A Patient Centered Approach To: Food & Drink

♪ MUSIC ♪ SMITH: I kind of let go of
everything just to take care of life and other people. Some
other things were going on and I wasn’t taking care of myself.
I actually sat in one of the nurse’s office and cried because
she said, “You’ve got to take care of yourself.” ENRIGHT: Well, we talk about
just being healthy and eating healthy. And a lot of the
Veterans, they’ve come in. They’re not eating properly.
They’re eating fast food, and we’re kind of teaching them,
along with other recovery things, this is how to be well. SAXON: My hope is that our
Veterans see this as being more collaborative in nature, really
being more empathic and compassionate providers, and
really wanting to help them achieve their life goals rather
than it being a goal we dictate for them. SMITH: You know, it makes the
people here seem like they’re part of your family because it’s
more small-centered, and it’s not like I’m going into
a big hospital and feel like I’m just a number. SNELL: And it’s nice for them to
work together as a team so they have support with each other
outside of this. And that’s one reason why we sit down so
that everybody can sit and talk and have a conversation, just
like you would do with your family at home. SAXON: And so we really wany to
acknowledge their role in their lives and to equally partner
with them. We’re here to serve them. SMITH: When I sat down with the
doctor, she asked about my nutrition. I think that
really helped to make me just examine myself. SAXON: There was a Veteran whose
provider was greatly concerned about his weight and his poor
diabetes. And when I sat and talked with the Veteran, his
weight was something that was part of his identity. In his
work, being large actually conveyed alot of respect. So if
I had just persisted with the team in pursuing weight as
the ultimate goal for him, we would have been at an
impasse. But being able to step back and focus on not the
weight, per se, but other ways of being healthy, we were able
to come up with some shared goals for better diabetes
care that in the long run did result in him losing some
weight, but that wasn’t the primary goal that we targeted
for him. SMITH: And it actually has
transformed me a whole lot. Going from a size 16/18 to a
size 10, I hadn’t seen that size since college. I’ve really
learned that the VA system. I didn’t know it before, so it’s
kind of helped me get the camaraderie that I always knew, and now I’m getting to know it
again. ♪ MUSIC ♪

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