About Pawn Shops : Deals On Silver & Gold Jewelry in Pawn Shops

About Pawn Shops : Deals On Silver & Gold Jewelry in Pawn Shops

Hi, this is Luis for expertvillage.com and
we’re going to be talking about pawn shops. Today I’m here at Inland Jewelry and Loan.
Alright, well this is our silver section right here and basically this is the stuff that
you get in here for 5, 10, $15. You know if you’re on a low budget, silver is the way
to go cause it looks just like white gold, it’s looks just like platinum and everybody
likes the white bling. So, if you want silver, right here is silver and basically let me
take something out of it, out of the tray and I’ll show you what I mean. You got a bracelet
like this and you go into one of the silver stores at the mall and you’re going to pay
roughly 3, $400 and here we’ve got 100 bucks and we’ll take 70 bucks on the spot. So if
you want silver, here’s the place to shop. Then we’ve got gold jewelry, platinum jewelry
and of course we have diamonds. If you look right here these are our diamond studs which
every woman loves diamond studs for Christmas. You know we’ve got everything from the smallest
diamonds you can think of, five points, all the way up to one karat, half karat and they’re
very, very reasonably priced.


  1. this guy does a nice job of presenting pawn shops and the ins and outs of them. after watching Pawn Stars on the History channel I've come to appreciate them as legit places to buy and sell.

  2. @studmuffin234able

    Gold and Silver Pawn shop has been in Vegas for a several decades now. It's not even close to a "studio". Additionally. ALL PAWN SHOPS in the nation are highly regulated by local and federal law enforcement agencies. EVERYTHING they take in is loaded into a database for the law enforcement, and they get a report EVERY DAY on EVERY ITEM that has been brought into the shops.

  3. pawn shops sell worn out tools cordless drills with ded batterys broken shit anny thing ectronic i never buy it jewlery is probly the best thing

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