A Stunning & Elegant Die Cut Layered Black & Gold Christmas Gift Tag

hi and welcome to Hedgehog Hollow today
I’m here with LDRs to give you some more inspiration for
the holiday season I know be using some old dies mix with some new rubber stamps
to show you how to create this gorgeous either holiday ornament or gift tag for
the holiday season lots of tips and techniques for you so let’s get started
so the first thing we need to do is stamp out our image for our tag and I’m
going to be using this new Holidays stamp set from LDRs and you’ve got lots
of different options in here all of them say season’s greetings winter cheer
winter wonderland it’s a wonderful time of year holidays and belief so there’s
some great options in there and some really pretty ones in there too and I’ve
chosen to go with the holidays I already have a piece of black cardstock in my
Misti down here I’m going to use my powder tool this is lawn fawn black
cardstock and I have my stamp over here so they’re really nice size as well and
they happen to fit perfectly with the umbrella crafts nested circle so we’re
going to be using those all the way along because they work perfectly I’m
going to ink up my stamp with my Versamark like so and I’m going to
double stamp it just to make sure I get all that detail I tend to like to push
with the heel of my hand here and I finally get the best impression now
these are a rubber stamp that have a little bit of foam but it’s not only
really thick easy mount so I tend to keep my foam in there I find that gives
me a better result than having it flat without the foam you can also of course
you just him Holtz platform mine just this was just a hand which is why I
picked up so I stand that out and would you tilt this you can just see there on
the camera how it picks up that glisten you can see if you’ve got all the detail
in your stamp that way move off my magnets and pop this to the side and
I’ve got my tiny tray or tidy tray here as well and I’m now going to put some of
the prearranged ink princess a gold embossing powder onto this give it a tap
in here and a flick on the back and you’ll get rid of most of that excess
and I’m now going to heat this with my avoiding a heat tool so you saw that I used one another one
of those nested circles and some Tamiya tape to hold down the piece I then ran
that through my vagabond so that we have this gorgeous cut out here some lovely
shades of gold it’s nice and shiny excuse me I’m having a sore throat day
um but you got all that lovely shine and detail in there on that black cardstock
pops out there beautifully I’ve also pre-cut a few of the other
elements so I cut out this lovely view from LDRs
on some of the tonic MiraCosta this is the metallic satin so we’re going to
layer this on top of there in between I’m just gonna add a little bit of
vellum I wanted some separation between them but I still want you to see that
gold so we’re gonna be adding some vellum on there too like this and then
I’ve also cut from some American crafts black and bustle effect cardstock that
has this gorgeous glitter in it this is one of the larger circles but it also
has like nice plain black that we can use a chalk pen or a white marker on to
write on as well so they are going to be our layers so to assemble that I’m going
to use some tonic funky tape and I’m also going to be using my bail imitate
runner which it’s a w+ here this is a fantastic bellum tape runner in there as
well and it’s going to be part of our gift guide later in the week so first of
all take your tonic funky tape you’re not going to see this center section so
I’m just going to stick this straight on there and layer it up perfectly I think
so then I’m going to use some vellum and
for this I’m going to just pop my tape on here and although I’m not going to
see it I’m still going to use that vellum tape runner because firstly it’s
nice and strong and if anything did ever fall off you don’t really see any of
that adhesive in there either and then I’m going to take if you have people
take a look at a foam for this one my big roll of foam here I’m gonna pop some
foam across here I will stick that on to give it some nice dimension again we’ll
send to that up now finally I’m going to grab some ribbon this is some old
Stampin Up ribbon I also have a pair of scissor these are king of scissors I
think is up for you and I specifically use
these just for ribbon I know Greg thinks I’m crazy having ribbon scissors as well
as paper scissors and everything else but I really do think it’s worth keeping
a pair super sharp and they stay like that they don’t give you any fuzzy ends
and they give you a nice clean cut in your ribbon so it’s not gonna fray at
all and there as well so I’ve cut that on the angle so that I can pop both
pieces through and I’m just going to use one of the holes that’s already in that
die cut and just give it a little bit of persuasion to pull it through like this
and then I’m going to loop it back on itself so I’m going to leave this loop
here and I’m going to put those threads of ribbon back through like this so that
loops on there nicely you can then either tie it on to your gift you could
use it as a gorgeous hanging ornament and then just put a knot in the top like
this and we can then just tie that up again I’m just gonna reach from those
ends because through and there we have our wonderful holidays tag now of course
you could do this in lots of different color combinations to match your gift
wrap I match my gift wrap every year I either have a red and a green theme
maybe a silver and gold so I have a different theme every year for my
wrapping so you could do the same and then make these match you’ve got six
right eight different stamps in here these pieces layer onto here if you
wanted to and you’ve got six different circles that you could mix it up with as
well under your tree thanks so much for joining me here today at LDRs do you hit
those subscribe buttons or stab them if you prefer and we’d love if you gave us
a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video thanks for joining me I’ll see you again
very soon happy stamping bye

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