60. The Wigan Flight Crew. Narrowboat Silver Fox Tackles 23 Canal Locks

60. The Wigan Flight Crew. Narrowboat Silver Fox Tackles 23 Canal Locks

Well this is an unusual intro, No Shaun.
What am I gonna do without him. Shaun’s on the boat and we’re already in the first
lock at the bottom of the Wigan flight. You know good plans and everything, well
we were supposed to set off at 8 o’clock meet up with the other narrow boat that
we going up the flight with but then it started raining and raining and raining,
so we were like holding off and holding off for another 5 minutes give it 5
minutes and eventually it was, as you can see by the raincoat we’re gonna have to
make a move. So here we are, Shaun’s in the boat, we’ve got a CRT volunteer helping
us out. You’ll see more of him shortly. I better get some work done [Music playing] [Shaun shouting and laughing]
WIND IT FASTER! [laughing] [Music playing] So we’re at lock 77 of… Well we started
85… Well we started at 87. Confused? No don’t, be the bottom of the flight is
lock 85 and this is 77 so we’ve done nine locks so far and it’s done nothing
but rain it’s like that drizzly stuff that really wets you through and then
every now and then the Sun comes out you think oh it’s alright and then it rains
again, Arrrgghh! So lock 77 is a bit different. You can see this thing behind me this like
roller thing, where the bridges are a bit too close to the lock gates there’s a
chain connected to this roller and you basically wind in, you’ve heard the term
wind your neck in. I say that to Shaun all time, but this is like wind the lock
gate in and what you do is, there’s a chain to the lock gate, you wind it in.
Easy as that. [Music playing] Just over halfway. I’m actually feeling
alright, I haven’t had to swap, we’ve got CRT he volunteer helping us and the chap
from one of the other boats is helping us, so we’ve got three pairs of hands and
it’s a breeze, we’re halfway up the flight now and it has been raining quite
a bit, but it reminds me a bit of the marathon, do you know what I mean. Where you know you’ve got like the long distance to go so you just kind of knuckle down
take it steady and just get on with it and time seems to be flying.
Some great views as well. [Music playing] Lock 75. It has stopped raining.
T-shirt is on and the waterproofs are off. Might see two boats in that lock behind me
they’ve come down from the top and we meeting halfway, but Narrowboat Silver Fox
and our other boat are in the lock in 75. So we’re gonna have to cross over in
this pound, it’s going to be interesting. It’s a little pound isn’t it? [Musing playing] Lock 73. You can see another two boats
behind us in Lock 72. They’re waiting to come out, as soon as we’ve come up this
lock we’re going to do the same as we did just before and cross over in single
file and carry on upwards. Sun’s coming out as well it’s a great day. [Music playing] Lock 70. Sun’s out. Look at the view of
Wigan behind as it’s great. We’re about three-quarters way through now. Actually
feeling alright I’ve got a glass of coke. Shaun’s still on the boat and we’ve got
two CRT volunteers helping now. I reckon we’ll be out of here in the next hour [Music playing] You might just be able to see where it
says 70, on the right-hand side of it, it says in Roman numerals lock number 6, V1
and it’s bit weird because when you count the CRT numbers for locks, we
start at 85 and we work our way up. We’re now at lock 70, but originally when it
was going to be the Lancaster canal coming in at the top the locks were numbered
from top to bottom, even though now you start at the bottom 85 and you kinda
come up and we’re at 70 now. So it was numbered from top to bottom before. [Music playing] Lock 66. This one and one more to go
and we’re done. I’ve actually really enjoyed it to be honest. Kirkless Inn behind us if you fancy a
drink, you can more up at the top of the lock just after you’ve used the services maybe
and nip down and have a drink. I think we might do [Music playing] Right, we’re here. What time is it?
It is, let me just get my trusty timepiece. It is 11:55…. So we set off at
half past eight. half 9, half 10, half 11. So, 3 hours 25 minutes, is that good?
That’s good. Is it? It’s about average to be fair but yeah, it’s on the good side. Noooo we don’t want average [laughs]. On the good side of average. The is Andy, one of the CRT volunteers.
We’ve passed how many? about six five or six. The was 4 going down. Yeah, and then
five of you all together today? Yeah there’s five was all together.
Tell you what without these guys it just would be I don’t mean twice as hard but it
would be because it’s you know what you doing. Yeah you get a routine and even you
even if we weren’t you still get a routine and going up, but just here
to give you a lift, so it’s a day out for us as much as it is for you.
It really, and three hours 25 I’m quite pleased with that. We hear too many people bashing the CRT but without Andy and other volunteers for the CRT, jobs like
the Wigan Flight wouldn’t be as good, wouldn’t be as fun, it’d be harder work.
So we’re really grateful, me and Shaun and the guys on Sagittarius as well.
We saw how many four boats going down? Four down, yeah. How many come up you know? There was you two but apparently
there’s another two behind you as well. There’s another two behind us?
Yeah, they crept up on us those. So what made you become CRT volunteer?
Just so I can get out in the open air. I mean, like messing about with canals
and I like boats and everything, so it’s just a way of getting out on a weekend
instead of sitting there watching TV. Everybody should get out on a weekend
it would be ace wouldn’t it? and how long you been doing the Wigan fight? I’ve been on here for,
this is the start my second year now. So two years? Yeah. It was close for most of
last year so we didn’t really do much. It was wasn’t it, yeah.
So what if people were coming up on their own, if there’s no CRT help, what I like
your kind of top three tips to get up the Wigan fight, or down.
Yeah, either way doesn’t really make any difference, it’s easier going down than
it is coming up. Yeah. Just don’t be frightened of it, like most big fights especially the Wigan, it’s got a bad rap, you can get a bad rap
it gets some bad press, but don’t be frightened of it take your time, if you can
go down with somebody else and it saves water as well which is you know a big
help for us and and yeah just enjoy it. There’s plenty to see, there’s loads
of scenery out there, it’s a lovely day sun shining like today. It was a bit of a
different kettle of fish earlier. It wasn’t early was it? Not when it was raining like it was this morning but yeah, the sun’s out, it’s out, you know it’s a good day. It is.
Just enjoy it. It is nicer than I expected and I think as you get further up the flight it does get nicer. From about half way up, from the Rose bridge it tends to get a lot more scenic a lot more rural. I mean it was
chucking down when we set off. Oh yeah, just a bit. We’re supposed to meet these
guys on Sagittarius at eight o’clock and he got to about quarter past, 20 past and
it’s still raining and I’m like oh another five minutes just see what
happens. So he did the first what, seven eight
nine locks in the rain. Yeah. And then it kind of dried up. Yeah, when the sun came
out it got a bit warm, I’ve still got my kagool on now but that’s wrapped round my waist. Compare tans. About the same actually. Right, cheers Andy. Thank you, thank you very much.
It was a pleasure. [Music playing] [Camp bicycle bell ringing] [Music playing] Here Shaun….. Catch! Oooooooh CAKE! [Laughing] [Music playing] We did it.
YAYYY! It was easy for you. Oh simple. [Laughing] Stood at the back of the boat for 4 hours. Some people make out the Wigan flight
to be some sort of big scary monster, and I guess it is if you’re on your own
with no help. There were two of us on Silver Fox two on Sagittarius the boat
that came up with us and we had a CRT volunteer, Andy, who helped us all
the way up. Yes. And we did it in three hours 20 minutes… It has been done
quicker. It has been a lot quicker, we were bothered about speed. No we weren’t.
I was kind of surprised how quick we did get up there.
Apologies for the lack of footage down near the bottom it did really rain
for the first sort of hour and then it cleared up kinda from like a third of
the way up up to the top. I didn’t get wet. No… under the covers you were alright [laughs]. I have trench foot trench foot… it’s gonna take days for my trainers to dry out.
So we’ve got to the top of the Wigan flight there’s some services at the top if you
need it all the services, so there’s water and elsan and pump-out and rubbish.
I think there’s showers there as well isn’t there? Yes there is. Yep and toilet all at
the top of the services and if you’re going up in two’s, there’s usually just the two of you there because the kind of because you both set off at 8:30 9:30 up and down
you don’t really meet anybody at the top yeah there’s enough room for two boats.
Hmm so we got there, you go past Haigh Hall which has some nice views coming in
towards Red Rock. Sounds like some place in Texas doesn’t it. Yeah it does. Red Rock… Flintstones [laughs] and then into Adlington and past the White Bear Marina where we saw
quite a lot of people were kind of shouting Oh hello we watch your vlogs. Yeah. So
hello to you if you waved at us. We saw Narrowboat Pica Pica… Pica Pica. And we got cake thrown at us… from Pica Pica So thanks for that… and now we’re just on
the outskirts of Chorley. Thats bridge 73 and loads of people said when you get
to bridge 73 moor up, because Frederick’s Ice cream which is about I don’t know what
like one minute walk. It’s just minute walk just up the hill. Just up the hill from
the bridge. Best ice cream in Lancashire, if not further afield. Yeah. So we had to
go and check it out. Be prepared to queue, it’s very popular.
We went up about an hour ago and they were queuing out of the door onto the
street. Yeah. So we waited a bit and went back up. Yes. And it was alright.
So yeah Frederick’s Ice-cream, got to call there. I don’t know about you I’m starting to
feel a bit shattered. Yeah so am I. Even Dillon’s not running now he just walking about moochin eating grass… Plodding! So we’re gonna go and get our tea and have
a shower and chill for the evening. I think we’ll sleep tonight. I think we
will. Next time you see us… heading further east. Onward [laughs]
Till then, hope you’ve liked this vlog, if you have please give it a thumbs up if you haven’t please
give it a thumbs up and comment or give any feedback or questions just in the
comments down below. Subscribe if you’re not already. Hit the bell and YouTube
will let you know every time we release a brand new vlog. Yeah, and I’m off for a
nap. We’ll see you next time, take care. Tarrar! You gonna say summat then wasn’t ya? Yeah.
We did it We did…… Hang on…. summat in my eye. We did it and again, Iooking behind me. It was him he was sat that stood at the sat the, having a [beeeep] [Laughs] It’s like 21…21 flocks. If you count from top of the Wigan flight down this is the 12th lock, but if you count from
the bottom coming up it’s the 10th lock or the 11th… ten or eleven
wherever, if that makes sense. We started at 85. So 85… 6… 7… 8… 9… No.
So 85… 4… 3…2… 1. 80… 79 78… 77… 76. so this is the tenth lock of
the flight. So this is the 12th one coming down as opposed to coming up.
Doesn’t add up does it, cos we’ve done more than 8 lock, we’re on about I don’t
know 14… 13… 14 something like that. Even though you know
you start at the bottom at 85 and you just kind of come up we’re at 70
now and …. [Laughs] He’s too shy…. he’s too shy [laughs] We just gotta wait Shaun to stop talking


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