A sample of copper absorbs 43.6 kJ of heat

A sample of copper absorbs 43.6 kJ of heat

assemble of cover absorbs 43.6
kilojoules of heat resulting in a temperature rise of 75 degrees always
determine the mass in kilograms of the cover sample of the specific heat
capacity of cover is 0.385 how to do this double culture so the first thing
we need to know the equation that we will be using which is Q equal M C delta
T Q is the energy transferred and this has to be in joules M is the mass and
that has to be in grams C it’s a the specific heat capacity and delta T has
to be in Kelvin or Celsius so let’s check the given values in this question
so and the question says a symbol of cover absorbs forty three point six
kilojoules of heat so this is the heat transferred but notice that it’s in kilo
Joule and we need it in joules so starting by the Q and in the question it
says forty three point six kilo joules so I need to transfer those to joules I
multiplied by kilo joules per joules why I did that so I can cancel the kilo
joules and one kilojoules gave me a thousand joules and that means Q is
forty three point six times ten to the power of 3 joules
all right so resulting in the temperature rise of 75 degrees so delta
T is 75 degree no conversion needed in here determine the mass in kilograms of
the cover sample of the specific heat capacity so specific heat capacity is
given to me as 0.385 and the unit of this as Joule
/ grams salaries so can just plug in the numbers in the equation and see what’s M
so 43 as the Q times 10 to the power of 3 and this is the Q this right and this
is the value that I get from the question equal M and that’s what I’m
looking for right C is the specific heat which is 0.385 multiplied by the change
in temperature which is a 75 so just dividing both sides of the equation by
these numbers I can get M so if I did the math of this I will get M as150 9
but remember what’s the unit of M it’s in grams because this equation gives it
gives me grams of mass right but they are asking me the mass in kilograms so I
need to convert this to a kilograms so grams kilograms why did that I can
cancel grams in this way so one kilogram gives me a thousand grams this is my
conversion factor so just by dividing that number by a thousand that will give
me one point five zero nine and I can just say one point five one kilo grams
and this is the answer and that gives me the first choice is the correct answer
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