7 Fun and Easy DIY Ideas | Lucky Fortune Bracelet Hacks

7 Fun and Easy DIY Ideas | Lucky Fortune Bracelet Hacks

Hey Guys! Today we’re back unboxing some more Lucky Fortunes. We can’t wait because today is all about DIY! Now let’s open some cookies! I’m opening a teal one. And me, I have a pink one. Ready? 3…2…1! Ooh! My string is bright pink. You? I got a white one and it’s a little cupcake. So cute! Look! Mine is a Roller Skate. Oh my god! That’s one of my favorite ones! Me too. Do you want to have a contest on who can put it on faster? Sure! 3…2…1…GO! I’m gonna win. Oops! DONE! Okay, there we go! Oh, I found it. I am in the Love Category and I am Very Lucky. Ooh! So Very Lucky! My fortune says: “Enjoy the simple pleasures in life.” Aww. Mine’s in the Adventure Category and it’s Very Very Lucky! “Don’t stop – you’re on a roll.” Here is the Bow Charm. So cute! And…instead of using it as a bracelet I could just put it in your hair and make a cute little hair décor piece. Like that… Tighten it… How is it looking? It’s super cute! Ta da! And we can also make a keychain! Yeah! Wanna play a game? Sure! Okay, so You take 3 cookies of the same color, and then you take a charm. What bracelet do you want? The Roller Skate. And then you put it in the cookie. And only 1 of the cookies. Yeah. So the goal of the game is that you’re gonna try to find the bracelet in one of these cookies. Pick! This one. I knew I followed it properly! I thought I tricked you! What do you mean you tricked me? If you’re in class and you want to pass a note to your friend, get the paper. You’re gonna fold it and put it inside the cookie. And then close up the cookie. Thank you, Chloe! And you open it… “Hi Sienna, I’m so lucky you’re my BFF.” Me too! We could loop our cookies. So you get your cookie, and then you loop… Get yourself some cookies. Take your cookie like this… Okay… Okay… And then put this one around. Yeah… And then hold this one. And then… I’m mind blown. Wait, what? Okay, like this? Mmhmm. And then like this? Yeah and then…hold this… Hold this string. This string? Yeah. And then you pull like that. Ohhhh! And then we could make a garland! So you take more of your cookies and you do the exact same step. That…and that… No… Oh yeah! Ta da! You could make really cute garlands for your room or your kitchen or wherever you want to have some cookie garlands. If you have a jewelry kit, you could also use it to make real earrings! There’s 2 different kinds. You could make some longer ones or some shorter ones. Wanna open some more Lucky Fortunes to have a real race? You’re on! 3…2…1…GO! So, here’s the goal of the game. Whoever can put 10 bracelets on the fastest wins! Okay! Hands on your knees… 3…2…1…GO! I’m stressed. Me too. I got 2 on… 2?! I meant 1! I’m putting on my second one. I do not accept defeat. I have to concentrate. Focus is key. I’m putting one on each hand. Oh no! Oh no no no! It’s cause I’m really working… Your weak hand! I’m gonna win! Oh no! No! No! No! That’s cheating! Noooo! Yes! Now let’s put the crown on… Done! Nooo! Nooo! I was so close though! My first Combination is the Food one, so I have a Pizza, an Ice Cream, and a Cupcake. Mine’s also a Food Combination and I have a Juice Box, a Pineapple, and a Cupcake. For my next Combination, I kinda want to do like, “Under the Sea”. First, I’m gonna use my Seashell. Me too. And then I’m gonna use my Narwhal. The Narwhal’s my favorite. And my little Lips, because you know, summer. You put lipstick on. I feel like this star is like, I’m gonna make it a Starfish. Now we’re gonna put them on our wrists. Isn’t it pretty? Aw, so cute! I did my Food one, and then now I’m doing my Summer Vibes one. Voila! You’re done before me! Yes. Wow, yours look very pretty. Also, the bands match. Hey, let’s put some bracelets on. We are done with our Combinations. I have a Food Category and an Ocean Category. I have Food and Summer Vibes. There’s so many different things we can do with our cookies! Comment below to show us the creative things that you guys did with your Lucky Fortunes! See you all next time! Bye!


  1. i love your videos i live in redmade organ at walmart i am asking my mom so much i have bine watching sens i was 5 and i am 7 now have fun. #luckyForchin sorry if words are not rite‼‼👍👍😄

  2. This is the first video on watching and I don't I don't really like it and I know how to roller skate I'm in the roller skate team

  3. Great video😀

    Btw I have a craft channel I would appreciate any support 💕 if you have a channel too please let me know and I would gladly support your channel

  4. Omg guys I would like to tell you that I got ultra lucky one in a mint green fortune cookie the golden clover 🍀🍀

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