8 Events for 2018 (Bitcoin, Oil, Gold, Recession, Water…)

8 Events for 2018 (Bitcoin, Oil, Gold, Recession, Water…)

– Hey guys, I hope you
had a happy new year. We’re going to get this year started off by talking about our opinions
for a whole bunch of stuff, from cryptocurrencies to the oil markets, precious metals prices, the
stock markets themselves. We’ll even talk about
the upcoming recession, interest rate policies, and whether or not they’re going to raise them or not, the adult entertainment
industry of all things and also water rates and
why they are going to be so important in 2018, check this out. We’ll start off with cryptocurrencies. We do believe that
they’re not going to come anywhere close to how strongly
they performed last year. But maybe one day they
get to 100,000 dollars per Bitcoin or each
cryptocurrency soars in price, that may happen in the long term, but in the next year we do believe that they will come down
in price even further from their drop, which they got up to almost 20,000 dollars
per Bitcoin and a lot of the other cryptocurrencies
were flying along. And they came back a lot lately and people are starting to lose money and now you’re starting to see lawsuits about people who are
upset that they invested 20,000 dollars and they were
down about 7,000 dollars per Bitcoin within a
day, or hours actually. There’s lawsuits that are coming out and this is actually a shift in the trend. A lot of Bitcoin’s power has been that it just kept on going up and up and up and no one ever saw it go the other way. And now this is the
first chink in the armor, so to speak, that a lot of
people can realize that, yeah, you are speculating
and you can lose money, it doesn’t just go up to the Moon forever. And that’s going to
change the way that people look at cryptocurrencies
and the long story is going to be that
they’ll probably come down a little bit more from here,
we do expect them to drop under 10,000 dollars per
Bitcoin and I use Bitcoin, but I’m talking about
all cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin itself is
kind of like a canary in the coal mine, when it dies it’s sort of warning about something else. Bitcoin will be the longest
lasting cryptocurrency, it will be sort of like the
Coca Cola of soft drinks, it’s not going to lose
its place to RC Cola, but it still will always be the most popular and most strongest. But that doesn’t bode well, necessarily, for all the other cryptocurrencies because there are too many of them, and this whole concept is going to start becoming a little bit
more risky for people. If you go out today and buy Bitcoin for 13,000 dollars per Bitcoin, are you going to make money, maybe not. Maybe you’re going to make money, maybe you’re going to lose money, but it’s not going to turn into doubling or tripling your money,
there’s better ways to do it and that’s going to take
a lot of the interest out of cryptocurrencies
and it’ll probably be harmful to the overall prices. We see cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, losing another 40, 50 percent from here. Oil prices have been on the rise lately and you’re going to see that
extend a little bit more because of the risk
premium that’s coming out of all the disturbances in Iran. And if you look back a few years, you remember that Iran wasn’t even part of the global oil supplies because
they were under sanction. And now that they’re part of the supplies when something happens all of a sudden it’ll affect the price of oil. But we expect that things like this, they get worse before they get better, so you’re going to see
a lot more disturbance in Iran and that’s going to also be one of the factors that’s going
to be lifting oil prices. However, to pivot into our other concept is that we do expect a pretty
big recession this year and part of that is going to involve that a lot of things like oil,
the demands for those, will decrease a bit
globally, not just with, in terms of Iran, but in terms
of the whole global picture. There’s going to be less demand for oil in every country across the world if there is a global recession and that’s going to drive down oil prices beyond what you’re
seeing from the increase from the risk premiums from all the domestic disturbances in Iran. So overall, we’re looking
at oil prices potentially climbing a bit from here
in the very short term and in the medium to long
term, we expect oil prices to fall a bit, as the world
enters a global recession, not just an American
recession but one that goes from country to country across the world. Now I don’t think it’s any surprise that I’ve been a big believer
in precious metals over the last year and
I’ve even focused a lot on the stocks which produce the metals and the physical metals themselves. But either way, I do believe that silver and gold and platinum
prices are going to be some of the biggest gainers in the stock market over the next year. I believe that no other
asset class is more unloved than gold and you see it recently with as the market increases
and Bitcoin’s going up and the stock market’s
rising, people forget what is the value of gold,
why would you buy gold? Everything’s going up,
just buy something else. The problem is that people are forgetting how gold works and it’ll come back to the way it always does,
things revert to the mean, they go back to their historical
patterns, so to speak. You’re going to see a lot of increases in the price of gold
and specifically silver going into 2018 and it’s going to be pretty significantly
beneficial for not just the precious metals prices
themselves, but also for all the mining companies
which produce those metals. And I have to stop you if
you’re one of those people who says that, or believes
that the stock market’s going to keep on doing
just as well this year as it did last year, it is not. And this is going to get a lot of people into some trouble I think,
because people believe, some people are actually,
have never seen anything except increasing markets and they believe it just goes on and on
forever and this is not true. It actually happens
that stock markets will have periods of increases, but then they always come back a little bit. They’ll always go up 50 percent
and drop back 10 percent, 20 percent and this is
sort of where we’re at. We’re at the end of a market move, we’re at the dying days of a market cycle. I believe that we are a lot
closer to a top than a bottom and I don’t believe that we’ll see kind of the gains that we saw in
2017 in this new year. And in 2018 we’re looking
at stock markets which, in our opinion, are going to come down either a little bit or a lot. We do believe there’s going to be a recession this year, we
believe it very strongly. We thought it would already be here, but it is going to be
showing up this year, 2018. And when the recession hits it’s going to put pressures on oil prices, it’s going to put a lot of pressures on the bubbles that we’re seeing, from
stock market to real estate. There’s also bubbles like student loans and auto loan debts and these bubbles are going to burst,
cryptocurrency bubbles. And a lot of it’s going to be sort of like a pin in the bubble
that’s going to pop it, it’s probably going to be
interest rate increases. They’re telegraphing
that they’re going to do three this year and that’s
what most people are believing. They will do a couple because the new Federal Reserve Chairman is just basically Janet Yellen on steroids and he is going to do what he’s got to do. What he’s promised or
what he’s telegraphed is that he’s going to raise interest rates a few times this year. I don’t believe that they’re going to do all three that they’re expecting to do. I’ll believe they’ll get to about two before they realize that
they can’t do a third one without knocking everything
off of the tray, so to speak. Which brings us to adult entertainment, this is an industry that is under a lot of pressure right now. There’s too much pornography
for free on the Internet that you’re not going
to see a lot of services that require payment
for it doing very well. They’re going to be under
constant pressure all the time and even things like Playboy Magazine, you already probably
have, if you watch them or follow them, you probably already know that they’re in a lot
of trouble and it’s only going to get worse, it’s
not going to get better, their best days are behind them. Those kinds of industries
are going to be under a ton of pressure in 2018,
and they will be replaced. Just like the phone book, think
of them like a phone book, you don’t need a phone book anymore. I don’t even know if there’s phone booths. So it’s kind of like there’s
a shifting in the trends. Just like with cigarettes
and with fur coats and everything else, the
adult entertainment industry is going to be one of
the ones which is under the most pressure, due to
the changes in technology. And I mentioned that we would
talk about water rights. Water’s so important of
course, you know that, but it’s not going to
be water for drinking that’s going to be the significant aspect of the economy or the industry, it’s going to be water
rights for industrial uses. If you are mining or if
you’re producing anything, you need a certain amount,
usually a ton of water, to make things happen, even agriculture and there isn’t enough water for that kind of stuff to go around. Companies which are
helping businesses attain the water rights they need
and provide the water to them, those companies are going to soar, they’re going to do great,
and we’ll be talking about lots of those at peterleeds.com. For people who are
interested, our analysis team is already looking into
a few of them and we’re going to find any that
are good quality companies that we expect to increase in price. So, I hope you liked the video and we’ll try and do more like this. This is just our first video for 2018 and we’ll be set up to do
a lot more going forward, just this is one I wanted
to really get out because, you know, it’s the beginning of the year and I want to sort of give you an overview or a summary of a lot of the
things that we’re thinking. And we’ll get more
granular into each of these on a day to day, week by week basis as we proceed through January and February and we’ll be here to try
and help you guys understand what our opinions are
about all of these things. So I hope this is helpful, I hope you enjoyed the video and
I’ll talk to you soon.


  1. Millennials snowflakes sueing because they lost money on Bitcoin! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Ridiculous. That’ll teach them that if you want to participate in speculation you must accept reward as much as you must accept RISK OF LOSS.
    Fools. A generation of take take take.
    Me me me. A generation of entitlement and getting reward and gratification and not having responsibilities.

  2. These weed stocks are going crazy … I know they are up crazy over the last year but whats how much they are up in the last month or so is even more nuts … think I found a couple that could be worth it though

  3. It's a tough time to predict, I'm still pretty well invested (CMA, Roth IRA, 401(k)) – I don't know if i'll sell and cut back on my portfolio, I invest only in blue chip dividend stocks that have paid dividends through recessions. I make roughly $200 in dividends per month, so yes it will hurt to get hit by the recession and selling prior "will be nice" but at the same time hard to predict when it will happen. My game plan is if economy does tank -20-40% it will suck sure, I'll still get my dividends buy stocks cheaper I'm invested ~40% of capital, I'll prob add another 30-50k to avg down on my current stocks = more dividends cheaper and may go margin to buy even more.

    I missed the last recession, but I won't make the mistake of not doubling down during the next – but at the sametime I "don't want to lose to much money" but I can't predict it so better to just leave things in place collecting monthly payments and then avg down and get paid more.

  4. Hello Peter i would like to buy some gold and silver coins just to have under my control at home. Should i be looking for anything special – and what type of buy ratio would make sense i.e. 3 gold coins, and 1 silver. is there anything i need to watch out for ? i believe in having some hard cash at home as they could shut down the banks. thanks.

  5. Love my metals Peter, Lots of shares of a variety of companies at various stages of development, glad you're here for your advice. Have a great and profitable year, if it's good for you it'll be good for me.

  6. Peter Leeds although I agree with your assessment of the major cryptos, you failed to mention the Altcoin market. What is your opinion of this space? Is this the new generation of the penny stock market?

  7. Happy new year to you as well. I too expect gold to do well along eith silver. Already off to a good start already. The launch of yhe Petro-Yuan might give it even more boost. We'll see. Take care.

  8. So when the u.s. stock market corrects. Well Phillip Morris and altria will be on the cheap paying a 3.5% dividend. With grow, possessing,marketing and delivery systems in place. Being multi billion dollar companies. With heavy buying power. Reinventing themselves in the Mary Jane market. When the exuberance of the Trump bump winds down with interest rates going up. Well then buy great dividend stocks with a great comeback plays on the cheap. Let's do it out back. Hunting requires patience and a good hide. That's why I am mostly in Candida right now:)

  9. Thanks for the video, Peter. In my opinion products that are addictive are good investments too bad most of them are currently overvalued (Facebook, youtube, weed, porn, etc)

  10. I invested in an Virtual reality adult industry project…. a risk that can pay off… if people adopt new method to watch it!!

  11. Hi Peter! I just read through one of your penny stock books and I’m happy to see you’re still in business. It’s crazy, I was just thinking some of the exact same things you said in this video. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for precious metals. Best of luck to your trades this year!

  12. Peter always love your videos. My concern is the manipulation and power they have to just add zeros. How far does their power extend? I thought the crash was coming on Obama’s timeline. Now I am not sure even the ballpark. Thanks for your work.

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