Abandoned US Machine Gun Position Found [SILVER AWARD!]

Abandoned US Machine Gun Position Found [SILVER AWARD!]


  1. The US coins.. at 12:29 is a quarter that has the date of '2000' clearly shown. (It also says 'the old man of the mountain' on it).

    Obviously these were not left by the US troops in WW2 (if you check your spare change, you might have the very same quarter).

  2. I’m watching as a Dutchy who lives in Germany, and I enjoy your vids so much, because it’s so interesting and exciting to see what you dug up this time! I wish I could grab a detector as well and just go and find stuff with you!

  3. Thank you for having the honor to return the coins back to where they were. I salute you,Sir. Semper Fi!!! You just earned another subscriber.

  4. Great video, my grandfather fought there in the battle of the bulge he was I believe in the 5th infantry division U.S. army. It's so neat to see things that he may have carried there. Thank you for sharing these finds with the world to see and remember what was done and the great sacrifices that were made there.

  5. Nice video, respecting battlegrounds is a good thing, the area is not abandoned, the front line moved farther towards Germany, we Military don't abandon unless we are overrun and have to abandon the area. If no one is on the streets of Bastogne – is the place Abandoned?

    Please call the sites you visit former positions or a lost military position that you are visiting for historical purposes.

  6. If a veteran leaves behind something like coins it is good to honor that no matter what the Army the soldier served in. Its good to see people show respect when they find such things

  7. Do you have a big problem when you get seen by police or farmers when metal detecting in the belgian ardennes forests ?

  8. As an American Veteran, not from WW2, I want to say thank you for being so respectful and putting those coins back. Much respect!

  9. You are a very conscientious person to replace those coins to there original site.
    You are honoring not only the respect of the person who put them there, but also the soldier that gave his life for his country.
    God bless you and all these men who have their lives during this battle.

  10. 6:54 is that the soldiers from the famous "filthy thirteen squad"
    I has read a biography about there leader Jack McNiece.
    According to him there are two kind of soldiers.
    The first one that follow all the procedures and rules there commanders comes up with and the second kind of soldier that gets the job done.
    Jack was definitevly the second kind of soldier.

  11. good day, i enjoy your content and others like this on youtube, i just got stationed in Germany and im very interested in getting my own metal detector and trying to find lost relics of history. im a huge ww2 buff of all participants, regardless of motives or actions performed by either side, i agree. these items should be preserved for all to enjoy. i want to get into this hobby as it would be personally so rewarding to find and preserve such artifacts. i was hoping you could help out a novice like myself on tips and tricks as far as equipment and maybe even allow me to accompany you on a trip or two so i can learn. thank you!

  12. Hoi! Allereerst; tof kanaal. ik kijk met veel plezier naar je video's 🙂
    Volgens mij was ik in de winkel (Detector Plaza) toen jij/u de Deus kocht.
    Ik kwam net iets later binnen en stond met mijn vrouw te wachten.
    Geweldige machine! Ga vooral zo door 🙂

  13. Very informative. I'm Filipino but I don't know why i am so fascinated with ww2 history. Can't imagine what the soldiers have been gone thru.. war is hell! Thanks bro.

  14. I would like very much to correspond with you. My Dad fought in the Bulge.
    He lost two brothers in that ferocious fighting.
    You can find me on Facebook as Don Odom or Mary Odom.
    You and Iron Mike are my favorites
    Thank you so much.

  15. As the founder of the WWII Historical Re-enactment Society, Inc. here in the USA (1976) I wish to give my Thumbs Up Award. Great video. In 2009 I visited the Ardennes and was taken to where a relation crashed his P-38 fighter. I plan to return in 2020 and want to find pieces of that plane. You can read about my trip in my book, A BRIDGE TO TIME, A Re-enactor's Journey by TJ Sotiropolos.

  16. Great video, I own a WW II .30-06cal M-1 Garand and a .30cal M-1 Carbine.  That Garand has a heck of a kick.  Great video, will watch a couple of more before deciding to subscribe.

  17. Since the quarters now have states on the back (this one being New Hampshire with Franconia Notches "Old Man Of The Mountain") on it, I wonder if the fallen solder was from that state.

  18. The Browning M2 .50 Caliber Heavy Machine Gun was actually put into service at the end of WWI 1918-1919 (it did not see action until WWII) as an anti-tank weapon. It wasn't mounted on combat vehicles until the beginning of WWII.

    While you confirmed the M1 Garand the U.S. fielded 3 other weapons that used the same ammo. The 1903 Springfield, the Browning M1919 .30 Caliber Crew Served MG and the Browning M1918 BAR LMG.

  19. As a ex Australian defence member, I am glad you did and payed the respect for the fallen, and for the veteran who had paid homage to his fallen mates, thank you for doing that as a mark of great respect, THANK YOU

  20. The part about the coins brought tears to my eyes. I'm a veteran and I never knew this. Well done, gentlemen. Respect.

  21. l am a former active duty US Marine. Replacing those coins was truly respectful and honorable. The veterans who left those coins genuinely loved the men that they fought side by side with. Even in times of peace Marines, sailors and soldiers are able to make deep and enduring personal bonds. Sharing combat only deepens those bonds. Thanks you respecting both the fallen and the surviving veterans.

  22. Old Man on The Mountain!! Commemorating the rock/cliff outcropping in New Hampshire!! It no longer exists…came down naturally!! Was a big tourist attraction for families!

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