Abandoned Marshalls – Portland, OR

Abandoned Marshalls – Portland, OR

(Music) Hello everyone, we’re here at the abandoned Marshalls in Portland, Oregon. So let’s take a look. This Marshalls didn’t relocate or whatever. It just happened to close suddenly. Wow, everything is completely empty, as you can see. Except that there are some signs in the wall. It is rare to see this Marshalls being abandoned. But hopefully, this former Marshalls space gets repurposed at any time. This Marshalls opened in 1993 and closed in January 2019. Here we have the Marshalls signage. Now let’s head over to the mall to see the old Marshalls entrance. Here we have the Marshalls entrance inside the mall. If you look closely on the right, that used to be a Sears. It is still empty and if you guys haven’t watched my Sears video that’s empty, it’s down in the description below. Here we have the inside. That’s the best shot we could get. It’s crazy to see this Marshalls being abandoned. Here we have the old cash registers. I’m also surprised that they left the TV monitor on. Let’s head downstairs to see the other Marshalls entrance. And here we have it. There’s a bunch of fixtures in there. So let’s check it out. Wow, there’s literally fixtures everywhere. I’m surprised that there are couches in there. And that’s pretty much it. Alright, that’ll wrap up for the video and don’t forget to like, comment, share by doing so and I’ll see you in the next one. Peace.


  1. Oh wow, that's not a good sign for Lloyd Center at all. It's only a matter of time before the Mall empties out, and it's so sad because they should have left the original open air LC intact, and it would not have the current problems.

  2. Hi Andy , we just got a Marshall's store about a year ago , that's too bad this one closed down , thanks for showing us my friend ! 👍😃

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