A$AP Rocky Goes Shopping With Complex At Maxfield

A$AP Rocky Goes Shopping With Complex At Maxfield

What up everybody it’s Joe from Complex We’re in LA at Maxfield and we’re not doing Sneaker shopping tonight We’re going to go Shopping with A$AP Rocky. Let’s go browse
the Shelves and see what he’s feeling and we’ll
go From there. Fo’ Sho. So Rocky how do you stay up on things? Is it the internet what is it now? Is it people Calling you? Stores calling you? I like just shopping for myself and Then, the mission of shopping- you stumble
upon Some cool brands. Man I will go to thrift
stores- Still. I will go Ebay. I’m one of those type niggas. It makes me happy. Like music does. What’s the difference in wearing a brand name And making, like, the clothes wear you? People can throw Balmain on but if you don’t
know How to style it properly- Yeah yeah yeah… That seems like the tough part for a lot of
people. It’s one of things where they think if you
paid a lot Of money for it, it’s good. That’s not true. I might have to flex on everybody for the
Spring time. That shit is tough. You understand me? You feel me? I might start extra flexing. What about like the robe stuff from Soloist. Man I think this is genius, man this is Japanese Fashion at its best. Where would you wear this to? I don’t know, I would wear it on occasion
like uh- A classy date, you know? Do you try to stunt on first dates or or or
– Is it more understated. Low low key sometimes, I do- it depends on
the type Of female it is. Like, you know what I mean? If if it’s the type of chick that’s like a
she uh- A hoodrat. Like I might j- be dressed like
this. She’s like I don’t know a brain surgeon or something.
WI- with a lot of money. Oh wow. Okay. Do- with a lot of money. I would wear this. Show up wearing that. Oh this is definitely the Hugh Hefner swag. Yeah. Look at the glasses though. I’m going to come clean. Yes for sure man-
for sure. Yeah this is player pimping right here man. Let’s go over here to a popular street wear
brand now. Virgil’s off white. Yeah. How do you feel about Off White and how that’s
kind of taken off In the Street Wear aesthetic? I don’t even care to speak on that. You know what this is. Yeah. Rick Owens. Your man. Yeah man. Man this the jigginess Brah. How do you feel about what he’s doing to push
the envelope Season after season. It’s progressive. It ranges from fashion and
clothes and stuff all the way To furniture. Like we’re from the same world.
It’s it’s you got- Certain types of people who just live life,
and you got other people Who identify and obsess with life being art. Like right there is hot with the other rings
too. Yeah but it needs a little ice. What do you
know we just got this in. Oh wow. Would you wear something like that? Is that enough ice for you? Oh my- man… that looks like Liberace ring
right there man. Damn. How much do y’all sell that one for? For you my friend… (BEEP). Oh my goodness. Jeez! Good lord. You sound like you really
got hurt Man, he’s ow. Come on. You think anyone is fucking with you style
wise? In in hip hop. I fuck with um… Mikey Rocks. Okay from Chicago, yeah. He’s -he’s fly. You know um- Kid Cudi. I fuck
with his style. You mean young cats right? Right right right. What about athletes? They’re trying hard. Is there any athletes who you think have good
style? Man, I don’t think there’s any athletes who
have good stylists. If you could wear one outfit for the rest
of your life what would it be? This. Rick. Raf, Dreeze, Jordan. All right. Keep the vision. A$AP Jiggy shit. Damn, I’ll take this too. So yeah, we’re going
to take those two If that’s cool. That sweater too? Yep. Okay. Thanks man. Everybody everybody! F-L-A-C-K-O Rocky! Thanks for coming through Maxfield.
We got some help from my Man Zo. See you soon man. No doubt man. Catch up soon. Yes sir. Peace Complex.


  1. The tightest gear is from the thrift spots or. Salvation army . The new or established brands basically recycle the same colours or cuts . The second hand spots give you gear from people who donated from in the US to locations round the world

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