51. Taking Narrowboat Silver Fox Up The Lancaster Canal!

51. Taking Narrowboat Silver Fox Up The Lancaster Canal!

Good morning. Morning! It is… What day is it?
I’ve no idea. I forget what day it is! Is it Tuesday? It’s the Tuesday after the late May Bank
Holiday and we’re just back from Crick. We are. It was fab! It was like amazing!
It were awesome! It was brilliant! Hello and thank you to everybody that
stopped to chat to us at Crick. We had just the best time.
It was amazing! We booked for Saturday and Sunday and we
didn’t want to come home! We didn’t want to leave! We were supposed to kind of set
off at like 2 o’clock Sunday afternoon, and it got to like 5 o’clock and we were still there.
We just didn’t want to come home! If we’d have had our credit card with us we would have stopped on Sunday night for Monday, wouldn’t we? We are back on Silver Fox on our mooring,
just a temporary mooring, a visitors mooring, and we are just
north of Garstang. Yeah, and we’ve not moved for a few days, since like last
Wednesday I think, is it? Yeah. So we’ve been here for nearly a week, so we’re gonna
fill up with water and then depending if it rains, the forecast says we might get
some showers at lunchtime, but as you can see it’s not looking like showers so… not at
the moment. If it doesn’t rain we’re going to carry on and we’re going to go
up towards the Glasson Branch. Yeah. We’re not going down there because the weather
this week is not very good. So we’re gonna head up to Lancaster. So really, how far we get today depends on the weather. So… Yep! We’re all set. The pram cover is down. We’ve done the engine checks and
we’re ready for off! Yep! Dillon’s ready for off. He wants to go!
He’s been wanting to go since 7 o’clock this morning. This is Galgate Marina. Is it ‘Gol’ gate or ‘Gal’ gate?
‘Gol’ gate sounds posher, doesn’t it? G O L marina. We’re a couple of
miles short of Lancaster and behind me is the Elsan point which we used a few minutes ago.
You don’t want to see that one though, do you? Shaun’s just nipped off
there’s a Spar about 500 yards down the road, so he’s just nipped off to get some
essentials and then we’re gonna be off again. It’s also the last place you
can get diesel, canal-side anyway, before you go further up past Lancaster, so we
thought we’d top up. We didn’t know how much diesel we had to be honest, and it’s like
a self-service thing, so it’s like one where you, like at the petrol station, where
you put your credit card in and you just kind of do it. So we’re all excited. Got
the debit card out and put it in and it says “get a supervisor”.
It’s like there’s nobody here. So we went up to the office and the
supervisor’s not here till 7 o’clock tonight, and it’s only 3 o’clock. We don’t
fancy hanging about, so we kinda… we did the dipstick test on the diesel tank and
we’re like three-quarters full so… We don’t need any diesel, we’re fine, we’re
alright for now, and we’ve got 20 litres or so packed away, stowed away if we need it.
As soon as Shaun comes back we’re going to get off again.
It’s quite nice here as we get further up the Lancaster I mean the sun is helping to be honest, and the next three or four days it’s
forecast to be raining, so we’re kind of enjoying cruising on this this last day
of sunshine. Three or four days of rain and then we’re off into Lancaster I have no idea where we ha ha ha ha.
I have no idea where we are. (Singing) Hey! We’re going to Barbados!
If you zoom in you’ll see Colin’s grey beard. Grey beard! Whoops, sorry! We are between Galgate and Lancaster. It’s a nice little bit this, isn’t it?
Yeah, it’s lovely, nice and peaceful. So there’s some boats going towards us so we’re
gonna talk really quickly. Just around this corner there’s a piece of land
where it’s quite straight and the towpath looks really good for mooring.
It’s quite open so we’re hoping Internet will be quite good, but we’re
not sure, but we’ll come back to you. See you later! And then it started raining, and raining,
and raining. The thing is on the day we arrived on
the Lancaster Canal we got a tweet from a viewer who was actually at the
staircase locks as you come up the navigation. And he actually tweeted us and said “Oh, you’ve brought the sunshine with you.”
It’s passed us. We had a couple of nice days and then it kind of started with showers,
and then the rain started. And then the rain started, and it’s been raining for a
week – about a week. We haven’t moved anywhere! Literally haven’t moved.
And the forecast is for rain today, hence we’re shooting this indoors.
We haven’t moved have we, at all for like three days. We’ve been so lazy.
We’ve moved one since Crick (laughing) We’ve been on the boat a month!
I know. It doesn’t seem it, does it? Seems like… just a month (laughing)
Where has that gone? It’s flown by, hasn’t it? Yeah. Absolutely flown by.
We’re settling in, at last, because I had a dodgy couple of weeks when we first started,
but it’s great because I’m now starting to forget what day it is, which is good.
I’m not thinking about time and that’s a weird thing, isn’t it? It is
for you – Because my life used to revolve around appointments and deadlines
and things like that, and now it’s just like meh! (laughing) Come midday
I’m shouting down the boat “Are you getting up?” (Laughing) I don’t wear a watch anymore.
No. So if anybody wants to buy an Apple Watch Series 4, let me know.
So yeah, it’s just time and days seem to be disappearing and going faster.
There’s still things that we forgot isn’t there, after like 14 years since we did it – 15 years. Things like if somebody’s (Duck noises outside), yes I agree! Things like if somebody’s doing something in the boat you can’t, you’ve just got to wait.
So if Shaun’s cooking in the galley or hoovering, or anything like that,
there’s nothing you can do. You’ve just got to sit and wait. Sit down and wait till I’ve
finished! Or if I’ve got the deck boards up on the stern and the engine,
he’s just gotta wait. He can’t go out with Dillon. He’s just gotta wait. That’s
right. So it’s just little adjustments like that. We thought we’d not brought a lot of clothes. If anybody wants any clothes…
(laughing) About 40 t-shirts to choose from.
I’ve got one drawer and a few coat hangers. He’s got – one drawer and a few coat hangers – One drawer, a cupboard – No! You share that cupboard! Some of your shoes are in that
cupboard. What about the top shelf? Yeah. Two of your… maybe… yeah… (laughing)
Some of your shoes are in that cupboard. If anybody wants any clothes…! We might, we could have like a boat boot sale. Yeah we could! Boat boot! Boat boot sale. Is anybody doing that?
That sounds ace! Budget wise, we’re sticking to budget because we kind of finely tuned
the budget before we came, didn’t we? Yeah. And I’m really happy that we’re kind of
sticking to that budget. We went a bit over on doughnuts and cakes but we’re blaming
Pat and Eileen for that, (laughing) and wine. They’ve gone now so we’ve stopped eating them.
So yeah, we’re kinda sticking to budget. The only thing that did blow it a little bit
is the last mooring we were at, remember the sunrise one from a couple
of minutes ago or the sunset one… That one. We had to have the car because we were going to Crick and that’s where we were moored when we were going to and from
Crick, and the farmer wanted five quid a night to park the car in a field. Five quid a night!
Apart from that we’re kind of sticking to it. No extravagances or
anything like that. Apart from doughnuts. We’re just before Lancaster.
Well we’re not. By the time you’ve watched this we won’t be. We’ll be miles away.
It’s about a twenty five minute walk that way, yeah. We don’t want you coming looking in our
windows! Like they do. Pinching our washing! They do! They do! Honestly, people are doing that.
Aren’t they? Yeah.They’re trying to look in. Because they’re dark windows they can’t see in,
so they go… yeah! (laughing) They’re coming up to the windows,
literally putting their heads to the windows like that – Go away! – It’s hilarious. And we’re kind of sat here looking at them and they can’t see a thing. We could be stood here with
everything hanging out – Usually – and they can’t see a thing.
So the original plan was we were just gonna do the Lancaster
from south to north. We we’re gonna just go all the way up and all the way back, and
we weren’t even bothered about the Glasson Arm because it had locks in it. Yeah, we didn’t want to do any locks. Locks…? What? What? But apparently the Glasson Arm is quite nice
so yeah we’re gonna go up the Glasson Arm. But… We weren’t gonna do it.
We we’re gonna do it on the way back, yeah. Where we moored at the moment we’re
gonna have to move in a day or two because we want some water – and empty the loo – and we need to empty the pot! Long story short. We’re gonna go to the
services, we’re going to turn around, we’re gonna come back down and then
we’re gonna go down the Glasson Branch. Get some fuel on the way. Did you like that?
Down the Glasson Branch. Apparently the Glasson Branch is really beautiful
so if you’ve got any tips on places to go. Not pubs. I mean thank you, and there are a lot of nice pubs but we’re not really
pub people, are we? No, we don’t do pubs. No. If you’ve liked the vlog give it a
thumbs up. Subscribe if you’re not already, and hit notifications icon and
YouTube will let you know every time we release a brand new vlog. Leave any
comments or feedback down below and we will see you next time. See you later.
See you later, bye! Don’t you just hate freeloaders! Damn tree catching a lift off our boat! What do you think we are? Uber? You’re swaying the wrong way! You’re swaying the opposite way.
Oh, God, you can’t even sway! (laughing) *Bull making noises* You always know when Dillon’s ready because
he just starts barging the camera tripod about. You’re a crazy lady! Crazy lady. *Door bangs* He can hear a gnat fart at four mile.
*Makes a gnat’s fat sound* That was a gnat’s fart!
*makes gnat’s fart noises again* So guess which one of us is the one that
gets annoyed by boats going too fast? Because some of these YouTubers complain
about it, and I’m always like yeah yeah yeah… Wind your neck in! And in reality it’s
me that’s like “SLOW DOWN!” I was gonna take Shaun up the Lancaster,
which he’s been looking forward to for a while. So the original plan was to take Silver Fox…
(laughing) Give up…
(laughing) So the orig…
(laughing) (Laughing) This is not like Radio 4! (Shaun laughing) It’s there! (Shaun laughing) Eugh! That tastes… Eugh! Candley! (laughing) Like a candle (laughing)
No, it’s not like a nice candle, that. It doesn’t taste bad.
It does! It tastes like vinegar that’s been left out. Have we babbled on enough? I think so. Are you sick of hearing from us yet? I’m going to sleep now.


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