7 Cheap Electric Guitars That Don’t Suck – Great Tone at Budget Friendly Prices

hey guys it’s Dagan here from p.m. TV UK
and I’m here today is show you seven cheap guitars that don’t suck. This is the
Ibanez Gio Micro and what I can only describe to be the nicest shade of
yellow I ever did see. It is a three-quarter length guitar so it’s a
little bit shorter and not just that, aggressively tall. So it’s perfect for
the young ones starting out the perfect travel guitar if you want to chuck in your suitcase
when you blast off to Tahiti leave a nice Ibanez in the house. Just cause it’s
cheap as well it does not compromise on tone. And it certainly doesn’t compromise on looks. Paul
Gilbert actually has his own signature guitar of these guys that he uses on on tour
to get those crazy Gilbert stretches on the go. It’s awesome it’s
perfect for practicing on as well backstage and whatnot. Some of the specs
though: got a poplar body, string through bridge ibanez infinity “R” humbuckers
nice high output modern pickups. One volume one tone, 3-way selector maple neck
with a maple fretboard and 24 of Ibanez finest frets. Ibanez tuners – I’m talking
too much! Let’s hear it some more. and because it’s a shorter guitar
there’s less string tension so you can get some crazy bensds on the go. It also
makes you pull stupid faces like that like I mentioned before the infinity R humbuckers are quite high output which makes them great for rock and
metal music. But when you rock it on a clean sound it means it has amazing clarity… So there we have it… The Ibanez Gio Mikro guitar in yellow also
comes in a variety of vivid lovely 80s colors as well. This is the Epiphone SG Pro this shape
needs no introduction. The SG is one of the most iconic guitars in rock and roll
history used by the likes of Angus Young Robby Krieger
Dweezil Zappa, Tony Iommi and Derek Trucks.
it’s a beautiful thing that resonates like nothing else and looks like nothing
else. I’m an SG user myself so I’m kind of gushing about this guitar. The first
time I ever saw a guitar is live on the telly was Angus Young and that at the
time of recording this video Malcolm Young died yesterday so r.i.p to Malcolm
Young. Leave some heart in the comments down below
if you love ac/dc and it’s affected you in the same way it affected me. Anyways
back to the guitar the differences between this and the Gibson are minimal
probably thanks to the way it’s the way it’s constructed. it’s a mahogany body
and mahogany neck, it’s got a slim taper D profile it’s a glued on neck as well. On
a guitar this price it’s pretty pretty crazy. it’s got Alnico classic pickups
in a 3-way selector one volume one tone with coil tapping capability so you can
pop these out and split the humbuckers to the sound of a single coil if you like teh sound of a
stratocaster. 22 medium jumbo frets Epiphone deluxe tuners.
it’s a rock’n’roll beast let’s play some more rock and roll on it doesn’t just do ac/dc though let me show you some clean sounds and
get the coil tapping on the go. So this is the neck pickup in full
humbucker mode. Carl tap out… Let me show you the bridge pickup as
well this is full humbucker Coil split – so makes a little bit
thinner a little bit more sparkly like a strat. So this guitar plays looks and
sounds amazing it’s a perfect guitar to get if you want to look like your idols stand in
front of the mirror and rock out. If a little one wants to play as well, it’s not
an expensive guitar but it looks and sounds like a Gibson. it’s great! I always
think if something looks good you’ll pick it up. It’s all well and good
getting guitar that’s nice and cheap but if it doesn’t look good if you don’t
want to pick it up you won’t get any better and you wont play guitar! So if you get
one of these… look at it’s got plenty devil horns on it!
it’s awesome and this is the Squier affinity
Telecaster. if you were to put a gun to my head I probably could not tell you
how Fender managed to make a guitar like this for the price fender (or Squier)
all it’s all the same really… the affinity series come in a plethora
of colors and the choice of maple and rosewood necks obvious Telecaster though
used by the likes of Keith Richards Jeff Buckley Joe Strummer Prince Brad Paisley
very very very well-known guitars the first electric guitar ever made in 1951
I think crazy crazy good guitars this guy is obviously the cheapest Squier
that they make it’s just a Telecaster through and through it’s got that lovely
twang because of the body shape and the neck
it’s an alder body – single coil pickups 3-way selector one volume one tome
straight up it is a lovely satin and maple neck this one obviously has a
rosewood fretboard so this is the perfect axe
if you want a cheap way to get that iconic Telecaster sound either playing in your
bedroom if you’re starting off or if you want to add another Sonic layer to your live
sound or recordings yeah it’s crazy it’s not just for country and twangy stuff as
well – remember ‘killing in the name of’ by Rage Against the Machine was recorded on
a Telecaster and not a very expensive Telecaster I might add that’s enough of
me talking let’s hear it I’m just gonna mention this is fresh out of the box it
hasn’t been set up and it’s it plays absolutely amazing this satin neck is a
lovely feel it’ll multi hand over time as well fact there’s not a thick layer
of paint on it but yeah this is the neck pickup unexpected harmonic there middle position you’re gonna tell what’s a telecaster
straight away. It’s great this is the bridge nice and honky and Spanky you know I’m going to do it… (plays Bryan Adams) so that was a short demo some of the
fantastic sounds you can get out of the squier affinity Telecaster this is in silver
with a rosewood neck it comes in a plethora of colors and the choice of rosewood
and maple necks. like I said before. SLASH! this is the Epiphone Slash special. This
isn’t just any Slash Epiphone this is the AFD guitar outfit. AFD obviously meaning
Appetite for Destruction it’s got the same color and the top as the Les Paul that he
famously used to record and play live in 1989…? I love that album I should know
that let’s go to 1989. If I’m wrong tear me to shreds in the comments down below!
it is a beautiful looking thing like I said flame maple amber top. it’s got
Slash’s lovely skull and crossbones and the top hat signature on the headstock.
it’s got 2 ceramic Epiphone pickups 1 volume 1 tone 3-way selector
stop tail piece. I forgot to mention what the outfit thing was… when you buy this
guitar you get it with a slash branded gig bag, free slash picks, a strap, a cable
and free online lessons from the lovely people at Epiphone so it comes in one
big pack for beginners and pros alike or people that just really dig Slash. And it’s not
an expensive guitar! It’s got a [Mahogany] body and an [Mahogany] neck.
it’s a lovely like C profile – very very Slash because the 58 necks will quite
quite chunky that’s where all the Les Paul tone comes from. One of the cool
little quirks as well is there’s a tuner built into the pickup surround. Which is
great! Obviously cream pickup surrounds zebra pickups this thing absolutely
screams Slash! it’s just so cool and let’s play some
more Guns n Roses on it. I messed some chords up there! Shhh don’t tell Slash It’s been a long time since I’ve played that
solo but it does sound it very very Slash – apologies for the mistakes there
but I’m gonna do this!(plays Sweet Child Of Mine) It’s got that lovely – I’m boring you with so
many Guns n Roses riffs, but it’s it’s a lot of fun to play it’s got that lovely
Gibson Les Paul… it’s such a thick sound that every
single note in the chord is ringing out… so there we have it guys – a short video of
how NOT to play every single Guns and Roses riff off Appetite for Destruction. No, it’s amazing guitar, the Epiphone slash outfit comes with a bag like I
said, it’s a stunning guitar to play, it resonates like a like a proper Les Paul.
It’s astounding! this is the squier bullet Strat. The bullet strats are the cheapest strats that fender.. well / Squire make but
that does not mean the compromise on playability or tone the thing plays
amazing and it sounds like a strat. A bloody strat for just over a hundred
quid with that name on the headstock it’s remarkable it’s got a basswood body,
three single coil pickups – usual for a Strat – a vintage style six screw tremolo
one volume two tones. A 5 way selector to go through between the pickups if you’re
not sure what the pickup combinations are down is 1, then these guys that
bad guy then these guys then this guy. It’s a lovely satin maple neck lovely
and smooth and nine and a half inch radius rosewood fretboard with 21 lovely
fender frets on it. Good tuners! Because that’s one of the things that kind of
suck with cheap of guitars… their tuning capabilities, but this guy , they’re great
obviously Squire’s made by Fender so you know it’s gonna be good even when you
hammer the tremolo a wee bit… obviously the Stratocaster is one of the most
iconic shapes in rock and roll used by obviously Jimi Hendrix Jeff Beck John
Mayer – my fave… who else Eric Clapton everybody has got a strat in their
arsenal somewhere or another and this is one you can get either if you’re starting out and you want the kind of lovely Chimey “stratty” sound. Or if you wanna have one
in the studio or just to noodle on… they play amazing and like I said; for just
over a hundred quid it’s a lot of guitar! here so obviously clean sound neck pick
up a strat it’s one of the sweetest sounds to a guitarist ear lovely bell-like tone it’s so good man
so good let’s move it down a notch to these two pickups Middle pick up: these two guys proper “Spanky” kind of.. I spat so much there! Sorry! obviously the bridge pickup let’s hear it with some dirt and I forgot
to mention one of the best Strat players to ever walk the earth:
Stevie Ray Vaughan! if you don’t know who he is google him! so that was the marvellous Squire bullet
strat. A fantastic guitar, well it’s a strat isn’t it! You know it’s gonna be
good! this is something slightly different to
the guitars I’ve been chatting about this is a Yamaha Pacifica 012
but part of a bundle. You get this beautiful, Yamaha Pacifica with a
line six spider classic 15 amplifier and in a bundle that PMT offer for an extremely
good price! I actually have a whole 15 minute video
somewhere in the depths of YouTube on the PMTVUK channel. I have stupid hair on
it but I’ve a video explaining all the sounds this does. But for now I’m gonna
talk to you about what the guitar can do compared to the rest of the other
guitars, keeping the same amp sounds that I’ve used in the rest of this little
video. The Pacifica name has been around for a very very long time and the reason
they still going, is because they’re amazing quality, amazing value for money
and they sound absolutely kick-ass! This version here is in metallic blue, they
do a metallic red version, a black one and a white one. It’s got a lovely smooth
satin maple neck rosewood fingerboard one humbucker and two single coils. The
variations in this guitar is pretty crazy, “are”pretty crazy to get your
grammar correct Dagan! You can do everything from rock and roll stuff. Go up to the
single coils and get a bit spangly and nice, get some Hendrix on the go. One volume on
tone. I havent got the [tremolo] arm in at the minute… it’s got a six screw vintage style
tremolo. This with the amp is a beginners dream. Or even if you just want something in the house to
mess around with, or you’ve got a flat or something else and you want a little guitar and amp combo there. For the price we’ve got this going for, it comes with a
strap, guitar picks, cable, everything you possibly need. There’s nothing really
better it’s a it’s great it does everything let me show you what sounds
like some more… so like I was saying with the three pickups in this guy
controlled by the five way selector obviously bridge humbucker, next position, these two coils=”spanky” strat kind of sound. Middle pickup
these guys and this guy one volume on tone you could do any sound Under the
Sun you got lovely thick sound with the humbucker the guitar plays and sounds amazing but
the main perk about this guy like I said is it comes with that line six spider
five amp it’s got everything from old Marshall plexi sounds going through to
full-on Mesa Boogie dual rectifier crazy metal sounds loads of effects
built-in as well built-in tuners you can plug your
headphones in there just jam in the living room with yourself or plug in an
iPod or some variant of tablet into it and jam along with your favorite records
let’s hear some clean sounds though so here they’re how hot this pickup is
they can dial it down by turning the volume down obviously but on that clean
sound it was getting a bit of fizz on it it’s very very nice, Ive noticed that
this thing resonates quite a lot as well it feels like that I’m like the slash
Les Paul we were playing before. It’s obviously polar opposite guitar than
the Les Paul but it’s got a nice resonance to it. feels like you’re
playing something something special very very nice
but yeah like I say a check out my big 50 minute video when I’ve got a stupid
white streak in my hair on the PMTVUK YouTube channel TV talking about
everything the amp does everything the guitar does it’s a perfect gift for
Christmas for your kids or even for yourself it’s a quite a big
box though so you gonna have trouble hiding it I could not talk about seven cheap
guitars without mentioning this guy this is the Washburn plx 100. Quite an
expensive guitar but PMT have the world’s most epic sale on Washburn’s at
the minute so this is a very high quality guitar for just over three
hundred quid, so you have to something to start with and you don’t wanna get
something beginner or you want something in the arsenal which is, well, looks
absolutely badass this is the guy for you and this is the time to get it from us lovely people at PMT. Some specs on this bad lad is that it’s got a basswood body, it’s obviously a single cut so a very familiar comfortable shape it’s
got a lovely carved top on it so the top is nice and raised like that. It’s stunning.
One volume for each of the Duncan designed pickups which are Seymour
Duncan pickups. String through bridge design one tone, lovely shiny as hell
rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets a lovely parallax logo on the 12th fret
obviously this is from the parallax series of guitars PMT’s amazing Parallaxe sale – Washburn guitars. One of the crazy things to me though is the
bloody access you can get. Look at that carve there like you can reach the pickup,
with how much access there is up there. Normally on a single cutaway guitar like a
standard Les Paul, it’s you get to like here you’ve got a stretch this guy you
can just play the pickup it’s remarkable Washburn have an amazing
ability to make stuff like that on their guitars and I believe it’s because mr.
Washburn used to be a witch I think… Don’t quote me on that and don’t hit me
mr. Washburn! anyways this guitar is fantastic it feels absolutely rock-solid
like I say it’s a more expensive guitar the one I’m harping on about
it’s got Korova machine head so it stays in tune remarkably the whole thing
resonates like an absolute bad lad! Let’s play some more stuff on it with it being
string through as well, the sustain is remarkable. Also what’s weird, it’s 24 frets on a single
cutaway a guitar. Usually these kind of guitars are… Gibson or Epiphone, so
you get 22 frets with this guy two octaves like the only metal I know not all fun and games metal though. This thing
cleans up astoundingly like so both so there we have it guys a short little
review and some sound bites of the extremely sleek beautiful thick sounding
Washburn parallax PXL 100. So I hope this video has helped a little bit
and I hope I’ve covered enough bases for you to show you some the guitars I
believe are cheap but really really really don’t suck they’re all absolutely
great a few lot of sound bites some specs on
them hope it’s helped out a little bit whether it’s a gift for someone else a
gift for yourself this video is going out just before Christmas as well so
make someone’s day Christmas and get them a lovely Strat, or Telecaster or SG or
Les Paul. Hopefully its helped you decide or them decide which one is right for
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it’s helped! I’ll see you next time

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