9 Claw Machine Wins (Minecraft & Nintendo Arcade Game Room Plush) Smith Sisters

9 Claw Machine Wins (Minecraft & Nintendo Arcade Game Room Plush) Smith Sisters

9 claw machine wins from the arcade game room! Minecraft and nintendo wins! I feel like it you should get it just
doesn’t running close its there you go baby we’re gonna check out the claw machines
in here just got Samantha tonight just check it out it’s a restock day that pig
is sitting up pretty good see the toy shop
you Pig looks like it just wants you to win it
Samantha’s gonna try the toy shop machine to start I think she wants to
see if this green candy corn is in a good spot nope it’s too far in the front
because it’s before we mess anything else up I think go ahead and go for the
pig minecraft yeah you can get around not that way you got to go for the back
part I think no you didn’t go for the back legs you just want to get them
around its body in its back legs you want the one called a fall in between and it might just pick it up and drop it
for you you wanted to spin and fall like you got to turn the ball it was sitting
up really good now I kind of smushed it down there okay you want to turn the
problem it’s a little bit better and seeing the clamps not hippo
Oh got down with you clamps we got the legs yep perfect we didn’t have that one
you already coming off you know that one’s really kind of stuck you look
there we go it’s fiery collection hippo over there with the pig the prairie dog
you stab Twilight I had two in a row but then he stabbed the next one go for that
Bullet Bill Watts sitting upright nothing oh just barely oh another thing
I didn’t think you were gonna be able to get that the prairie dog do we not have
this one yet yeah I thought we had that one okay okay try for Scooby steve-o
grab his chin too far in front of them all right let’s see about ya papi
sitting up she’s not underneath anything so try for this populate here grab her
head that looks pretty good oh I didn’t think I was gonna hold on
they got that flowers on their head held it on I thought when you have the
glasses gonna fall off poppy I feel like it should be able to get hit it just
doesn’t running close it’s there you go maybe oh uh uh ooh you almost had it two
in one you got Mario I know he’s sitting up it’s the only way we’re ever gonna
get it we have one no dinner yeah but when they sit up like this you get
underneath it like that okay you can want it to go down but knock the cat
over do a little shake the knife tip the cat over so you can get around his legs
stab something should be good you met Morty in the head I know it was me I was
Morty Morty head right in between there all right underneath the cat where you
want the claw to go down it’s gonna hit it’s gonna do the same thing though hit
him right in the head bounce off of them there you got the black cat
no matter how we think fun right the diner so I don’t know about which is
where every day soon I mean how’s that guaranteed one that’s it dinosaur
we are mr. five people I’m gonna say we got a black cat bullet bill poppy
prairie dog natural scooby-doo Mario mine crusted and the Jurassic world
trying to source Rex alright this had the necklace you


  1. I actually won my first Halloween plushy of the season today. It was one of those candy corn plush. I have not seen any new Halloween plush yet I just saw 2018 Halloween plushes. You guys won a lot I like that black cat!

  2. Awesome win guys! I wish l know how to play minecraft. Btw thanks for sharing my latest claw machine video. My claw machine channel really needs more views cuz school is back hahaha

  3. Awesome claw machine wins! For some reason the gamergreen claw machines near me are rarely restocked, so there are barely any prizes in the claw machine, which makes it hard to win. It seems like the machines near where you live get restocked a lot.

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