ABANDONED Millionaires Mansion Found Gold Diamond Jewelry & Passport Inside Safe

ABANDONED Millionaires Mansion Found Gold Diamond Jewelry & Passport Inside Safe

[Music] [Music] the previous owners lost ownership around the mid-2000s and was later purchased by the county to become a horse preserve it has still yet been fully worked on and the house for unknown reasons was just always left abandoned and untouched since then [Music] [Music] [Music] Jack Paul do this like a secret hidden safe women look through his guys we could be rich we just made it to this abandoned mansion or walking down the pathway I really had a drive and power to to get here don’t even now it’s like sleeping everything supposedly left inside here Wow probably one of the best abandoned mansion hands-down now this mansion is worth nineteen million dollars at the moment we’re still trying to find a way in well already I am loving it area that we’re in it’s like we’re celebrities millionaires tycoons live and this just off in the middle of the forest completely unknown I am excited to explore and show you guys around because inside this mansion is still everything let’s try find a way in come here still having trouble finding a way inside let’s take a look in the inside you still got the carpets there the rugs almost everything and it looks so beautiful we have to get in somehow that has to be away hundreds of these swimming right there I can hear – Utley like the design of everything everything is all white so they found a way are you serious right this is my banger that I have been keeping a secret right here so props obsolete herbux showing us this place and I’ve never seen any mansion like this before okay I don’t know where to start yeah alright guys so before we explore this place I just want to introduce you guys to the team the squad out here in Chicago them with cuz they’ve been helping me around you guys go check out their channels because without them you know I wouldn’t be seeing these amazing places in Chicago so yeah strange places with max power we go places that most people went dirty Vitus adventures checking out exploring with Jose California as well as a Californian Instagram it’s pretty much the camp Takagi over here your passport that’s our squad name but yeah go check out their channel so the link will be down the description yeah I think that’s all we have to say I think we’re really really happy to be here so quite excited to start exploring so yeah let’s go I guess I’ll start down this way so like their paintings are still here just left to rot and be abandoned for years and a mirror to this hallway is amazing I just love how like it brings the sunlight but also like a green tint to it almost as if I’m like some fairytale place whoa dude this is door bro oh my goodness guys make sure to smash up that thumbs-up on for finding this place cuz you know we really worked hard to find it so their management had a minibar and their swimming pools right here and they also had a hot tub and outside this door actually leads to a little lake I’ll show you guys later I’m a bit for right now wow I would have loved to live here in the past leave a comment down below if you would have loved to live here too do they have also another bathtub right there [Music] and yet the wire of the wave of some kind of guessing maybe on the female [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you know this place has been abandoned for a long time because that’s rusting up but also late these equipment aren’t that old – I mean with a lot of money back then you could have bought the latest technology that was like three years five years out of its time anyway I have a bathroom here too really beautiful and pretty they match everything there seems like they took everything kind of but still left a few things behind Wow look at this sink this is probably my favorite sink I’ve ever seen inside a bad place look how it’s designed look at that one too now in the bar area still not much what this is so cool well it’s been kind of danger I know where to go all in here 40% this oh we have dates but the end C of the year they only say like a month depends on 10:22 you know this owner loved horses I mean you nice chairs look like they’re custom designed with a horse [Music] come Arlington Park by Neil Milberg stalks out this park up burned down they turn into the for stadium that’s it for the left side of the building I really think I’m done exploring this room let’s get going all right so this is where I did the intro and I can’t wait there’s so many dope shots we can take here now this is actually a framed picture of how you sold like back then but this guy owned a lot of horses and he obviously loved them he has a bunch of stables even had a track field for the horses Wow and I think the mansion is right over there [Music] see what they were watching like Mike serendipity Shanghai noon and a pacifier they actually kept the piano here too let’s cue in the b-roll [Music] you [Music] [Music] and before it gets even darker let’s head up upstairs the gang is all here yeah oh no wait wait we gotta find out this lounge my god this is like his oh no dude we found those assessment citations we believe that what I mean the models aren’t that cool so it makes sense that he would own two cessna citations cuz these Jets are like 500,000 to a million piece no way yeah no citations so you think he owned an act right here explain these two aircraft and then you want and 195 enemy because this is like such a random ass air finally you know yeah yeah I’d like a 747 or like you know an f-16 or like you know some fighter jet that he has random Cessna Citation so I’m pretty sure he owned both model aircraft but of course full-scale and operational so we’re in this office and found some bank statements really big checks damn private bank deposit that’s crazy [Music] there’s a lot of people in that room so we’ll head the back there later for now we gotta check out every other part whoa huh just into the bedroom the class is pretty freaky there’s an that like bad luck yo dude there’s like I see your door here we’re right here mm-hmm like thinking ahead like a furniture just blocking this and no one would know it’s a light matter but if someone you go ahead of that looks like oh yeah that’s true I think Ali slaying a basement I’d be like oh wait not the garage that thing is that is the garage this is weird though it’s like an escape kind of yeah it’s almost for the killing that Loki escaped through smart city guess you don’t want to step on this thing because you’re all straight down 525 yeah 25 feet yes still that’s sketchy man yeah well yeah it’s a sea of him having this quality there’s also sketchy for like an explorer who would not know yeah it just like tries to step on it and it just falls you have a shop on the this dude was Jack go up to my home he was getting it [Music] yeah operation keeps how to do this right right before it you like this yeah insulation up right here yeah she’s gonna put the drywall up mmm made this well he just left them this is like hundreds worth of equipment right here [Music] so I just went at the top I got the main office to myself so I’m just imagining doing business in this room feels really relaxing I bet like who wouldn’t love to do work here you have a beautiful view you have a trophies a nice fireplace Wow this thing used to open up I think maybe not that’s cool that’s uh and the horses would have lost on a date we could say it closed down 2010 I gotta finish this place off it’s still big I still have a third floor to go wow this must have been the queen bedroom this is nice wow so much furnishing fashion photography this book on flowers and wow this is probably where you guys inspiration from from this book a guide to traditional design and by the picture this please matches it a lot ok so inside here he has doggie pads so I had a pet to was the medicine cabinet let’s see what this guy was taken we can smell it entire areas just me for like getting all groomed up that would guys leave a comment down below and tell me what you think about that that tells some soup how his wardrobe must’ve had hundreds of clothes that’s such a cool thing this is a gold too she just entered a bedroom when I was another wardrobe we got a painting though this must have been him and his wife just left here to look like it was a rat as if they never opened it maybe they just forgot about it alright so we’re done with this room don’t know what’s on the other side nothing say we have some fitted briefs what’s this it’s like you’ve had some money jackpot is like a secret hidden safe never cute I bet there’s money inside here only we knew the Coney and this number right here it’ll be so sick wait oh my god I found the directions for it dude there’s actually one room that I found me with a safe really yeah you yeah I’m being for real I’ll show you guys it you can all check out the other whoa this is so cool though we’re legit in a tower at the moment – yeah what do you think hang out in here and be fine I know let’s head upstairs the spiral staircase wonder where I could lead leaves house oh there is a train tracks right nearby so can you train I did but on the we’re legit wanna tell her right now they said that pretty much there’s it was a truck at black for driving that way there’s some other fun that roll right there it’s a row near us not like a row road would right if the road that connects the feast of love branches for the horses nose no horse careful guys [Music] I finally go check it out guys alright so the safe listen here my boy fight is it’s the one filming right now you got AJ let’s go check out every one of us busy for this so yo G Ryan you gotta be down for this dude now find the safe you gotta pay it up does it go alright what do you guys believe me that soon – in case probably not here it is guys toss it dude instructions to open this safe wait the key alright let’s edit – right – he’s right there set them down it’s not my first time turn-key – right look true with guys we could be rich you’ll do that’s gold too I don’t know but they wrapped it up in velvet so it must be something guys so this is a bad mission we’ve been exploring no one has been inside here so like no one has open that’s a queer the what’s that finger oh man so laggy for you guys so I apologize I’m probably not getting good signal in here in the back dude oh you know is that a ring come on get out I care about the Localism there was there probably real diamonds Wow wait let’s just appreciate five guys it’s one Rena Rena Maya it’s a passport dude way I’m not gonna even show the person not on the livestream at least but that’s pretty cool we found someone’s passport oh wait we didn’t even check the top Oh more jewelry it’s also perfume of Chanel gets the smaller chain by the way I got to get my phone out CSS tent acacia number 75 this historic our Peck was cells from the Spanish galleon nuestra senora de Atocha sank sank in 1622 thousand 1975 I don’t know how much this is worth though that’s crazy and this think too is another jewelry and of course we found Passport I don’t know what to do guys like I [Music] really don’t know what to do Wow so this is how password used to look – it used to be green alright guys so you know the herbux rules you never take things for nervous to do things plus these are valuable for the previous owners if this video goes out they probably gonna be learning like you know that’s our stuff we’re not and we’re not even gonna take anything we’re gonna put everything back yeah and we’re just gonna rip this apart burn it but take a photo in case like the owners like contact us and we’re able to like help them out retrieve their stuff so yeah we’re putting everything back yeah with us we gotta find a little point so yeah owners if you guys see this video and you contact us and you’re legit you know we got you fam yeah so everything is there Spanish jewelry all that’s going passport so we’re taking pictures of it just in keys putting you know the original owners you need to open this and get their stuff back so yeah close it up there we go no it doesn’t yeah that looks solid okay all right all that chemical probably deserved it for years so we’re in the kitchen area also a room divider to divide the room some can’t even move and I want break anything either so I’m gonna try okay we’re entering the basement my phone because this used to be pointed no they’re dead birds [Music] upon you – what is this oh my god what’s this that’s a good way of shoot for okay there’s another way [Music] [Music] there’s no waiting using whoosh made [Music] it’s time to get out though they may be here to fit at six that’s it everyone got everything okay yeah can’t open any more yo peace out mansion alright everyone so we just made out we’re ending the video here make sure to subscribe hit the thumbs up and share it to all your friends and family you got this place is truly a gem was so crazy how we found that safe that Julie out all took a lot of teamwork and I’ve got to say the shower team out here it’s legit cuz without all of us combining like teamwork together we would not have found that so yeah make sure to subscribe and check out everyone’s channels we’ll be down the description down below Chicago area Becks mafia we have about five more days to go this is only the second day of the herbux road trip I’ve been doing with them in Chicago so wow it’s just been saying we have to like drive two to three hours from Chicago just to get here so you know we’re putting a lot of work so just make sure to subscribe and do everything you can to help us out but um yeah definitely stay tuned for more adventures like I said we have five more days to go and it’s only going to be more epic each day we’re hanging some of the best spots around here play us stay tuned I’ll see you guys on the next adventure peace [Music] [Music] you

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