A Golden Moment… Our First Sail on our New Yacht! Ep. 80

A Golden Moment… Our First Sail on our New Yacht! Ep. 80

[Music] [Music] crazies play on SLP we packed up with vagabonds and holder out in New Zealand it was the end of a wonderful journey but only the beginning of another off we flew across the world I’m going to ask Crowley what we’re doing and where we’re going to eventually let go where are we going on God we’re going to the train station we’re about to get a circus well you guys know the deal we’ve done this before last time I went to Paris can’t reveal yes yes yes three and a half hours on the train this time we will not be late late for a very important date we’re going to go see Ronnie’s mum and then we’re going to go save any boat we’re going to have a sneak peak going hard going home cannot wait to not have to lug all this luggage around there’s too much of it a height log and luggage – me too we had a lot of stuff all right let’s do this much what Georgie’s wiser hey Joe [Music] how about this was it not that laughs yeah we’ve moved in for the not play hello Maureen how are you thanks for having us okay very well hell of a lot wall here in Paris I think it’s 16 degrees yeah it was like what was it I think it was 10 in Park yes yeah yeah it’s much warmer isn’t it so nice so nice thank you what are you doing out the back hello we have just spotted the vagabond Wow over there oh my gosh it looks great wow it’s beautiful it looks so much fun in real life should we get closer so we wait till tomorrow I’ll taste it I don’t want to go near it it’s scary well rallied up I was in my room it was a Sunday and the case of the dock were inside the ultimate office which was closed we had to wait until tomorrow to see her so we spent the day exploring instead but we didn’t get very fast but this is Legrand Mott it’s located 604 kilometres south of Paris on the Mediterranean side France yes we’ve got about 10,000 locals living here year round mostly retired people but somewhere around 2 million tourists visit this place – yeah and I think it’s because of long sandy beaches and the ports pretty incredible one thing you’ll notice about Legrand line is the architecture which is what Matt you pointed out to us it’s pretty unique it was built in the 60s and 70s and it’s not like anything else you’ll see in from so you either love it or you hate it now the following is a sponsor – but all I have to do is encourage people to read so I’m pretty happy about that I like reading books and what I’ve been doing for a while now on top of money in podcast is to download books from audible and listen to them on my head time now there are points that I’ve been asked to cover but it isn’t one of them one thing that was important for me personally before I started listening to audiobooks at all is that I needed to make sure that I understood and remembered the same as if I’d actually read the book a quick google showed me that comprehension and retention were comparable and actually better for something Wow why do you miss me Smee dr. Phibes page 31 he was an old man he fish alone and I suggest to the Gulf Stream and he had gone 84 days now without taking a fish and the first 40 days a boy had been with him but after 40 days without a fish the book the audience listening to is the old man that they are knighted by Donald Sutherland his mellifluous voice and will help like honey in here is takes about two and a half hours and he’s good to children and adults alike obviously this weather taken advantage of the work if you head to www.google.com board / nlv you’ve gotta get a 30-day free trial and you don’t have to get the old man if you can get any books that you want so yeah that’s all I might head back to the hotel coupe and then plug the other right link is in the description bye guys links in the description below thank you good morning everyone guess what we’re doing this morning we are going to see the new bike we’re going to catch up with matchi and the crews maybe grab a coffee yeah we waiting for this moment for a very long time we were to draw a lot we had a little sneak peek last night from across the water but we couldn’t touch it we couldn’t touch it I’ve been off Seto what do you want to wake up Maureen so I went for a run shaming like Klaus yeah taze me off so badly good morning Lori yeah [Music] Santa why messy and he is well going to see you again below food fuel and I might even drop it it smells like you I know I remember the smell oh oh you’d like to get an eye on us this amazing Jay thank you develop really nice sellers on by helping out a new body get the boy to be it then you don’t like what I’m saying so thank you what do you think like Oh amazing absolutely amazing it is an inspiration yeah I’m gonna go jump on the trance can I jump on the trance yet yay [Music] the factories in the outside before my hair you’re wondering no one population we got more in practicing guitar chords rods in the kitchen making us with food and medicine the world has had a fabulous a humble nap in the middle I feel very jet-lagged yeah Charlie’s making fun of me because I’ve gotten Tommy area because the internet slice the uploads be really slow haha well I got a little bit grumpy I’m get like dreams about is GQ zone strums down and also back yeah it sounds fun yeah [Laughter] yeah revenge is a lot of times this is system let it be okay [Music] yeah hey practicing till you think is blue stuff yeah and I mean item it is I’m very lucky good morning everyone so we have moved room we’ve moved out of Maureen’s house all those about time we got our own place and went the hotel across the road and fewer they’re having a sushi night and today is Friday the first day sort of was the event tonight we have aperitif with all the teams we made our boat yes that should be good and then yeah we’re full on for the next two days flat out are we good morning good morning Ralph mmm yeah we’re really looking forward to this weekend it’s gonna be autumn and a good opportunity for us to thank everyone because we would know none of this would have happened without all of those causal of you guys mainly I’m looking forward to getting in the thing and sewing off because that’s what I enjoy the much that’s what we do best yeah so not long now I think we can move on board next week yeah yeah hold on much you said check out Spago I’d gone out to a bakery and came back to find my three best mates from Australia who’d suprise me for the event we managed to convince Matthew to take us all out for a sneaky little sale into a vagabond before the event this weekend as he was getting beers and you got left behind but luckily my Chi is the ultimate manoeuvre she’s very lucky and get on go go go music oh why motion and size emotion and now finds the chosen yet you wear all focus then all right now settle down down bathwater [Music] Oh back like broth so we are walking through the shed and I’m vlogging and Matt she’s bugging me bugging hello Matt – and we’re going to say a big thank you to all the team for making a book yeah the guys actually do yes nothing called fallen soldiers you [Music] why the team put together this little video that played on a TV in the room and I nearly cried it was just so sweet I know you’ll be living away for a long time and now that we’ve come everybody artisanal to the villages of our children what you put in your sign under jung kkot a veena from would rather eat now the reservoir a consistent problem but work working our ice cube goes sour in general a french dutch we lock the phone back out or some curry party now we wish you a bon apetito Rancho you take a bon voyage some win some sense in bomb range such severe scurvy hats and memory Bova meet people Ivan escape from the resolve the wire but I was my first sale today and it was just the best moment that will sunshine and you guys did that so thank you so much I hope we return one day with the boat in the exact same condition let’s all enjoy a drink together and once again thank you very much especially for the building [Applause] [Music] we’re all falling there we keep our place just hi say hi so we’re in the woods we can start we will tie it’s free end of the eighth ingress into the – stanza not straight up on me anyway we’re all going out to a telling restaurant how do you feel about that Gus italiana real middle and we tomorrow morning we have to be up and at the office at 9:30 because we had worked on the risk of you away from journalists I believe he found a faraway rat because I am up next we celebrate some more with the weekends it’s Albert warning money so it’s a whole two days of champagne and meeting fans from all over the globe we also do a Q&A and delete a night away after your club [Music] if I know [Music] it is all behind [Music]


  1. 10:56 as a german seeing him Opening a "beer" (heineken is not really beer, but fair enough) like that (and failing) feels like someone is pulling out your toe nails really, really, slowly.

  2. I finally caught up to where you two got your cat. I was sad too when you let go of your mono-hull. I started watching you recently because of Steveo1kenivo. I am watching episode by episode and I am obviously far behind, but I am enjoying it all on the way. Thank you both! Spoiler, you have a baby! Yeah I follow you on FB and Twitter too! Congratulations! Hope you can get some sleep. Haha!

  3. it seems mean to take the name of your old mono, tear off the sign, and just start calling the cat by the same namw. isnt that bad practice? why not give a new boat a new name and retire the old one?

    love the cat!!

  4. Congrats guys. Came across you 3 weeks ago. Been Binge watching you since. So emotional. You've really opened my eyes to a dream I didn't even know I had. You've had such an impact on my life. I just want to say thank you x

  5. a man whose business is making boat makes you rich,,, however,,,, cannot promise you heaven…. cannot you gave rich man cloth… search a kingdom,,, that can gave you,,, contentment.

  6. she's a beauty guys ,,, bless you for giving me my dream back ,, i had lost sight of it when i sold my hunter 36 a few years back ,, thanks to you i have been able to re-light a fire i worried might never be rekindled ,, besos to e'layna ,, hand shake to cap'n riles' ,, i'll make it back come hell or high water now ,, first rounds' on me if we ever cross paths , fair winds and following seas ya'll . ———————— S.S. GRINGO LOCO—————————

  7. My first boat is my current boat a 43 ft Hunter. I love the boat and feel so connected. I can understand why they both were some emotional.

  8. wow I can feel the excitement, from both of you, wanting to see your new home! hahaha Watching this video put such a HUGE SMILE on my face! Thank you both for sharing your adventures!

  9. To all you that thumbs down I think it’s really selfish inconsiderate and shallow minded to even consider giving such beautiful people negative vibes after they have put in sooo much effort to entertain you by sharing their life with us. U are fortunate rather don’t watch than be negative!

  10. Truly a dream come true, congratulations to you both for your success and determination in giving us viewers an adventure of a lifetime with you both 👌🏽

  11. Does anyone here know how they afford everything? Been considering heading out for a year, or two, on the high seas, but wondering how much $$ i may need.

  12. I know it’s months later, but congratulations you guys. And I love watching you. Love you guys and you inspire me in so many ways thank you

  13. As I said earlier, how can u afford a 1 million catamaran at that age? :') I guess being free has it's costs…

  14. What a good boat and it look like it can do well travelling the world. How much did it cost? What you are doing is just a dream for many, so be happy, enjoy and take care. Bobby.

  15. Sensational. Yesterday I started on episode 199. Got hooked. Went back to ep. 1, then switched to 'much later' – when you picked up the gorgeous cat'…. from South of France. That French gentleman {Mattieu?} is a superstar. I reckon that you two {three, now} should sell a few boats for the French company. I prefer it when you're in hot climates – then this pensioner {65} gets to see one of you in a bikini…. The lady, I mean. I'm a Brit – NOT a whingeing pom. And, I love travel/boats/music – everything, really. Stay safe.

  16. Started watching the newest videos from the past month or so. Came backwards to watch these earlier ones. Simply put, you guys are truly great humans. Seeing you early on and more recently with your new “vagabond” son, just amazing!

  17. 6:20 – Aw look at them, look at them both! Smiling and glowing!
    8:05 – Yes, being jetlagged grants permission to be grumpy with no repercussions.
    8:13 – I want.
    10:14 – Every single time. Whenever I hear Riley's laugh I will atuomatically get a huge smile and sometimes laugh along! That moment was so heartwarming to witness

  18. Aloha – I'm new to Vagabond but am hooked. Can't wait to watch all the previous videos and to learn how possession of this incredible yacht came to pass. All the best to Riley and Elayna, and baby Lenny!

  19. I'm watching these all are about tit, but hey ho !!
    When you got the new cat, I actually felt like I was experiencing this with, I wish I could experience something like this.
    You are so lucky. thank you for sharing.

  20. Don’t know why this made me cry but it did. Such an amazing opportunity you guys have and the fact it’s from your own hard work and shining characters just makes it all the sweeter to watch. What a boat!! Something people would dream about their whole lives and never have. Magical moment. ☺️

  21. If i could be just one person, out of all the women in this world, i would be you! I wish i had your life, your beauty, your talent, yoyr heart and your spirit. Thank you for giving me something positive to strive for… Being more like you. Your the type of person that people like me never meet and only see in the movies but when i close my eyes at night to fall asleep i think of myself in your shoes with all of your wonderful adventures and all of the beutiful things you get to see and experience… You and Riley are so blessed and the world is literally your oyster to enjoy… Good luck… Continued blessings your way… Good things come to good people. I love how funny the two of you are with each other. You can capture and hold the attention of your audeience just with your smiles… Your smiles are genuine and as bright as the sun that shines down on your sails! ⛵

  22. Binge watching catching up. Love it! When are you coming to Seattle, Victoria San Juan Islands? Our little family of 4 bought a boat and have been cruising the Puget Sound this summer! Thanks for your videos!

  23. I found this channel in June of 2019. It’s so cool to see this video of when they got this boat seeing how far they’ve gone now. Love this channel.

  24. This must have been so exciting to pick up your new cat. I have to tell you, your video's are better than any movie or television. Thanks so much for sharing with us……

  25. Aaah you guys — I have been following you for 2 years – but somehow missed this episode… I cried and cried when I watched you excitedly looking over the water at your new home. The feeling came flooding back to me of when we went to see our 36' Dean Catamaran on the factory floor. OMGosh – I am soooo happy for you!

  26. You are the best!!!!
    I really love your channel. It is so inspiring and you seam to be such nice people.
    Thank you for everything.

  27. Oh my goodness! I’m binge watching all your backstory videos, and crying and laughing along with you. Your precious people and I love that you have shared your adventures with all of us ! Thank You

  28. I thought are used to travel a lot when I was young out of the country but you guys are traveling falls planes trains boats automobiles wow what an adventure!! Never stop just hold each other tight and keep on traveling!!must've been so exciting when you first got to work on your new yacht

  29. Sharing your journey and happiness makes us happy. Although we only see the positive side on these vids, I could only imagine how exciting all this is.

  30. i dont think Elaynas likes Rum lol, 14:10 was so funny, so awesome feeling to have your very own boat, i guess that guy shown you how to sail

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