red on me, it’s one of my favorite colors. I love it I think it just makes the silver hair Sparkle so much. I also love pinks and purples and Turquoise and sometimes looking more youthful might just be the difference between a smile on your face so the next time a woman sees you and She questions you about your hair, you know, you can say yeah, I’m rocking this I’m part of the silver sisters Revolution. So I hope that helps you a little bit and until next week. Bye for now Bloopers… Two different bun styles. Alright, so have some fun with your bun have a little fun with your bun Alright so I know that some of you are not flat iron or curling iron users That sounds really bad like some kind of drug drug addict. Just rambling right now Just rambling on yeah, like that’s scary. Like that’s a little bit frightening Hey, oh my gosh, ha ha ha Oh, my that’s really That’s really fun. I think I seriously need to wash my hair disgusting


  1. What a wonderful way to start my morning. 💠🦋💠 I love your “unflattering” look… I wish I were so lucky.

  2. I'm not a bun fan. I don't think how the young girls with the bun on top of the head almost to the forehead is flattering for anyone, but that's me. I am in love with the pixie, but I have a very round face and it works for me. 🙂

  3. Erica… you are soooo cool and super funny!, I absolutely love your channel!…
    You are absolutely correct about smiling often… that makes a world of difference! I usually tend to smile often, and what happens is that it makes people more comfortable to approach you, and people aren't as intimidated to start a conversation with you. The inner youthfulness definitely reflect outward if you feel young and alive inside and if we remain with that sense of wonder and Awe we all have when we were younger, there's much factors that may impact our outwardly look…, and feeling down, and not good about oneself is a major factor that reflects outwardly… even having a bad day shows .

    By the way I actually really like both the low bun and the higher bun on you… the upper bun definitely makes you look more playful and fun… but the lower bun, makes you look very classy, you may consider wearing it when going out to a more formal setting, I actually think you look super classy and the makeup in that low bun you wore, is very natural but very beautiful and classy, I personally like it for you!!!
    I really liked the way the red blouse made you seem more vibrant, but in reality Erica it's you being you, that makes a difference, you have a beautiful personality and you look very cheerful and happy in your videos and that's the real beauty within you that shines!

    Thanks for all the tips!, I'll be trying out the round hair brush you recommended…
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. You're so fun to watch! I love your humor. I want to transition but I'm scared. I have tried before by bleaching it and dying grey. It looked horrible. Then I cut it into a Bob and bleached my hair blond. Well, I have a lot of pepper in my hair. So I'm trying again. Only 7wks of growth. My daughter says to chop it all off but I love long hair. I love your hair!

  5. I really agree that attitude is so important. When I smile, etc. I look more youthful. I am 63 and am letting my silver hair grow in. I am starting to get more people ask me why I don't color my hair. I don't want to. But sometimes I use hair chalk just for fun in red, purple, etc.Thank you for your channel.

  6. Erica you are such a beautiful lady inside and out. Your voice is so soothing to hear. I'm in my 11th month of transitioning. Your inspire continuously. Greetings from Montreal.

  7. Great tips Erica, thank you. I stopped blow drying as I started getting older. I have long hair too and blow drying was damaging to my hair but once I grow my hair out maybe blow drying will replace coloring.

  8. Question Erica: how often do you wash your hair? I do it weekly now, can I stay weekly when it’s all gray?

  9. Erica–First and foremost, you are gorgeous. You look like a very young person who went prematurely gray. I laughed so hard when you talked about frizzy gray hair. I decided to not fight nature and just go frizzy. I have curly, frizzy, crazy hair naturally and am just so tired of having to use oil/cream based products. Hahahahahaha. I have to agree with Pixie Styx about your unflattering look. Hahahahaha. Really girl? That ain't an unflattering look. 🙂

  10. Thank you as always Erica! I went to my niece’s wedding this past weekend and it was the first “event” with family photos since I stopped colouring my hair. I felt great and got lots of compliments! I’m so grateful! Thanks for inspiring me lovie! I can’t wait until it’s all natural. Probably by Christmas

  11. You should follow exposed by The girl ninja.. the way to treat your hair by The Curly Girl Methode does wonders for your hair!

  12. I have fully transitioned to all natural salt and pepper. I stopped dyeing my hair almost 4 yrs ago after a cancer diagnosis. You are beautiful on the inside and out! I am 46 and definitely relate to the struggle with gray hair at times. Lol. Thank you!

  13. your angelic face and smile will keep you looking youthful forever , you are oozing sweetness and kindness, Love you Erica <3

  14. For me with my silver hair, the big things are keeping my eyebrows dark (helloooo, Just For Men colour), I stay on top of my short edgy modern hair cut maintenance, and I never skip my makeup. I especially find I prefer a more heavy-handed eyeshadow look too these days.

  15. I'm 54 and in month 10 of going gray. I have a lot of white on top and sides, a little darker in back. My length is almost shoulder. I feel like it makes me look very "old" sometimes. Trying to keep a "cute cut" during transition. I would love to see a video on silver hair accessories. I'm not one to wear "bling", but i'd love to see some soft, pretty accessories that add interest, style, and a youthful look. 🙂 Thanks for your videos! I always enjoy them! Your silver hair is beautiful!

  16. Erica, love your videos. Quick question, you mentioned that the sun was causing the yellowing of your hair. Do you use and recommend a sunscreen for your hair? If so, which product?

  17. Erica, I leave regular conditioner in my hair after shampooing and rinsing conditioning, take a half a dollar size amt of conditioner rub through my hands ( gently rake / ever so slightly squeeze my ends while it's still drenched. I have wonderful curls and COULD NEVER be a slave to the blow dryer especially in the summer. I have no patience with blow drying my hair. I'll take any other means possible. My curls just soak up that conditioner and if the mood strikes and it seems a bit weighed down I'll give it a few minutes of a warm blast from blower. It's so wonderful not using the box color anymore as going to a stylist was never really in the budget every 4 – 6 weeks. I'm beautiful inside, need not prove anything to anyone and am a PROUD SILVER SISTER at 51. Not looking back ( it's been approx a yr and a half or longer since box color ). Btw Erica, I do admit giving yourself a blowout IS a more POLISHED look but for myself ( a woman with curls, just prefer ). My silver / gray is so beautiful and soft ! Love your video's xoxo

  18. I totally agree with you when you say youthful instead of young " if I wanted to look younger I would continue to dye my hair brown" and I also need a good blow dry in order to tame the frizzy mess ha ha… I love your channel, your personality and all you bring conceraning our grey journey so thank you!

  19. So nice..You inspired me and so today I have a funny bun too on my silver hair, I’m in my fifties and I feel like a teenager..!…thank you! I like your videos you are so sweet and creative, and this location for your video is so cool!

  20. Agree so much with letting go of dye and embracing the true color of our hair. I too have recently given up the dye .women and their societal conditioning is so strong . In order for us to feel beautiful we need makeup, paint our faces . I have been observing women of all ages and their full faces of makeup on and men just there ,natural as can be.i have heard many times from women that in order to leave their houses to feel comfortable they wear makeup.again we are conforming to what society has put in place for us to follow. what do you think? I have done so also but throughout the years stopped.i think it’s fun to play with some makeup but not to rely on it for our true beauty. You look great without makeup on and beautiful with your silver .peace from New York

  21. Really really really trying to focus on the content and pay no attention whatsoever to the ruckled bath mat. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! 😆

  22. You are so gorgeous!! I’ve watched a few of your videos now, I’m 39 and I’ve been dying my hair black forever but my silver hair is coming in with a vengeance and I’m losing the fight 😂 but you’re so inspirational to me and take away my fear that silver is “old”. Thank you soooooo much for your videos!!!!

  23. Erica you are stunning and i love your hair. I buzzed my hair off 2 weeks ago for my 33rd birthday donated it. I'm no longer going to dye my hair anymore and was worried I'd look old with it as I've quite a lot of grey up top and around my ears. After seeing you with your stunning hair. I'm no longer worried. Thank you for that ❤

  24. I have one more cut, a major pixie, to go before I’m down to my real color. It’s unveiled lots of different colors, from dark to salt & pepper to a silver streak I didn’t know I had!
    I’m so excited, but I’m in a dilemma about what colors to wear. I was a definite “Autumn” before and have yellowish/warm skin. I always colored my hair with warm colors. But my old colors look wrong on me now. My hair is so neutral. Can a person even have warm skin and neutral hair? And what do I wear? Going grey has been much easier than dealing with this whole skin color issue.

  25. I have the same troubles as you. I love heating curling tools, crazy hair, flip ups, and I use a round brush. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Even if you wore a paper bag on your head you’d look beautiful. Any which way you do your hair, looks amazing. Thanks for all these tips.

  27. OMG. 🌷 You are so funny. It's great! I haven't watched any of my silver-haired sisters' videos in quite some time, but I finally decided to click on this one today. It's great. I actually feel you look lovely with the lower bun. It's very chic. Even your no makeup look is lovely. You're just so pretty it would be hard for you to ever look very bad. 🌷 I do like the higher bun too with the little whisps. I do feel it's fun and youthful and somewhat rebellious in terms of what the long-standing mass-conditioned view of women with silver hair has been. Thanks for the great video, Erica!

  28. Fantastic video! I would love to see more side-by-side comparisons. This really helped me so much. Thank you!

  29. Hi Erica you look great. I’m still at growing my silver. Going on 17 months. Great tips. Thank you! You look beautiful as always!

  30. The "frizz" in your hair might be due to a hormonal difference that causes a curl or wave pattern happening in hair. I had bone straight hair most of my life. I went through menopause at age 47-48, and am 60 now. I have developed, over the past year, curly hair! I went to 2 different hair dressers and they assure me that your hair can change due to changes in your body that reflect hormones. I had long caramel blonde hair that I was dying, and I decided that my hair was experiencing too much damage due to the dye. I did "the big chop" and went to a pixie hair cut 2 years ago. I have been growing out my hair since, but noticed that it started to fall out. I was mortified, and got some DMT blockers (male pattern baldness hormone) which was a cream I got at Walmart in the ethnic/black person's hair section. It worked as my hair started to grow back, but curly. I went to a hairdresser that confirmed I had a cowlick in the back of my head (I knew I had one at the top of my head near my forehead.) When my hair got long enough it started curling like crazy. I think it's curly because it is short. It's in a pixie growing out stage. When it is longer, like a shoulder length bob, I am sure that it will be wavy, not curly so much. But time, and length, will tell. What an adventure!!

  31. You have to change out the makeup colors when you go silver/grey/salt n pepper. I got rid of all my orangeish tones, and went to more cool, mauvey type tones and this works well. I can now rock high color lipsticks which I had thought "too much" before, when I only wore nudes, or light pinky-toned brownish colors. Now, I am rocking the berries, reds (not orange reds, though), and hot pink colors which I can wear with the silver, in fact, I have to wear them or I will be washed out. I have toned down the blush, but wear hotter lipsticks. I wear pinky tones with a neutral mauvey brown, like a plum, in my eye crease. I can wear some colors on my eye, but then, I will wear a mauvey pink or raisin on my lips. (which is now my nude). I have done away with "skin tone" browns because they wash me out. You have brown eyes, but I have icey grey blue eyes, so the additional light tones mixed with the silver hair have to have some color or I look too "light".

  32. Beautiful lady you are!! I am a bit afraid to use red lipstick because I know it can look "off" depending on your skin tone and I'm not too sure which shade would be the most flattering on me. I've had so many different 'beauticians' at various places give me such conflicting advice. I tend to use SOAR or O (both by MAC Cosmetics).They're pretty strong colors that I feel confident wearing. I loved the tips. Thank you!

  33. Thanks for the tips. I am about to start my transition and it feels quite scary. But I am determined to do it.

  34. I have noticed that when I tried to let my silvers grow in the 2nd time (lasted 3 mos, then caved) that a brighter lip looked really nice. I am trying again for the 3rd time, I hope that 3rd time is the charm rings true for me. I am only 3 weeks in so wish me luck. You look fabulous and are very inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

  35. Personally I don't use any heat ever. My silver is long and healthy. Sephora has a beautiful cheek color that helps me look vibrant. You look great.😄 It's not grey…IT'S PLATINUM! The split screen is brilliant!

  36. I never liked the contour eye shadow look on anyone and I'm not a big eye shadow fan in general. I think it 'closes in' the eye area and is more aging. I think spending some on the eyebrows is more important. Too many women have sparse eyebrows or they are too heavily filled in or tattooed in which gives a severe look. You are lucky – such pretty eyebrows!

  37. Oh my Goddddd you are too gorgeous
    I can sense your beauty inside and yes outside, no doubt
    I'm also preparing myself for not dying.. it's been 3 months now… I have got 3 inches layer of grey hair… I'm waiting them to grow longer 🙂
    Lots of hugs n kisses

  38. Oh goodness, girl!  Thank you so much for these tips, but I must say you look absolutely beautiful in every shot — including the ones you said are unflattering.  🙂

  39. Ok, you still got IT, so don't even thin you are not hot! I love the hair, this is exactly what I plan on doing when I hit the age where my hair will turn silver. Thank you so much for helping me not feel too afraid about getting older someday soon.😀❤

  40. I loved this video…very informative. Im still going through the transition. I hadnt been putting any colour on my hair for quite a while but i was still getting low light streaks to break things up. I havent done that for over a year now. Im really seeing my natural grey come through now…along with a streak of lighter grey around my face which i like…it frames my face. The one thing i wanted to mention was how fun it has been putting more colour in my wardrobe. Im discovering i can wear purples/lavenders/plums which im loving. Im also wearing rich jewel tones. Ive had to change my makeup routine. I used to wear naturals but wear more mauves/pinks now. It hasnt been a cheap exercise changing things but i think its certainly less than getting my hair coloured every 5wks!! Keep doing what you are doing 👍🏼

  41. Thank you so much. I’m transitioning and I’m scared but you’ve taken my hand and shown me I’m going to be ok. 👍🏽💕🌺

  42. I've been going gray since Jan 2019 & I've fought a tiny bit of "depression" from it but it helps when people compliment it. You've been a good inspiration to me. Thank you!

  43. My hair isn't silver, just got lighter and lighter. Always had a totally white streak in my hair and it just spread over the years. So my hair is very very white. (It's a genetic anomaly) Also have a high forehead and very light skin . Oh and a cows lick 😭😭 (widows peak) any advice? I have to have a fring (bangs) or I look like a ghost 👻BTW I love your hair colour wish mine was that instead of the pure white.

  44. Colour of clothing makes such a difference which is why I collect beautiful Summer and winter scarves. Right next to my face that bit of special colour really helps.

  45. I don't know how old you are but you're just so stunningly beautiful. If I looked like you, I might have the confidence to embrace my now greying hair. I turn 50 next year and…gulp…I have to deal. Glad to have found your channel. 🙂

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