About Pawn Shops : Price On Gold & Rolex information in Pawn Shops

About Pawn Shops : Price On Gold & Rolex information in Pawn Shops

Hi, this is Luis for expertvillage.com and
we’re going to be talking about pawn shops. Today I’m here at Inland Jewelry and Loan.
Even though gold right now is really high, it’s like on a 20, 25 year high for, you know
since like 1980 or 1970. We’re still very reasonably priced. You go into the mall and
you’re going to pay about 40 to $50 a gram. In there you’re going to pay about 18 to $20
a gram. So, that’s where the price difference is and you’re not going to lose if you buy
jewelry in a pawn shop. The other thing is like I mentioned before, you buy something
from us, it’s probably most like going to double in the appraisal value. But the other
bonus from us is if you buy in our store or in one of our other stores, we will loan you
half on the spot and that’s what keeps buyers coming back. Because say they buy a chain
that is $3,000, we’ll lend them $1500 on the spot. You know and that’s how that works,
that’s another incentive that we give you as a customer. Of course we have bracelets,
watches, we’ve got all kinds of things, we’ve got pre-owned Rolex’s in here. Who doesn’t
want a Rolex? Everyone wants a Rolex. We’ve got pre-owned Rolex’s that go anywhere from
$2,000 up to $9,000 and it’s all pre-owned stuff, it’s all real stuff cause we check
it, we open it up and we take a look at it and make sure that’s it’s all real. So, if
you want a deal, pawn shop is the place to be.


  1. Funny thing is they have been around forever and we will continue to see them. They will always be in business because there are people willing to take that 30% interest or pawn their watch for quick cash. Don't hate pawn shops, they are a business just like any other one.

  2. Pawn shops are a "double edged sword" If you are looking to "buy" a particular item and you are knowledgeable about what you are buying, you can often times cut a good deal with them.

  3. if your mom rocked that sexy rolex i would let her jack me off with her left hand until i shot my huge load all over her pretty face..hey thats a compliment

  4. @14lessthan1 If anybody other than rolex opens up a rolex watch, it loses it's seal. They can obviously be opened up, but they're not supposed to be opened up by some schmo in a pawn shop. Same goes for other high end watches.

  5. @SakoTGrimes It should most definitely be cleaned and oiled…by Rolex, not by some random guy who claims he knows what he's doing.

  6. @mystarave Anyone who is qualified or knows what they're doing can open a Rolex. Even when Rolex opens it the seal has to be retested. Opening does not affect resale value unless you empty the contents, they have to be serviced like any other watch. They aren't mysterious mystical creatures, they're just watches.

  7. Shut The hell up! Stop trying to advertise "We're still very reasonably priced." Also, you're a dumbass… "You buy something from us, it's probably most likely gonna double in the appraisal value."

  8. He doesn’t know what he is talking about, gold was 1800 dollars an ounce around 2009, gold in 2000 was 230.00 an ounce google it.

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