6 Booming Markets to Make Gold | WoW Patch 7.3.5

6 Booming Markets to Make Gold | WoW Patch 7.3.5

Hey, what’s going guys? This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’ve
got 7.3.5 is going to be out by the time I upload this video, so I’m just trying to get
all this information out for you guys. Lots of important stuff. Pretty much everything we’ve been talking
about in the channel and on stream. I’m going to sum up today. So, if you’ve been subscribed already and
if you’ve been watching the stream, you’re going to probably know all this stuff already. But if you haven’t, just consider this..well
first of all, go do those things…but then, consider this to be kind of your last minute
refresher course on what markets are going to be affected by patch 7.3.5. Ok, let’s go. There are 3 major changes that we care about
as gold makers. The first one, is Allied Races are coming! Wooooo! We’re gonna get Highmountain Tauren, and Dark
Iron Dwarves, and Highmountain Tauren. They’re the only ones I care about, I finally
get to mine fast. Yayyyy! Normally, whenever a new expansion comes out,
there’s the new race or faction that everyone plays. Everyone rolls an alt on the new expansion
release day. Well that’s not happening this expansion,
they’re frontloading that strain on the economy to today. To patch 7.3.5. So, essentially, today is the new expansion
launch as far as professions go and goldmaking goes. So, here’s the question for you: if every
person on your server rolls a new alt and levels it up, what markets are going to be
affected? First, bags. If you’ve never had Tailoring when a new expansion
comes out, you sell more bags than you think you will. It’s not just 4 bags for everyone’s personal
inventory. They’re also loading up their bank. So that’s, I think 7 slots in addition to
the 4 they normally carry, so you gonna sell, like, each person on your server, every player,
11 bags. You should specifically be focusing on Netherweave,
Frostweave, Embersilk, Royal Satchels maybe, and Hexweave Bags. If you want to throw in some Silkweave Satchels
and Imbued Silkweave Bags, go for it. But, these markets are just going to absolutely
explode and if you want to go even deeper than that, all the dust that’s used to make
Embersilk Bags and frostweave bags is going to get a boost and all the cloth. I might just spend all of 7.3.5 launch in
Nagrand farming Sumptuous Fur. So, next thing are Glyphs. You’ve got all these toons that are rolling
up and they’re just the baseline toons. People haven’t made them their own yet. So, for instance, Highmountain Tauren, goldmakers
are all going to roll these as druids. So, be ready and have druid glyphs up on the
Auction house. Have all the glyphs up on the auction house. But these glyphs that normally sell for 5-10
thousand gold are gonna start selling a lot of them. Secondary markets that are going to be affected
are the current content herbs. That’s dreamleaf, starlight rose, felwort. All those are gonna get a big boost. And mentioning making all these toons their
own, all these toons are going to look gross. They’re going to be ugly, they’re going to
be in leveling greens and heirlooms. Ugh! So, transmog. People are going to want to transmog their
new toons. Maybe they haven’t ever played a leatherwearer
before so they need to go to the auction house and buy some sexy level…er, they need to
buy some sexy level. Leather. OHMYGOD words! They need to go to the auction house and buy
some transmog. So, be ready for that. Have some transmog up on the auction house. I’m not expecting a huge boost here. These are all people who have been playing
the game already, but we’re gonna see a little bit of an uptick here. And final thing related to allied races, are
all these people are going to have level 1 professions. So, this is something you really need to prep
for, but if you want to go out and sell profession kits, now’s your time. The next big change coming is scaling. All vanilla content is going to scale up to
level 60. Outland and wrath content is going to scale
up to level 80. And all Cata and Mists of Pandaria content
is going to scale up to 90. For the transmog markets, this isn’t actually
going to effect to transmog markets. Everything’s the same. You get the same gear. It’s just going to be at a higher ilvl. We did a lot of testing on this, but one thing
that will be effected are the twink markets. The price of twink items are going to explode
because if you want a level 19 shadowfang, you have to farm it on a level 19 toon now. So, if you are already kind of entrenched
in the twink market, and you know what people are buying, go out there, go to your auction
house, and buy out whatever you can. It’ll be a good investment going forward. This is kind of a longterm strategy though,
because. Twink items isn’t the fastest moving market,
and the twink market was already hit super hard at patch 7.0. Ok, and the last change that we’re gonna see,
and this is honestly the biggest change, but we’re not necessarily going to see results
right away. This is going to be more of a long term paradigm
shift in gold making. But that is, all dungeons are now personal
loot. So, what does this mean? Let’s look at the example of baron rivendale’s
deathchargers reins. So, this is a super rare drop off the last
boss in Stratholme. Before patch 7.3.5 if you went out and you
farmed for this with a friend, the mount might drop and you’d both have to roll on it. Now, if it has let’s say, a 1% droprate, if
you’re running it with 2 people, then you have double the droprate now, because you
both have the same opportunity to get the mount. Well this means that for things like pet farming
or super rare mount farming or rare transmog farming, if you run dungeons with a group,
you’re going to significantly increase the amount of gold per hour you can get. It’s also really incentivizing serious goldmakers
to multibox. To run multiple accounts double triple quadruple
quintuple their goldmaking potential. That’s going to be down the road, we’re going
to see that slowly emerge from guidemakers who start, rather than just running dungeons
by themselves, we’re going to eventually start to with you guys. I like this. It’s going to bring the goldmaking community
together. But we are going to see in the long run, the
super rare drops, the price on them is going to drop because we’re slowly build up more
and more of these uber rare items up on the auction house. Blahblahblah! There’s gonna be more competition for the
rare stuff. That is it though! Thank you so much for watching, subscribe
if you haven’t. Like the video if this helped you out. Follow me on twitch. Follow me on twitter. Click all the things! Thank you so much for watching, guys. Good luck, and happy goldmaking.


  1. What about world drops will they be affected as well? For say two ppl questing together and Destiny drops. does that mean both ppl get destiny as well?

  2. Yo Reckless , i got a shadowfang yesterday pre-patch launch, and im looking it up on undermine journal but can't determine it's worth. It says u.s median price 104000 and u.s mean price 200000. Which is it?

  3. Thx as always.
    Are we sure that personal loot means the drops go up? If the item used to have a 5% chance of a drop, in a 5 person group is the drop chance for each person 1% or 5%? I have no knowledge but 5×5% seems more generous than I perceive Blizz to be these days. Looking at the recent SFK video, if there had been 5 people in a group today, then each would receive the quantity the solo player got yesterday?

  4. I dont get the personal loot point.
    If I go with 5 people farming for deathcharger and everyone else wants it too, how exactly are chances in obtaining rare loot higher?
    Same thing with rare and uber-rare items, personal loot means exactly that its personal and not 'enhanced dropchance' when running with 4 other people.

    Maybe im missing the point, clarify it please

  5. to hell with this new leveling crap. what a waste of time and resources. yayyyyy a new class skin that I can't see cuz my armor is covering my toons entire body! yayyyyyyy

  6. Major mistake on my part: Allied Races aren't out yet. Sorry, everyone. I hate giving out misinformation. BUUUT, you have time to prep now. Get your hexweave, mog, and profession kits ready. Search for cheap stuff and work those garrisons. 🙂 Good luck, guys!

  7. Something else about the twink market is that with scaling some previously lower level items scaled up may become the new BiS for higher level brackets.

  8. So does this mean you're down for running dungeons with all of us, now? Or will we see a vid soon on how to setup multibox? 😛

  9. First thing I noticed running through sfk several times is that I got significantly less loot. Like maybe 1 to 3 greens a run. Chests are unaffected by the level of the dungeon, so they still drop level 19 gear despite enemies being level 60.

    It's made me want to just bank a bunch of my transmog and wait a few weeks to see what happens.

  10. and if they were out, it seems like this video should have been out a few days ago, but ayyy your like 6 months to early, so we did get this info in time LOL…..WHY IS THIS VIDEO STILL UP, you have to know its a mistake

  11. I don't understand that deatcharger example at all since that is bind on picked up. Where is the gold oportunity in a BoP item ? Further into it, personal loot has 0 effect on BoE items from mobs, it has tho effect on boss loot BoP. Basically you have 0 rare trash from bosses, since if you got a different armor type item it wouldn't at least go in xmog (if u are plate and get leather it won't add the leather drop to your xmog list).

  12. Just curious, say Glorious legs, drops in dungon blah, would i have to run 5 plate wearers rather say 5 druids as its a plate drop?

  13. I had a Duskbringer and a Black malice up on the auction house. Due to a visual bug, even though I changed the prices of them, they stayed the same prices as the game recommended, so I lost 152k gold, and some filthy rich auction house camper is now richer, I sent a bug report to Blizzard, but I know those items are gone for good :c
    Lucky I didn’t put my Shadow Fang up, and on my server it’s going for 450k 😀

  14. So there is one point you make I'm a little confused on. Will personal loot mean that trash drops, in dungeons for a solo run, be 1/5 of what it was? I get the boss will drop less but wonder how sure we are of the latter being true?

  15. The level scaling broke a lot of mobs. A video i watched a few minutes ago showed a guy getting the old Zul'gurub gear in Zul'farak and old scholomance gear in Shadowfang keep from the level 60 version. Something is major broken right now

  16. Hey Recckles, love the video but I have a questions on Transmog farming. You mentioned "Twink" gear will only be available on that i-level, but what if you're farming for the item as a Transmog, not for twinking? Will you still get the item look, or is it just not available at higher levels? I'm just a little fuzzy on this point. Thanks

  17. I think there has been some miss communication here. Say a rare item has a 5% chance of dropping each player would have that 5% chance. so if you are multiboxing it would be like re rolls rather than having an increased chance. Each player should get on average 5 of the item every 100 times they loot it. And because of personal loot you are doing that same 5/100 chance multiple times rather than having an overall increased chance. Tell me if I have misunderstood 😀

  18. Nice vids man, quick question what's going to be the best lvl 19 class for farming twink items for lvl 19 twinks like shadowfang, etc….

  19. Something really fucky happened with BoE drops. I went to farm aq20 and aq40 yesterday, and 3 Glorious breastplates, the whole radiant set, and a warleader's breastplate dropped. I made over 100k gold in the hour it took me to do them both.

  20. Somewhat unrelated question for ya: say I had leatherworking and tailoring for my professions, am I able to get the commendation or whatever that item is to begin the quest chain to craft a legendary for both of these professions each time the nether disruptor comes up? Or is it just one token per character per instance of the nether disruptor?

  21. Everyone making an alt, everyone buying bags for the alt and everyone buying bank bags for the alt is a little bit hopeful isn’t it?

  22. Allied Races have been out for a few days now, but bag prices haven't really risen yet. On my server (Cenarian Circle, Aliance) Hexweave bags are still going to 2000g.

  23. I felt so bad when you were excited like a little kid about the Dark Iron Dwarfs… My heart broke. There is no Dark Iron :c

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