$5000 24k Gold Nintendo!

$5000 24k Gold Nintendo!

I might be light-headed right now What’s up guys Lew here, back with another video And today, I’ve got something hot for you Something you’ve probably seen nowhere else In front of me today is a 24 karat, gold plated, Nintendo remake. NES system From a company called Analogue That sounds crazy on its own, But how about the fact, that it also retails for about 5000 bucks This is for the person that has everything This is for the person that has a pet tiger Talking to you. Now. I did do a video on the original Analogue. This is the system over here as you can see, this is the aluminium version of it It’s kind of like a modernized version of a classic Nintendo Using those components, to create a system that can output to a flat-panel display Old school games, New school life 24 karat gold, for all you maniacs Let’s see what this thing’s all about. Wohohoho! First things first There are white gloves in here! Oh my goodness, this is why i got in to this business Holy smokes, I feel like a surgeon right now Say goodnight to this fingerprints I feel like super Mario Or maybe better yet, Luigi ‘You know that’s Lewis in Italian right?’ Oh! This is legit gold plated Ohh! Comes with a gold Legend of Zelda cartridge! Am i yelling? Maybe the most classic cartridge, ever to be released The Legend of Zelda, made in Japan Ohhh my! What a special day in Unbox Therapy history Jack, get that in all it’s glory Oh my goodness. This might be the fanciest thing i’ve ever handled I’m not sure what to say! It’s a bad mofo right there It’s like it belongs in a museum If I show you the back here You’re gonna see all the I/O So you’ve got a power switch in this location right here You’ve got an HDMI port, that’s the big one NES, to HDMI, in one unit They’ve also got some analog outputs as well, couple of switches, and a power port Now I just noticed something On the bottom of this guy. Ohh You can see the actual circuit board here Some of the ribbon cables Jack, you need to check that out My understanding here is that they’re using all original components Reworked into this layout. It’s a piece of art, that’s the bottom line Nobody tells you how much a Mona Lisa should cost! At least you can play this, what are you gonna do with a Mona Lisa? You’re just gonna scare people Off course, four ports for you controllers on the front And everything just glistens, oh my goodness Look at this bad boy. So first up in the accessory departement Is an HDMI cable. It’s actually kind of cool, it’s like a flat-style cable Standard powerbrick, not huge. That’s good, plugs in to the back, you know the drill What a love about it is the way it kind of displays you game there, out in front. Of course you can watch the original video wich I will link down in the description I Think I play some double dragon, I played some blades of steel, God knows what i do. Moments like this is what Unbox Therapy was made for. Incredibly special things that exist on this planet And you get to see them here in all there glory. And I get to wear white gloves. A Gesture guide Ahhh!


  1. I am actually gold plating my own analogue nt mini only problem is tahta its aluminium its not that easy to gold platebut it can be done should be ready in 1-2 weeks how I have time to do it but I am making it more mat not so shiny but still 24k 1.0-1,5mm micron thick^^

  2. For the price I'd want an actual original Nintendo gold plated. Hell they couldn't even afford to put a bottom plate on it to cover up the damn circuit board? RIP

  3. For the person who has everything you can also by the 24k gold nintendo that will soon be useless in 2 years that noone will ever use again i think thats the worst way to spend your money. so much more things u can do with that money. go on a cruise or invest the money in acorn.

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