925 Sterling Silver Knot Cufflinks Platinum Plated – Fort Belvedere

925 Sterling Silver Knot Cufflinks Platinum Plated – Fort Belvedere

These Cufflinks are made out of a solid 925
Sterling Silver and you can’t see it in the pictures but once you put it in your hands,
you can really tell because they are more than twice as heavy as normal cuff links. Because silver tarnishes very quickly and
easily we added a platinum plating so they stay nice and clear without tarnishing and
you won’t stain your cuffs. The large ball is 12mm. The small one is about 10mm and we designed
them so that they work with 99% of shirt cuffs out there. So what’s so special about these cuff links? Well first of all they are inspired by original
monkey fist knot. They are handmade in Germany by a master goldsmith. They are not factory made and they have very
intricate rope details. They have a beautiful maker’s mark and it
will not come off and the plating is very thick so these are pieces you can actually
pass on to your children and grandchildren. We believe these cufflinks are perfect to
start because they are very versatile and you get a lot of wear out of them because
they work with formal outfits, semi formal or more casual odd coat combinations. These cufflinks have a bar and no moving parts
and therefore they will last longer than any cufflink out there. Overall, it’s the perfect first pair to
have in your wardrobe and if you have one in gold or in rose gold you are basically covered
for every situation there is. If I have to pick my very first pair of cufflinks
it will either be this one or one in gold.


  1. I've just discovered this channel and I'm very impressed. Keep up the good work! Every young man should be shown these videos, it sure as hell has inspired me to be more of a decorous man.

  2. Sir, I have been following your channel for a while now. I have found it most informative and entertaining. Please could you make a video on the subject of cardigans for us gentlemen whom live in the colder climbs. Many thanks and best regards.

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